As I begin to write this, I am sat in my hair stylists chair, having my foils put in ready to ‘revamp’ my roots – which I am disguising by claiming that I am actually just embracing the ombre look – in the hope of looking ever so slightly more acceptable. Now, I totally understand that this could be seen as a pretty glamorous affair, right?
Let me tell you what’s actually running through my mind right now. After receiving a voucher over Christmas from Starbucks offering a free latte with a reusable cup – which sounds generous but considering I am in Starbucks it’s probably well earned – I smugly sat down with my coffee, ready to be woken up via a caffeine hit and pruned to perfection a less Hagrid-eqsue state. That was until I was a completely silly prat took a sip not noticing the lid was slightly undone… all over me. Not just a little drip, oh no, at least half of my grande goodness (grande goodness? Sigh…) all down my jumper, trousers, in my shoes… you get the gist. So while this day should have really made me feel like Sarah Jessica Parker in SITC, I’m currently being poked in the eye by foils, stinking of coffee. If Carlsberg did F**k my life moments…

Clumsiness aside because this is actually not a post documenting all the embarrassing things I have done, it’s actually to show you my new ‘do’* and what hair care products I have been loving lately.
*Don’t get too excited, I am an absolute pussy wimp and you probably won’t notice a difference, but it’s practically a bob to me 😉
*Let’s all do our cheesiest grins. 3…2…1…*
So, you get the gist… I had a cut and colour, as I do every single time I go there (excuse the slightly stripy situation that happens when you first get highlights, it dies down after a wash). Although this time I did ask for just a tad more off. What I really want, is to go Sincerely Jules short but alas, I just do not have the balls to make that jump so a few inches were all I could commit to right now. But it’s shorter than it has been in years which is a step in the right direction, right? I don’t know, let me know what you think 🙂
Next up, those little hair favourites of mine…

Up until very recently, haircare wasn’t too much of a priority for me. I used whatever was in my cupboards to wash and condition followed by the first hair oil/serum that fell out of the drawer. It was only when I was given a much more premium shampoo/conditioner from my stylist that I noticed the benefits. Anyway, ramble over, let’s have a little look at the products shall we? Great, let’s do it…

The Tangle Teezer – Does what it says on the tin. Gets through my extremely tangly hair in no time without taking half of my hair with it. Yay for no premature balding!

Kerastase Luminescence Shampoo – I was given this as a little Christmas present from Rush (Bedford Street, Covent Garden if you’re interested) the last time I ‘got my hair did’ and desperately wanted to hate it due to the price. Annoyingly, I don’t hate it. In fact, it’s bloody brilliant. It does an amazing job on blonde hair, helping to keep the colour vibrant and non-brassy, it’s really cleansing but also nourishing so doesn’t strip the hair. Yeah, it’s pretty great. [insert Sigh sound effect here, coming from my purse]

Moroccan Oil Extra Volume Conditioner – I received this conditioner (again, from Rush) along with the shampoo and whilst I liked the shampoo, it doesn’t compare to the Kerastase. Ironically, I also received the Kerastase conditioner and again, it was nice, but nothing has rivalled this one yet. The Moroccan Oil conditioner is just so incredibly nourishing but lightweight. It doesn’t weigh down your hair, it doesn’t make it greasy quick – it just deeply conditions the hair leaving it looking so shiny and healthy. It also smells incredible and gives off a lovely whiff as I swish my hair. I whip swish my hair back and forth, I whip swish my hair back and forth…

Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising spray – I’m sure you know the drill on this one. It’s a texturising spray that gives so much volume, a lot of hold, a nice texture that helps with that Alexa Chung-esque, undone beach hair. It’s incredible, it’s apparently a dupe for the Oribe dry texturising spray – I wouldn’t know because damn that shit stuff is expensive! – and it just works great on my long, thick, generally flat hair. Winning!

Colab Ruth Crilly – If you haven’t heard of this, you’ve probably been hibernating under a rock – or you’re just not a sad loser that spends so much time on the internet that new releases are impossible to escape 😉 – it’s a dry shampoo by Colab in collaboration with the incredible Ruth Crilly who I’ve followed for years and love. Now, this stuff has received rave reviews across the internet for “de-greasing” without leaving that fucking annoying white shadow on your hair. Now, I have to be totally honest, for me personally this does leave a slight white shadow on my hair. It’s nothing dramatic and is much less noticeable than others – Batiste, I’m looking at you! – but it is there. Other than that, it does do a great job of making my hair less greasy, more volumised and just less “dragged through a hedge backwards” chic.

Coconut Oil – I ran out of my numerous hair oils recently and found myself gravitating towards this and I really like it. Used sparingly, it really nourishes* the hair, makes my hair feel – and look – thicker and healthier. It also makes my hair dry a lot quicker (and less frizzy, result) so it’s a great, inexpensive alternative the drugstore/pharmacy hair oils out there. You can find a cheap coconut oil in any supermarket.

*Another 2015 resolution to add to the list – find yourself another word to use than nourish! you illiterate b***h…

Hat and Bag – If all else fails, just shove a hat on. Or a bag, a bag really helps when you’re face ain’t playing ball too! 😉

And that’s it. What started out as a rant – how all of the best posts start out, obvs… – has ended up as one hell of a ramble about my hair, and my hair care favourites. So I’ll stop talking now (great idea) and let you take over 🙂 I would love to know what your favourite hair care products are? Any recommendations for me, anything you think I’d love? I would love to hear your thoughts!
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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