I’ve never really been one for chopping and changing phone cases. My completely split in half/battered to a pulp/tramp-esque phone case that I was using up until today will vouch for that. And then, after spotting a few of my favourite bloggers on Instagram with a trendy new iPhone cases, I all of a sudden got a certain urge to get a new one. And then I turned into a woman on a mission.

I’m literally talking – searching every high street – and online – store known to mankind. Using a custom made website and trying all the Pinterest photo’s in the world to make it look cool, but I just wasn’t satisfied. And then – by the way, can I just express that I know it’s technically grammatically incorrect to start a sentence with ‘And’, but it adds to the drama of my post/helps me write how I talk, so let’s just roll with it shall we? 😉 – my fairy godmother in the form of Iconememis*, sent me an email asking if I’d like to chose a phone case from their collection to feature on my blog. It’s almost like they read my mind…

They have so many lovely cases but when I saw this one*, I knew I was going to ‘need’ to have it immediately. I love coffee, to the point of visiting Starbucks every single day when I’m working from home, – which has been 99% of the time for the last few months. Yep, give me alll the coffee! – so basically, if I were to be a phone case, this would be me.

Isn’t it a little beauty? (No you knob, it’s an iPhone case, get over yourself). So, because I always feel like I am slightly cheating you out of a post by just talking about one simple thing, I decided to add in a few other ‘Blogger essentials’. Or, at least what I find essential anyway.
Said Blogging Essentials

My MacBook Air – I only treated myself to this a few months ago and I am so happy that I did. It’s fair to say that I am a complete MacWanker Mac convert 😉 and find this little 11inch version to be perfectly discreet and light to carry for blogging on the go.

Notebook – I bought this notebook from Paperchase. Now, I am a complete and utter stationary nerd meaning that Paperchase to me, is pretty much the fame-whore store for Kim Kardashian so I am in my element in that store. Paperchase have a ridiculous amount of choice but I settled on this maroon leather notebook with gold gilded sides which is, in true Cheryl FV style “right up my street”.

Blue tack – The bloggers holy grail when it comes to keeping mascara, eyeliner and any product without a flat side in one place for photographs. (#BloggerProblems)

Camera – I am very lucky that my boyfriend also works in TV – and makes films, keeps himself busy doesn’t he? – so has a very nifty Canon 7D that I borrow on a regular basis, i.e all the bloody time. But you definitely don’t need such a huge (and expensive) camera, there are so many great little digital cameras out there, or even smaller DSLR’s like the Canon 1100d which I also have, is great for a point and shoot type photo’s and is much less expensive. Plus, the iPhone 6 camera is more than satisfactory for a part-time blogger or just anyone that doesn’t want, need, or have the funds to invest in one.

Coffee – a girl’s gotta have her energy to keep up with those posts, right? That is all.

Pinterest – The Holy Grail of procrastination for bloggers. Because it’s illegal to write a blog post without going off on a tangent and ending up on Pinterest for an hour in between isn’t it? Yes it is, that’s right. So glad you agree 😉

Last but not least, an amazing iPhone case. Well, that comes courtesy of Iconemesis of course 😉 My case is linked here – and all over this page, I do love a link – but make sure you check out the rest of their range as they’re all beautiful and there really is something for everyone!

So I would say that that’s about it for my basic blogger essentials. I would love to know what you find essential for blogging? Any new essentials that I missed, agree with mine listed above? I absolutely love reading your comments so let me know what you think 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

*This item is a PR sample and was sent to me for review purposes. As with all of my posts on this blog, my thoughts are 100% my genuine opinion.

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