Turtle necks, roll necks, suffocate yourself/a claustrophobic’s nightmare’s neck… call them what you want, but these little item’s of clothing are going absolutely nowhere in my life. (Well, apart from repeatedly on myself and then in the washing machine… and then back on myself a day later) They’re cosy, they’re comfy [insert your own choice of cosy synonym here because I cannot be arsed to check in with my online thesaurus] they’re basically the perfect item to throw on on a cold winter’s day, when you want to feel chic, but warm. 

This idea would’ve worked really well for me, if it wasn’t for the fact that I really wanted to pair said turtleneck with a – ridiculously thin – midi bandage skirt. Oh, and scrappy heels.

So whilst my neck and upper body were smugly loving life, the rest of my body was suffering from serious “Oh my god, it’s so f**king cold, I want to die” syndrome. Frozen toes tale over, I’ll leave you to enjoy – or at least try to – the rest of this post. *Googles “Onset of frost bite symptoms”…

If you’ve read my blog for a little while now – Oi, Mum, this is your cue again – then you’ll know that I always like to throw in a little extra something, something to my posts rather than just a “Hi guys, here’s what I wore, enjoy my awkward as fuck hell, let me just put my hands in my hair, look the other way and pretend to be natural photo’s” so here’s a couple of things that I’ve been having a moment with over the last few days.

This bag. It was purchased from Zara a couple of days ago in the sale and was reduced from £80 to £30. It took every fibre of my being to not fist pump in the middle of the store – a packed Oxford Street store may I add – It’s a quilted black bag with a chain strap and beautiful furry lining inside. It’s slightly Chanel-esque – which isn’t actually why I got it – I just really love the design. 
I was actually thinking of doing a “What’s in my bag?” post – you know, because obviously your life isn’t complete without seeing my Nando’s receipts and Quality Street wrappers – is that something that anybody would be interested in? Let me know! 

And last but most definitely not least – Well, on second thoughts, it probably is least as that bag is receiving all my loving right now. Sorry, sorry… I’ll get on with it now – is an old favourite. It’s that lipstick that your grandparents will be so disappointed that you spent £37 of your well earned money on… It’s Tom Ford Spanish Pink. Worn in the pictures above, it really is the perfect brightening, uplifting, face perker upper – would you check those Literary skills right there, my English teacher would be so proud – peachy/pink nude that I love. Even if it is eye-wateringly expensive!

So, now that my toes are finally regaining feeling – I would love to know what you think about turtlenecks/roll necks. Are you as much of a fan as me, or are they not really your thing
And how about sale purchases – what has been your biggest bargain recently? I love reading your comments so don’t forget to let me know 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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