Some ‘things’ – products, places, restaurants etc. are just made for certain people. Or even stereotypes, I hasten to add. You know, that Juice shop down the road that would be right up those healthy types at the gyms’ street. Nando’s, perfect for a group of teens, or students on a budget. (Well, let’s be real here, Nando’s is perfect for pretty much everyone right?) Which is why when I heard of the place we’re visiting in this blog post today – You know, because I take you with me (vicariously through my camera) everywhere, I knew this was the for bloggers.

At least the bloggers that I follow – and stalk their social media profiles 24/7 – anyway.
Said place? The Cereal Killer cafe

In short, the Cereal Killer Cafe is a cafe that serves purely cereal. And when I heard of it, I just could not get my favourite bloggers and their declaration of love for Lucky Charms out of my head. So ladies, blogger ladies, this one’s for you…
Surely a place that sells only cereal must be pretty boring and lacking in choice, right? Wrong! The Cereal Killer cafe serves a whopping 120+ varieties of cereal, alongside 30 different types of milk and 20 different toppings. I know, my mind is blown just as much as yours.
After an embarrassingly long time deciding which cereal to go for – from what I could see, there were around 6/7 Gluten-free options (I know, and it still took me at least 10 minutes [insert “I’m an absolute twat” emoji here]…there is one of those, right?) but I finally plucked for Vanilla Chex, Coconut milk and Strawberries to top it off. And it was bloody delicious. And I bloody demolished it.
… And I am also aware that my English teacher would be so proud of my constant use of And to start a sentence. It adds to the drama, what can I say? (Nothing, I’ll just stop talking)
Vanilla Chex and Lucky Charms – boyfriend’s choice, how original? 😉 – down, it’s time to explore the cafe. 
10 points to they guys at The Cereal Killer cafe for possessing all – literally, all!! – the cereal memorabilia in the world. In terms of the layout, the cafe is pretty small, there are a few tables upstairs and a fair few set up downstairs. Luckily, I dragged myself out of bed screaming got up early and avoided queuing, however I have walked passed the cafe twice previously and seen the queue – just to get in – go at least 10metres down the road. So a tip for anyone who despises queuing as much as I do, head there early, and on a week day if possible. [insert “I got you, ladies” ladies emoji here]
Last but not least, it wouldn’t be a “The Elle Next Door” post without including a little OOTD (side note: has anyone else ever said the abbreviation “OOTD” out loud to non-bloggers, and also felt like a complete and utter tit? Just me?) I would say that I opted to go Monochromatic to clash with the colourful streets of Shoreditch, however we all know I’m a boring bitch neutral girl at heart. A cosy, white sweater and an asymmetric, monochrome skirt and glasses to hide my extreme under eye bags (that are definitely not courtesy of Chanel) was the way forward today.
So that’s about it for today. I know these kinds of places can often become a little “trendy”, a bit of a bandwagon in the long run, but I have to say – I really enjoyed my morning spent at The Cereal Killer cafe. It has a great atmosphere, extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff and every cereal you can possibly imagine making it different from anything else out there at the moment (to my knowledge anyway) and I’m all for supporting creative, forward thinking people. You go Glen Coco Cereal Killer cafe!
What’s the verdict – would you ever visit the Cereal Killer cafe? Have you ever visited, and if so, what did you think? As always, I love to hear your thoughts and comments 🙂
Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!

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