If you follow me on any social media platforms, you will probably know that I’ve been a little sick for the last couple of weeks. (If you don’t, you can find the links under my profile at the top. Ahh don’t you just love a good plug?…) Two lots of Antibiotics, copious amounts of chocolate, a complete Vlogmas marathon – of those who I forgot have a second channel, hours of Vlogmas vids through january… winning! – and an abundance of Lush bath bombs/Body shop Bath jelly [insert your own choice of pamper product here] later… and I still feel like shit, crap, death warmed up.

I’m not saying this for sympathy – although feel free to shower me with some as I’m milking me for all it’s worth 😉 – I just wanted to share with you what I like to do to rally myself up and try and get on with life when you’re feeling rough.

Going to independent/cute/quirky coffee shops on the weekend is an absolute guilty pleasure of mine – bring on all of the people watching – and I love nothing more than to discover new favourites. I recently visited HEJ on Bermondsey square and was tweeted by The Watch House, also on Bermondsey street asking when they would get a visit. Well, today just happened to be their lucky day*

*I am well aware that me turning up there doesn’t make them lucky at all, let alone turning up with a hefty camera in toe, arranging the sugar bowls and cups to make pretty instagrams pictures, but humour me on this one. Welcome to The Watch House

The two most important things that stood out for me at The Watch House (and no, one of them is not having the space to have some serious bitch face photo’s of myself taken!) –
1) The location, decor and atmosphere is beautiful. Very relaxed and laid back, great quirky artwork and signs, and just a really nice, cosy environment. Exposed Brick is my Before Anything Else* lately. (Couldn’t quite bring myself to say BAE)
2) The Coffee. Now, I am not a coffee snob, I’m really not. If it’s going to wake me up and taste good… I’m in. However, I do think that you can notice quality coffee in independent cafes like this. Their latte’s were strong, tasty – I am not going to embarrass myself by trying to describe the taste – with a pretty little love heart froth to boot. Jesus, I am such a sucker for anything outrageously girly…
After chatting away till my heart was content, snapping all the coffee and interior photo’s and indulging in a good people stalk watch – where I also spotted another young girl with her DSLR snapping away inside, #TeamPhotography – I had a wander through the park and the Antiques market in Bermondsey Square, making a pit-stop for a dragged through a hedge backwards, windswept, dogs dinner Outfit/makeup photo.

Oversized shirt – Stolen from the boyfriend (shhh)
Jeans with ever increasing rips – Primark
Jacket – Stradivarius (search Stradivarius, there’s a link in the most recent post)
Bag – Zara
Outfit done, onto some make up products that I have been absolutely loving lately (and also wearing in these pictures – two birds with one stone and all that…)

Loreal Miss Manga – I bought this mascara a few weeks ago now and I have to say, I’m really enjoying it. It’s not Holy Grail status for me yet (I’m all about the volume and this gives me more length and definition) but is my favourite for a long while. Any volumising, lengthening, false lash like mascara recommendations for me?
Urban Decay Half baked eyeshadow – As you can see, this palette is extremely battered well loved and I have been having a real moment with Half baked lately. It’s the most gorgeous warm goldy/bronze colour that is so versatile, compliments so many looks (and skin tones) and looks just as amazing on it’s own as it does with a smokey eye. A lot of love for this shade.
Maybelline The Eraser – Under eye circles, be gone! I’ve used this concealer for a while now and I really don’t know why I haven’t featured this on here before. (Because you’re a shit terrible blogger, love?) It is a beautiful, high coverage, brightening concealer from Maybelline that is uplifting – and creaseless – enough to use under the eyes, but also has great coverage and lasting power for those shitty pesky spots too. Yes, the sponge tip that dispenses the product is slightly unhygienic and gross if you think about it for too long, but we’re just going to forgive and forget that, all in the name of “Kimmy K contoured cheekbones, be mine” beauty, right? Right…

So that is about it from me for today [insert gossip choir “Hallelujah” here]. I know this post has been  slightly more random and chaotic than Britney Spears’ life,  but… girlfriend just had a lot to talk about, OK? I loved the Coffee, the atmosphere and the decor at The Watch House. I loved the tramp-esque comfortable, laid back, casual outfit… and I really loved the products above. And if I can’t rave about them on here, where can I? 😉

So, tell me – What are your current make up favourites, love anything I mentioned in this post? And if you’re London/UK based, where do you recommend I go on my next coffee trawl? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!


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