Sometimes, my outfit choices aren’t entirely based around just picking a ‘great outfit’. (Which is a good thing because if you think I’m gonna wear anything other than a big woolly onesie on a Sunday then you’re sorely mistaken) Sometimes, it’s the finer details of the outfit that makes the whole, and I think this sums up my outfit today.

At least I bloody hope it does because the overall concoction probably leaves little to be desired.

On to the details. In advance, links to the items will be linked below however the ridiculously large bags under the eyes are not from Chanel, they are the model’s own. [insert yawn/tired/I’m dying emoji here]

PPS. Can we all take a moment to appreciate the perfect winter sun lighting in these photo’s. Oh I do love great lighting.

So, I’ve gone in first with my favourite detail in the form of my maroon leather jacket. This is my first actual, real and for once completely not pleather jacket, and I am absolutely in love with it. It was part of my birthday gifts from my parents – so it’s also sentimental. Am I the only one that gets sentimental with clothing? – and it is the softest leather I have ever felt. My mum had seen my lust after this in store and sneakily picked it up when I went to procrastinate in another shop. What a woman!
This scarf – ever so elegantly shoved around my neck like a noose – is a cashmere bad boy from H&M. Usually, I am all for Primark polyester ehhrrthing however I decided to splash out a little and invest in this cashmere version. It’s black so it goes with everything, it’s ridiculously soft and it’s also a nice length/thickness. Not too much, but substantial enough. Love!
These earrings. I first saw them a few months back when the whole Dior “big pearl, little pearl” thing was really trendy. (Trendy? Apologies for temporarily turning into a 50 year old just then) I thought they were interesting, I didn’t love them. Fast forward 2months and a sale in Dorothy Perkins and I just couldn’t resist buying them for £4. 
Can we also talk about these boots? We can? Oh, brilliant… I’ve had these boots now for nearly 2months, and I kid you not, they have barely left my feet since I purchased them. They are the perfect over the knee boot for someone who wants a pair that don’t border on a red light distract “attraction”. They are ridiculously comfortable – I’m talking 5 hours straight pounding the streets of the West End, shopping. And they’re also great for anyone that has relatively narrow legs – sounds weird, sure. But I really struggle to find long boots that aren’t excessively baggy around the legs, these boots fit the bill perfectly!

Leather Jacket: Stradivarius (available here)
Scarf: H&M (available here)
Slightly worn – aka well loved which means it’s totally OK, right? – boots: H&M (available here)
10years too late earrings: Dorothy Perkins (available here)
30 year old dress (at 22 years old, clearly this is exaggeration): Primark

Today – well, when these photo’s were taken anyway – is evidence for why I absolutely love Winter sun. Days that produce photo’s that don’t need any Photoshop ‘brighten’ action are easily one of my favourite things in life (Fashion Blogger Priorities!)…
But what are your favourite things? What are you loving about winter? Any fashion or beauty details that you rely on to perk up an outfit? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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