The arrival of fashion week invites produced an array of emotions in me this year. First, I was ecstatic – think Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofa (now that’s a vision for you all!) – then I was ridiculously nervous and panicky over what the f**k on earth I was going to wear. And then I was just angry with myself/slightly ashamed for being such a twat/loser/knob/[insert your own insulting word here] for not having a sense of perspective and taking unimportant things far too seriously.

You see, I am a huge fan of fashion. I follow – we all know that I really mean “stalk” – all of the fashionista’s of the blogging, Instagram, social media etc. world. I see an item of clothing and mentally style it with what else I have in my wardrobe… what I’m trying to say is, I genuinely love and adore fashion with a passion however, I’m not always sure that that goes for everybody else attending fashion week.

I am absolutely not being a debbie downer, but unfortunately I have witnessed a hell of a lot of people – some bloggers, some not – turn up hours earlier than necessary, and hang around for hours after their respective shows, just for the chance of maybe, possibly, hopefully being snapped by some kind of fashion journalist, or pap, or just anyone with a huge, professional looking camera. I’ve seen some go out and buy a completely brand new designer outfit – complete with the most “on trend” item – just to fit in, or in contradiction, buy the weirdest, wonderful outfit that is nothing like their style but it does offer the chance to stand out.

I’m not about that shit…

I love fashion, I love scouting out incredible looks on the catwalks, and even better? Amazing ladies’ Pinterest-worthy street style, that’s my real favourite. But in all honesty, I really couldn’t care less whether anyone wants to take a picture of my outfit or not. I turn up, I wear an outfit that I really like (most probably 99% Primark) and that I would wear to anything where I want to feel smart/chic/pulled together, I see the shows, I grab a huge Indian takeaway and then I go home and post about it.

On to the outfit (thank f**k the lord for that, we thought she’d never shut the hell up…)

Shirt: New Look
Trousers: Missguided
My favourite leather jacket ever to have existed, ever: Stradivarius
Shoes: Aldo

Despite usually being a slave to monochrome, I decided to go for something a little different for my Day 1 of LFW (London Fashion Week, but we’re cool so we abbreviate don’t we? Yes, yes we do) and opt for lighter hues, with pops* of red.

*Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like a complete and utter tit using phrases like “pop of colour” and “lighter hues”?

Outfit done, on to the make up.

As I was going for a more spring time look with my outfit, I decided to go for a pretty, pink, dewy look with the makeup and I really liked the outcome.

Day 1 saw 50 shades of grey – not the sexy version, literally just 50 different shades of the colour grey – come to the cat walk in the form of J.JS.LEE’s collection. I did of course get extremely snap happy but with low lighting, lots of people crowding around… I thought I’d use some of LFW’s official photo’s to show you some of my favourite looks instead. (#PhotographySnob)

And that was Day 1. Before I sign off, I just quickly wanted to say – Please, please don’t think I was being a moaning minnie/debbie downer/[insert your own alliteration phrase for a moany person] (or just being an absolute knob idiot) I do love Fashion Week, I just really wished that everyone took a moment to actually enjoy it, rather than worry about what they could possibly gain from it. That’s all.

So, that’s it for me, but what I would love to know is; what are your thoughts on fashion week – have you been before, have you always wanted to go? And what is your favourite pick from the J.JS.LEE show? Also – Christ, I don’t ask a lot of you do I? 😉 – What were your thoughts on my Day 1 outfit?
I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
As always thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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