If you’re an avid reader of this blog – Mum, Nan… I’m talking to you – then you may have noticed that things have been a little quiet around these parts for the last week or so. Now, I would love to sit here and tell you that that was due to something exciting – jet setting around the world maybe, having a week off with my girlfriends perhaps, but alas, that ceases to be the case.

I have always been completely brutal, harsh, blunt honest on this blog and today’s post will be no different. There hasn’t been any outfit pictures or makeup posts because a ginormous boulder – otherwise known as a spot – decided to grow on my face and I couldn’t bear the thought of prancing around in front of a camera feeling – and looking – like James and the giant peach.

So what better time than to share the love for the bloggers/vloggers that I’ve been loving recently? (and depress myself in the process as said bloggers/vloggers look flawless and blemish-free. Sigh…)

Kate from Dolly Bow Bow – For some reason, despite having watched beauty video’s for years, I have only recently come across Kate. In a nut shell, I completely fell in love with her and her little family and have binge watched her video’s the entire passed week. I love how honest she is in her blogs – if she’s having a bad day, she’ll say that. If she’s excited, you’ll see it. Very open, so likeable and down to earth… and can we just talk about how bloody cute her tiny baby boy Archie is? SO.CUTE.

Michelle from Beauty Life Michelle – Michelle is another very recent find and my god have I loved her video’s. Her tutorials are really well explained and easy to follow. She is stunning, like, seriously seriously stunning which obviously makes her very easy to watch too. Also, that accent… love! She is definitely my make up crush of the moment.

Lucy and Lydia – Yes, you guessed it, these lovely ladies are another new find. After watching their collaboration with Gaby, I decided again to increase my un-productivity level and watch some* of their old video’s back to back. [*read – ALL] They make amazing tutorials as well as a lot of tag video’s too which are always fun. They’re so likeable, so relatable and of course, beautiful and with two for the price of one, you can’t go wrong. (Ha, two for the price of one – I sincerely apologise girls for making you sound like an offer at Iceland. Prawn ring anyone?)

Nicole Guerriero – If you haven’t heard of Nicole then where on earth have you been? She’s been on Youtube for a while now and whilst I’ve always watched and loved her video’s, I just think she is looking so incredible these days and I have just been obsessed with her every day makeup (which she actually did a tutorial on recently) so I couldn’t not include her. She’s so funny, she’s very comfortable and confident and kinda’ just does what she wants… and coming from somebody who has zero confidence and is a bit of a people pleaser, I really love that about her!

Liv from What Olivia Did – Oh Liv. There has never been a time when she hasn’t been a perpetual favourite of mine and I refuse to stop any time soon. Everything about her blog is perfection! From her incredible fashion sense, to her classic, always perfected makeup… to the baking skills. There is nothing about her blog that I’m not completely in love with. The cherry on top for me? That perfect, perfect dreamy, light and airy photography. Just go and check her out if you haven’t already – which I’m sure you have – you will not regret it!

So, before I fangirl into 2015, I will end this post here. I think it’s so important to share the love and appreciate other bloggers in a community that can sometimes be rather competitive and, dare I say it, mean at times. (Gossip guru, the commenters on Zoe’s vlogs etc. I’m looking at you!) There’s enough room for anyone wanting to share their world on the internet and I think that’s something we need to celebrate more often.
Oprah Winfrey-esque lecture… done! 
As always, thank you so much for reading my little corner of the internet. I appreciate every one of you!

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