I didn’t have a November favourites post this month. Now, I could sit here and use work/freelance projects/social life as an excuse but in all honesty… I just forgot. Yeah, minus 10 blogger points bitch! If I did have a November favourites however, the products in today’s post would most definitely be included in that non-existent post. I bought them at the end of October and have not stopped using them since. It’s love ladies, it’s love. (Yep, totally possible to be in love with a product, and it doesn’t make you superficial at all [insert confused/guilty face here])

Said products in question? Two incredible offerings from The Body Shops Camomile range in the shape of the the cleansing oil and the eye makeup remover. Ever the fan of saving the best until last, I was tempted to do the same for this post, however I just cannot help but jump into my fan girl rave about my favourite product here because it is quite simply… Incredible!!

The Camomile silky cleansing oil (£10) This product has been raved about all over the interweb so I’m pretty confident in the thought that this won’t be the first time you’ve heard about it. But I can’t not chip in with my two pence worth. It’s an oil – Jesus, bright spark over here – that you massage onto the face – over clean skin for a daily cleanse or over your made up face to remove all that goodness. (Yep, totally referring to makeup as ‘superficial goodness’.) Add a little bit of water into the mix to lather it on your face and then simply wipe off with a cloth of choice. With only 1 pump, it easily removes every trace of makeup. Every!!

Now, I have normal/combination, oily skin – Yeah, god pulled all those problems out of the bag when he made me – and prior to trying this, the thought of cleansing with an oil did ever so slightly freak me out. I had no need for my melodramatic bitch fit as this doesn’t leave the skin with any greasy residue, it doesn’t make your skin extra oily an hour or so down the line, it just does the job leaving skin clean and clear and ready for the rest of your skincare regime. If there is one new product you should try/add to your skincare regime, or if there’s one product of the year that I am so happy I discovered this year, it is this.

Rave over, on to the next item in question.

Dear gentle eye make up remover (£8), you’re nice, you really are, and I’m sorry that your review will be sufficiently diluted by the fact that whilst you’re great, you just don’t compare to the above 😉

‘Elle being a prat’ session over, in short, this is a good eye make up remover. A couple of squirts on a cotton wool pad and it does a really good job of removing even my waterproof mascara, but it’s just pretty hard to compare against something that is one of my all time fave products of the year. If you’re in the market for a good eye make up remove that’s really reasonably priced, then I’d definitely recommend it.

On the subject of price, I wanted to point out that a) I bought both of these products and they aren’t PR samples and b) I think for the quality of them – especially the cleansing oil – they are so, so affordable and amazing value for money.

I have now spoken a hell of a lot about just two skincare items so I will end this review here. What I would love to know though – you know, because I’m nosy like that – is if you have tried these products, or any other products from the range? Do you have any skincare items that you’ve fallen in love with this year? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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