There were a fair few things that I learnt from London Fashion Week this season – if only I paid as much attention in school – and some of those, were the following points.
a) Waiting around on the cobbles in the freezing cold is just not for me. No matter what I’m waiting for (unless it’s Ryan Gosling waiting to take me for an Indian meal of course, then you can bring on all the cobbles and frost bite in the world)! I can’t hack the cold. I can’t hack (some of) the slightly rude staff who point to the queue and then completely ignore you. I’m just a presentation girl at heart – go in, take your pictures, go home – which is definitely something for me to bear in mind next season.
b) Having been born and bred in London, I have taken the beautiful city completely for granted. I had a completely soppy moment to myself whilst waiting for the H BY HAKAAN YILDIRIM show – Jesus christ, he wasn’t thinking of poor bloggers that would have to recite that name when he decided to name the brand was he? 😉 – which involved taking in the sites of Somerset house, and despite having been there more times than I’ve had hot dinners (slight exaggeration) I had completely forgotten how stunning it actually is. I now endeavour to tour the streets of London discovering new places and taking in all of it’s beauty. And of course I’ll be taking you along with me, you lucky little things you…

c) Today I did something that I promised my sanity I’d never do. I wore double denim. And I didn’t shoot myself in the face/completely hate myself/jump in front of a bus whilst doing so. And, I actually rather liked it.
And, I just… I’ll just shut up now and let you crack on with the rest of the post. *Insert Hallelujah sound bite here*
Although I actually really like the outcome of this, I do still believe that double denim can – and more often than not, does – end up looking far too much. My tips – you know, because I am an expert in cowboy-chic – would be to:
Shirt: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Yep, you got it… Primark again [insert “all hail” emoji here]
Bag: Aldo 
Coat: Miss Selfridge (sold out now, but a gorgeous, similar alternative here)
On to the shoes. I posted a quick snap of this outfit on Instagram and every comment on the post was a compliment for these shoes. This is me, Elle, and I’m talking about shoes… So I’ll give you one guess as to where they are from? – assuming that you haven’t already seen the outfit details above which were added in after and therefore totally ruined my joke. Sigh – Yes, you are so right, they are from Primark. Crikey you all know me so well. 
P.S That was sarcasm, not evidence that I’m actually a schizophrenic. 
Time for the makeup. I actually did something a little risky and slapped on some products that I’d just received and hadn’t even trialled before – Cor, living life on the edge or what? – and I was actually so impressed with what I tried. Reviews on each product I loved will be coming shortly but in short; I went for an Olive green eye courtesy of BareMinerals, a glowy base from BD Trade Secrets and a soft peachy nude gloss, also BareMinerals.

On my third day of Fashion week – but officially Day 5, and the last day – I headed down to the Somerset House Courtyard show space for the H By Hakaan Yildirim show and as with Day 1 of Fashion week, I’m going to insert my top picks from the show using the official website pictures because let’s “be real” Unless you’re sitting on the frow* you’re never going to get amazing photo’s of the collection. Not one’s that will do it justice at least.
*Anyone else feel like a pompous twat using the word “frow”? No? No, Just me then…
Next on the agenda was the “Oh my word, I totally forgot how stunning Somerset house was. Let me wack out my camera, take a thousand photo’s, get in everybody’s way and piss off annoy as many people as possible” photo session. Don’t you just love those sessions? (Erm, no love, not when you’re the one getting barged out the way by a humungous camera…)
So, this brings me to the end of my London Fashion week posts. I really hope you enjoyed this group of posts, but if you never [insert sad face here] normal service of a complete mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts – aka whatever the hell I manage to photograph and post – will resume shortly. 
In fact, I actually have a slightly different – but really, really special – post going up on the weekend so I really hope you like that too 🙂
Guess what time it is now guys? No, it’s not Chico time, it’s question time! (Here she goes…) I would absolutely love to know what you thought of this post – What’s your take on double denim? Have you tried any BareMinerals makeup? If so, what are your thoughts? … And finally, I would love to know what your favourite place – or part of – London is? Please let me know in the comments below 🙂
Thank you so much for reading, and for all your lovely comments on my previous Fashion week posts. See you in the next one!

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