Liz Earle as a whole, holds a very special little place in my heart. You see, right back when I was first getting into skincare – i.e when I decided that washing my face with hand soap/any old face wash/basically anything I could get my hands on, to then completely leave it as “my skin was oily so I don’t need anymore moisture on it” *sigh. Hands in head!* wasn’t going to cut it anymore – I stumbled across a bajillion (blogger language for lots) reviews of this funny looking product called ‘the Cleanse and Polish’ – and the rest as they say, was amazing skincare history.
Before I go into detail with my thoughts on the products, I will note here that I was extremely lucky to receive this from my parents as one of my Christmas presents. So no, I didn’t purchase it myself but I certainly would do in a heartbeat. Boring disclaimer over 😉
So I tried the Cleanse and Polish around 5 years ago, and I have used it consistently ever since. Funnily enough, it was one of my first ever reviews on this blog over 2 years ago and I will actually link that here despite the fact that the photographs looks like they’ve been taken by a blind dog with no paws (…it was in fact, just a very poor blackberry). So don’t judge the photo’s or the layout, or the entire post if you can just try to focus on the words, because I still feel as passionate about the product as I did 2 years ago. The perfect, perfect gentle cleanser for all skin types that removes makeup in just a few swipes.
Skin Repair Moisturiser (Dry/Sensitive skin) – After being blown away by the cleanser, I was so eager to purchase one of the Liz Earle moisturisers so I was over the moon that this one was included. I actually have combination/slightly oily/slightly dehydrated skin (move over Beyonce, my skin is now the biggest diva in town!) but I have really been getting into more intensive moisturisers lately and this one is right up there at the top of the charts. It’s a really creamy, nourishing, rich cream that feels as if it should sit heavy on the skin, but it doesn’t. At all. Within a good 5 minutes it sinks in completely leaving a light glow on the skin and all day moisturisation. Left over night and my skin looks plump and fresh, in the morning it doubles up as a great all day moisturiser that sits under makeup perfectly. A perfect moisturiser for normal, dry, sensitive skin types. I would even say that it would work on slightly oily skin too. An incredible all rounder!
Gentle Face Exfoliator – Whilst I am hugely into my skincare, sometimes I think that we just need to take it back to basics and work out what’s necessary for your skin. I always dismissed face exfoliators as I use a muslin cloth twice daily and thought that was enough. Hi, my name’s Elle, and I was totally wrong about face exfoliators! I was wrong. After one try of the gentle face exfoliator I could see and feel the difference in texture on my face. It felt smoother, it looked brighter, my pores genuinely looked tighter… This is a real wonder product in my opinion.
Instant Boost Skin Tonic – I had already tried this product (twice, actually) before receiving it in this set which made me even happier as I love it and coincidentally had just come to the end of my one. In layman’s terms, it’s an incredibly gentle, nourishing, revitalising – Yeah, I’m all about the base descriptive words today – toner that not only smells bloody incredible but also makes your skin looks so radiant, bright, clear and awake. This – on par with a Clarins toner (we all know ‘a clarions toner’ means I can’t remember the name of it) – is without a doubt my favourite toner. Highly recommend.
Botanical Shine Shampoo – Now, I was extremely excited to try this shampoo as not only have I never tried a Liz Earle shampoo before, but I tend to gravitate towards more budget options anyway (thrifty? or saving more money to spend on unnecessary makeup or clothes? I’m going for the latter…) and I have to say, I really like it. You do have to use more than usual because I found that it doesn’t lather as much as the average shampoo – which I think is something to do with the more natural ingredients – but once you have got enough, it’s very cleansing, very refreshing and it definitely does leave a nice shine. I do really like this product but I’m not sure I would rush to repurchase it purely based on the fact that I’m not as into shampoo’s as much as skincare, so I’d save the money for the other picks in this post instead.
Superskin MoisturiserAhh, the Superskin moisturiser. I write this paragraph with a happy smile on my face (which I totally understand means my sadness/loser levels have reached an all time high) because this product, I am putting it out there right now, is pretty life-changing and this is why; the texture is unlike any other moisturiser I’ve tried. At first it feels like any old liquid/cream moisturiser, but when massaged into the skin it almost has a facial oil type texture. It is so moisturising, so nourishing (Oh, there goes my favourite word again), this just makes your skin feel like a baby’s arse silk. If I wear this overnight, I wake up with the same glowy, plumped up skin that I get after using my Origins Overnight mask, and you know how much I love that shit… So it’s incredible, and if you try one thing out of this concoction I’ve brought you here today, I urge it to be this one. (Well, and the cleanse and polish too because that’s my sentimental fave but I’m just going to pretend you’ve tried that already 😉 so go for the moisturiser!)
OK, we are so nearly there ladies I promise. One last thing that I totally forgot to include in the main photo but is equally as stunning as the rest of these products, is the Eucalyptus and Rose candle.
This candle, oh my, there are no words… (I mean, not literally because that would make for a pretty strange post). It’s refreshing, it’s revitalising, it’s zen, it is the most uplifting scented candle I have ever smelt. Basically, it’s love – which is a pretty shite terrible description for you all, as that doesn’t help you figure out what it smells like, but there are no words to do this justice so please just go and have a sniff if you’re by a counter. But a word of warning first; you are not going to being to walk away from there without buying it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you… 😉
And there you have it, the light at the end of the tunnel as this post is officially a wrap. All I can say is that for me, Liz Earle is the ultimate skincare brand. I have yet to find a dud in their entire range and not only that, but I’ve been pretty blown away by every single product. If you’re starting out in skincare, having troublesome skin or even just looking for a reliable regime, you can not go far wrong with Liz Earle.
I would absolutely love to know if you have any Liz Earle recommendations? What is your ultimate skincare brand? As ever, I love and appreciate your comments and thoughts so much 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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