I am not a very spontaneous person. In fact, that is probably under-estimation at it’s finest. I am that girl that plans everything – which is actually a positive for a full time blogger/freelance TV Producer. For my social life/loser points, however? Not so much. – No day, or trip, goes unscheduled in my life, which is why I am still utterly convinced that my brain was taken over by some sort of anti-fun police/”Let’s get this girl a life”/YOLO you boring bitch being on the 29th January because I did something so unlike me.

I was watching my 4th episode of Suits of the day – dedication to the “Series marathon watching” cause – and I had another serious urge to go to New York. So I opened up my Mac (we all know that’s a lie and that my Mac is permanently open and glued to my lap… but let’s go with it anyway), searched “Flights to New York” – Yep, that would be a good start love… – and 20 minutes later, was booked, insured and ready for my trip to the Big Apple.
With the countdown officially on, my Macbook working overtime searching for all the bloggers New York guides, it was time to “prepare” for my trip. Now, New York for me, is the fashion city of the world (on par with London because… Well, I’m just a little bias and can’t cheat on my hometown) So of course, I want to be looking as chic as possible (bearing in mind that New York is snowing right now and I definitely won’t be looking my best by any means). Here are a few things that will – hopefully – help me feel a little more chic, put together and more prepared. And basically, just ready to take on NEW YORK!

Did I mention that I’m going to New York? Oh I have, a thousand times already you say? Just checking… 😉 

Let’s start with nails, you know, because I totally have my priorities in check… and can there ever be a more appropriate nail polish than Essie Fifth Avenue. For starters, it’s a dupe for Essie Holiday – rumoured to be a favourite of Olivia Palermo aka my ultimate girl crush – so you know, instant chic there in itself. Secondly, it’s called Fifth Avenue. Need I say anymore? Nope, didn’t think I needed to either…

Maybelline Colour tattoo in Creamy Beige – I needed an eye colour that not only goes with any makeup look I chose to plump for on each day, but is also long-lasting and will see me through hours of walking outside (in the wind and snow, boo) The colour tattoo’s are perfect for this, and creamy beige is the most gorgeous natural, muted brown neutral. There was no other option! (Well, technically there were hundreds of alternatives in my embarrassingly colossal collection but let’s go with the previous to add to the drama of it all shall we? We shall…)

Tanya Burr Lip gloss in Chic – Chic by name, Chic by nature (excuse me while I just puke in my mouth over how incredibly cheesy that phrase was/is/will always be) The perfect glossy nude that goes with every makeup look* can be used for a dramatic smokey eye, or a paired down natural look.

[*This is not to say that Tom Ford Spanish Pink, Mac Honeylove, Angel and Sephora Strawberry Kisses are not already packed in my travel bag, because they definitely, definitely are ;)]

Jo Malone Woodsage and Sea salt – Perfect for a getaway, especially in the cooler months. It’s just the most perfect fresh, herby, non-offensive, subtle fragrance that really is different from anything I’ve smelt before. Full review here. *Warning – In that post I do say the words herby, fresh and lovely around one billion times. Adjectives aren’t my strong point OK?*

If I haven’t already mentioned how cold it’s going to be in New York… It’s gonna be cold. I’m talking goose pimple on your goose pimples, cold. So as much as I would love to take the chicest looks in my wardrobe – chunky knits, chunky knits and even more chunky knits have won out. I’ll also be doing a hell of a lot of walking – which means I’d have used my exercise quota for the entire year in the space of 5 days though, winning! – so these Nike Roshe Run rip offs Primark beauties will be comfortable, practical (dressing practical, a sure sign off getting older, right?) and maybe, possibly, ever so slightly, even just a little bit chic? I’ll let you be the judge of that…

I am miserable when I am bored *sits next to boyfriend who is vigorously nodding his head in agreement* so reading material is a must. Do I really need to explain why I am beyond excited to read Love Tanya? I don’t think I do…

I had planned to leave that there but can we please just take a moment to admire that stunning imagery? Beautiful lady!

So I have my *cough* essentials *cough* now it’s time for not only an essential, but also a huge source of inspiration. The Blogger guides to New York, and where else to turn to than one of my all time favourite bloggers… Olivia from What Olivia Did. Stunning imagery, brilliant picks and a shed load of fashion inspiration to boot. Girl done good

So, I am currently on my way to the airport/on the plane/landed in New York (depending on when you’re all reading this, of course) no doubt armed with a billion iPhone photo’s of the Full English airport fry up – classy – the plane soaring through the clouds – cliche – and an infinite amount of the beautiful city – you’d be a shit bad blogger if you never, right? – But if you do have any recommendations of places to visit in the Manhattan/Brooklyn area, please please let me know in the comments below 🙂

I would absolutely love to know what your go-to “Get Chic, quick” products/tips are. What makes you feel instantly “pulled together” and stylish? Also, and obviously most importantly, any Sephora recommendations? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts/suggestions 🙂

As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post. See you in 5 days!

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