Firstly, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everybody that commented on my London fashion week Day 1 outfit post – linked here if you’re interested – Considering that I am an “all black everything” kind of dresser (i.e dull, boring, beige, in need of some serious colour inspiration) wearing a red and light pink combo was definitely out of my comfort zone.. so thank you all for lying and feeding my ego your lovely compliments anyway. 😉
Day 2 of LFW saw me head to the incredible ME hotel on The Strand to check out the Hemyca presentation – and also back to my fashion comfort zone of black, black and more black (once a boring bitch dresser, always a boring bitch dresser) – and I was genuinely blown away by the collection. But before I go into my favourite picks – and more thoughts on fashion week, you lucky little things you – here’s the outfit and makeup choices I plumped* for in the end.
*Plumped for? Apparently I went to sleep a 22 year old girl and woke up as a 80 year old granny…
Windswept and interesting anyone? 😉
A special note to the below shoes. I saw these shoes in Primark, and within 2minutes I had picked out my size, barged people out of the way to get to the till got to the till… and was happily punching in my pin into the card reader. These might be one of my favourite shoe purchases ever and for a minuscule £12, you really can’t go wrong. You go Glen Coco Primark!
Trousers: Missguided
Cropped top: New Look
Blazer: H&M
Mule shoes that I am obsessed with ad unfortunately for you, will probably feature in every single outfit post for the rest of the year: Primark
Beautiful earrings (which I’ll be posting about soon): Gemporia*
When I first tried on these Misguided trousers, I couldn’t work out whether I loved them, or thought I looked ever so slightly MC Hammer-esque in them. The whole baggy crotch – what an attractive phrase – thing is not really me, but paired with a (totally weather inappropriate) cropped top and with the flattering high waisted cut… I think I really, really loved the outcome.
MC Hammer FTW! 
(Feel free to punch me in the face – a) for using “FTW” in a blog post and b) for even having the words “MC Hammer” and “fashion week” in the same damn post. 
I am a shallow excuse of a Fashion blogger.
Onto the Hemyca Collection and a quick word of warning. I absolutely loved the collection, and I also had my camera with me. [Which basically reads: Get ready to be bombarded/inundated/flooded with photo’s]
Now, if I’m being totally honest, when it comes to Fashion week 99% of what you see on the catwalk, I believe, is totally unwearable for “real life”. Which I think is why I loved Hemyca’s collection so much. I absolutely fell in love with the maroon leather, the grid patterned and the sepia/white patterned pieces… to the point in which I would happily wear them myself. Outside of the house. In broad daylight. This could well be a fashion week first!
Another element of the presentation that I loved was the makeup and hair looks. With natural, wavy hair and fresh glowing skin… it was so refreshing to see another wearable look. Yes, I totally understand that designers will use quirky make up looks to make their entire collection stand out/have an even bigger impact – bleached out eyebrows and stick on beards, I’m looking at you – but it’s so nice to see a designer use a look that you’re everyday girl can easily – and happily – recreate at home (Well, in my case attempt to recreate.)
Talking of makeup, here’s the look I went for (because obviously none of you will be able to sleep at night without knowing what I was wearing on my face [insert sarcastic, smirk, “I’m totally kidding because I know deep down nobody gives a shit crap” face here])
Strong highlight and contour, simple, matte eyes and a brown nude lip – Mac Honeylove FYI, and no… I did not buy this due to Kylie Jenner, I have owned it for years. (Although I may have dug it out of my collection because of her #SorryNotSorry) 😉
And that draws Day 2 to an end. If you’re not into fashion, I do apologise for what is probably your worst nightmare (i.e fashion week, and nothing but outfits shoved in your face) but hopefully with the addition of makeup looks and personal opinions it isn’t too boring for you. Normal blogging will resume very soon.
But hey, if you’re still awake and reading at this point – after verbal diarrhoea, terrible posing and far too close, close up of my face… then this is practically a miracle in itself, right? Right…
What are your thoughts on these Misguided trousers – are you a fan of the overall look, or do you wish MC Hammer would call and demand for his trousers back? What would – or did – you wear make up/clothing wise to fashion week? I would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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