Now, I could start this post off how I usually do when writing about events that I’ve attended, by explaining to you how it can sometimes be hard even going to them in the first place – attending an event. Hard? The most appropriate use of #FirstWorldProblems if I’ve ever seen one – You know, the turning up on your own, whilst also being quite shy… causing the fear of being the awkward girl stuck in the corner on her own. Or, meeting bloggers that you’ve followed for a while and majorly fan girl’ing over them (Oh yes, I have been that really cool girl on many occasions) You see what I’m getting at here (Well, you will if translating verbal diarrhoea is in your skill set anyway).
I’m not going to do that today – possibly, maybe, definitely just did do that, but let’s just ignore that shall we? Brilliant, sounds like a plan to me too… – I’m just going to crack on with the post but first, let me take a selfie a little disclaimer: 
1) There are a lot of photo’s in this post. 
2) If you attended the event, you may see yourself popping up numerous times as I am quite possibly the most annoying b***h snap happy person of all time. (If this is not OK, please tell me and I’ll take it down)
3) I have included my makeup and outfit choices for the event and they are quite possibly more boring than life before the internet. So please don’t get excited*
*I am not deluded enough to think that you would ever get excited about them. On to said make up/outfit choices. I bet you’re now all hanging off the edge of your seats in anticipation after that description ;)…
My outfit was kept simple. When you don’t have a clue what to wear – i.e Me. Every morning of my life! – go monochrome. 
 H&M Shirt – River Island Skorts – Zara boots (similar here) – Aldo bag – Model’s own “unable to raise a smile”/bitch face. Due to the freezing cold weather.
My makeup was pretty much my everyday makeup – natural, bronzed skin, neutral eyes and a pink lip – but with a slightly neater winged line – never ask a girl with winged liner why she’s late. Ever – and slightly more highlighter (Let’s be real, I shoved on all the highlighter in an attempt to disguise less than 3 hours of sleep).

As with all good blogger events, lots of cocktails, snacks – think popcorn, marshmallows, nakd bars… the lot – and makeup were involved but two things in particular caught my eye. The first being an incredible jewellery brand – Stella and Dot – that myself and a lot of the girls were eyeing up and obsessively snapping away at.

The second thing I couldn’t take my eyes off – apart from all of the other girls outfits and makeup – was the Skincare and makeup line on display, Moogoo. The strange name (and cow branding) was born from when the founder of the brand adapted a cream used in dairy farms to help a family member with skin problems. Check out the website to find out more because I’m a lazy cow – see what I did there, see what I did there? *smashes head against a brick wall* – and can’t be arsed to go into it and am more than aware that I have rambled a hell of a lot already.* But in short, they are an extremely natural brand that is great for sensitive, itchy, blemish prone skin but are also amazing from Cancer patients going through chemo as the products are completely gentle and kind to skin with no nasty chemicals. [Insert thumbs up emoji here]

The New years resolution to cut down on unnecessary chat is going well as the healthy eating *says Elle, sat with a lamb pasanda in one hand and a poppadom in the other*

Brand displays done, I think I’m just going to show you around the rest of the event. Give you a feel of the vibe, have a little perve nose over which other bloggers were in attendance and generally what else was happening at the #NYLDNMEET. 
[Read: bombard/inundate/swamp/flood you with pictures. Ready for the photobomb?]
The lovely Lauren (and just the edge of Tamsyn, sorry Tamsyn) and Amy below, who put on the event. 

As you can probably see, it was really fun day. So thank you to Lauren, Tamsyn and Amy for organising the event. I couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery my own makeup collection let alone an event for over 60 odd bloggers so a huge well done to you all.

A special little mention for a few of the girls that I met on the day too. I probably spoke to them for an hour or so but I genuinely feel like I’ve known them for years. Charlotte, Sophie, Kitty, Sam, Sophie and everyone else (that awkward moment when I forget someone I spoke to all day, apologies in advance!) thank you for making the day as great as it was. Plans to catch up again soon are a must!

Now, I know this is beginning to turn into a marathon rather than a blog post, so I’ll keep this as short as I possibly can – we all know that means 10x longer than anybody else’s version of short – and just express a few thoughts on blogging that I had after this event.

1) No matter what shit’s gone down drama spreads across social media every now and then – the Zoella book scandal a case in point – the blogging community really is one of the most supportive, friendly, warm places to be. And somewhere I think is impossible to ever feel alone.

2) Never have I been in an environment where I can speak to someone for a matter of minutes and immediately bond and have so much in common with. Not many of my “real life” friends get blogging, so it’s incredible to be surrounded by people that share – and totally understand – my passion.

3) Bloggers are the biggest enablers. I now have Mac Rebel, Maybelline Lash Sensational, Essie Chinchilly and practically the whole ASOS website on my need/want/have to have/can’t live without/get off your butt and go and buy them now Wish list.

So that concludes this #NYLDNMEET round up. I do apologise – and applaud you if you got this far, serious willpower there ladies – for such a long, rambly, photo filled post, but I wanted to do the day justice and show anyone that’s interested what the whole day was about.
What I would love to know though, is how you feel about going to events. Any nerves or just excitement? What are the most important things that you’ve gained from Blogging and the community? I really do love to hear your thoughts 🙂
Also, if you went to the event or have any posts up on the day yourself, please link them below so I can have a good nose!
As always, thank you so much or reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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