So this will be the last post to go up before Christmas from me now, and that is for a few reasons. Number 1 – because if you’re anything like me then you will most likely be in a serious food/baileys/mulled wine-coma, not even up to the task of watching Elf, let alone sit and read a blog post.

And number 2? Because my outfit/makeup choices are anything but seasonal at the best of times – especially the festive season (Elle + a red lip = A clown) – so it would pretty much be my usual everyday kind of posts, and that’s just not really going to cut it on Christmas day.

So here’s an Outfit that I wore Christmas shopping, a few days before Christmas. And if I put Christmas in bold, that totally means this is a festive post, right? Oh, it doesn’t? Awkward…

I promise I’ll move on to the pictures asap but a few things to note first –
1) Shooting outfit photo’s in Westfield on one of the busiest shopping days of the year is embarrassing. So I do look extremely mortified/”Hurry the fuck hell up and take it quick”-esque.
2) It was extremely windy. So those ‘hand in hair’ poses, for once, are actually natural.
3) My playsuit is severely creased. We’re totally just going to ignore that fact.

A little ‘behind the scenes/candid’ featuring my best “Hurry up and get the focus right, I’m freezing here!” face.

I am the biggest believer in the fact that florals are not just for summer and should indeed be worn all year round. I absolutely love the darker, duskier tones of this beauty of a playsuit from H&M and think it’s the perfect transitional piece taking you from season to season – although let’s face it, by the time spring rolls around, I will no doubt have lost this under a plethora of new Primark buys.

It is ridiculously comfortable though with a cut/fit that will easily see me through cheeseboards, mince pies, roast potatoes etc. as well as being tailored enough to look smart. It’s basically made for me.

Christmas shop at Westfield, Stratford done – shopping two days before Christmas, I am fool, I know – it’s time to wrap this up and let you all get back to your families and quality streets. But if you have made it to this point, I have a little question for you. I have decided I deserve a Christmas present to myself – because, why not? – and also a little giveaway prize for when I reach 500 followers. I fancy something luxurious, and what is more luxe than Charotte Tilbury? So, which products would you recommend me trying? And which products would you love to win for yourself? Your beauty loving guidance is needed here ladies so I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
That really is it for me now so all that’s left to say is I hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas. Wherever you are, whoever you’re with and whatever you’re doing, just enjoy every second!
Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my little blog. I hope you enjoyed this post.
Merry Christmas!!!

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