There’s a huge amount of irony in an item of clothing featured in this post today. Let’s skip the Sherlock “can you guess what it is” shit shiz and get straight down to it. It’s a jumper – from New Look in case anyone is interested – and it says “Nothing to wear”.

Nothing to wear and yet my ‘wardrobe’ currently consists of a bursting to the brim wardrobe, two chests of drawers, two more drawers under my bed, a rail in my parents room and half of my Mum’s wardrobe. If Carlsberg did irony…

But that aside, I spotted it, I loved it, I had a slight hissy fit when I saw that it wasn’t in the sale, and I bought it.

What I absolutely love about this jumper is that it’s so comfortable – as you can probably imagine with it practically being just a sweatshirt – but also slightly, relatively, possibly, potentially just a little bit chic? I’ll let you be the judge of that. Regardless, it was £14.99 which I do think is really reasonable, and I love it.
On to two more items that I completely love and will also be seeing me through the colder months. First up is another Christmas present from my favourite – and only 😉 – brother. (Purchased by my Mum because brothers never take any notice of what you actually like do they?) And it’s this beautiful rucksack from Zara…

I’ve only ever owned a “fashionable rucksack” once in my life apart from this one, and that was when I was a runner on BBC’s The Apprentice. I knew we were going to be carrying props, snacks, call sheets, the kitchen sink etc. so knew a rucksack was the way forward, however I just couldn’t bring myself to use a big, practical backpacking-esque bag that everyone else did. So yes, I had one, it was brown and it was great. But it didn’t compare to this.

So, why do I love what is essentially just a souped up rucksack so much? Because – old age quote to come, right here – it’s so ridiculously practical carrying all the makeup, all the snacks, all the stationary etc. whilst also being so comfortable to wear, especially when worn with both straps.

Yes, I wear both straps sometimes, yes I probably look like a complete and utter tool but no, I actually don’t care. It is also a really lovely, sturdy material and in my bias eyes, it’s completely perfect for me. Zara, you did good gurl!

Jesus, that was a lot of chat about a rucksack. Let’s move on to the next favourite of late.

This is one of Maybelline’s ColorDrama lip pencil’s and I have the shade here in Minimalist. It’s not particularly new, it’s not particularly unique, but I really, really do love it. It’s a shimmery (but not, “Hi I’m just one big glitter particle, look at me!!” in your face) medium/nude pink that really lifts and brightens the face – Quality Street carb face be gone. Winning! – and is just very flattering on my skin tone. It’s long-lasting but moisturising… yeah, it’s love*.

*Until the next haul comes round and I’ve cheated on it with the latest lip product release.

And that brings my little ‘outfit of the day’/accessory rave/Lipstick fangirl to an end. I would absolutely love to know what your thoughts are on the ‘fashionable’ rucksack – yay or nay? What is your favourite lip product of the moment, and what are your most comfortable fashion pieces? I love hearing your feedback 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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