If there’s one thing I’m not very good at – alongside eating healthily, exercising, getting my 8hours sleep a night, saving money… OK, OK, you get the gist… – it’s standing up and being proud of my blog. Now, that’s not to say that I’m not proud of the blog itself, without sounding like an arrogant twat, I am proud of it. Very proud actually, I work my arse butt off and hopefully that’s evident when you read it/look at the photography. But I’m just not very good at bringing it up without feeling slightly embarrassed, cringing a hell of a lot, and practically apologising for spending such a huge amount of time writing about clothes, makeup, food and basically anything that could be perceived as slightly superficial.
It’s completely ridiculous, I know it is, and deep down I know that it is probably only me that laughs at myself prancing around like a total tit in front of the camera – well, maybe my brother and boyfriend too – but I just can’t shake off the shyness/apprehension/trepidation when addressing what I do for a living (I now blog full time, alongside freelance TV Producing and editing because I don’t know what it means to “take things easy”) but one person (or group of people) that have fully supported blogging ever since I started – back in the day… – is my family. Which is why I absolutely love involving them in any way possible. So when I was invited to head down to Soupe Du Jour in Soho, my Dad was the first person on my list to take with me.
We are pretty much proof that a love of food (if we’re getting specific – curry and chocolate) is genetic. Thanks for that Dad (screams my arteries after one too many Dad and daughter Indian takeaway session…)
As you can see, with 5 classic soups, plus Soupe Du Jour favourites, daily specials and over 8 toppings… You are incredibly spoilt for choice. Great for a “normal” person, but for someone who is as indecisive as our British weather – sad, but true – it took me a little* while to decide.
*Little = as long as physically possible before making things really silent and awkward and panic ordering!
I opted for the Chicken broth – because 50 shades of Beige/Vanilla/Boring is practically my middle name – and my dad chose the Chilli Soup, complete with parsley, sour cream and parmesan crisps. Gluten free bread for me and a dark loaf for my Dad *Takes a second to pick up my jaw from the floor and wipe the drool dangling from my mouth* (Christ, the amount of sex appeal I’m giving off right now is unreal.)

The Chicken Broth – I love a good broth, and this one definitely did not disappoint. Savoury without being too salty, with plenty of  chunky Chicken – Don’t you just hate it when restaurants/shop bought soups skimp on the meat? I’m a growing girl, I need my protein #FirstWorldProblems – and veg. Seriously, seriously delicious. 
The Gluten Free bread – When I was originally contacted from Soupe Du jour, I’m pretty sure they had no idea that I have coeliac disease… so it was such a nice surprise for us both to discover that not only would I be well catered for, but they’d also manage to do something most cafe’s rarely ever do, and provide GF bread. But it wasn’t just any GF bread it was M&S GF bread I genuinely, genuinely think it was one of the best GF loafs I have ever tried. Soft, light, chewy and didn’t fall apart or disintegrate into crumbs. So impressed! 
The Chilli Soup – Luckily for me (and unluckily for my Dad who ironically has always said I am dustbin when it comes to food. Thanks Dad) the Chilli soup is also gluten free, so of course I ate half soup because I’m a greedy bitch tried some 😉 and it was just as good as the Chicken broth, if not better actually. It was so unbelievably flavoursome, with a mild chilli con carne taste and a rich tomato base, this is absolutely the one to go for if you’re looking for a lighter Chilli con carne fix. 
Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for my Dad) his bread was a normal, wheat-filled loaf meaning that I couldn’t try it. Because let’s face it, a serious allergy/auto-immune disease is the only thing keeping from stealing someone’s food. Anyone’s food. All of the bloody food…
I was extremely lucky to be met by the loveliest lady called Suse, who runs the Lexington Street branch and very kindly walked/talked us through all of the soups, toppings etc. letting us sample some before we made our decision. One of things that I absolutely loved about Soupe Du Jour was the friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Despite being ridiculously busy (even after 2pm) the staff still made the effort to speak to everyone, letting them know how everything works and answering any questions. They were so enthusiastic – especially Suse who just radiated passion and enthusiasm when talking about Soupe Du Jour – that it genuinely made it a pleasure to go and experience it and find out more. And you get ridiculously tasty food on top, an absolute winner in my eyes!
Enthusiastic staff, incredibly tasty soup and bread… what more could you possibly ask for? Oh, pretty flowers and personal touches scattered about the place you say? Well, Soupe Du Jour have you covered on that too!
Oh, and did I mention that they also deliver to/cater for offices – meetings, team lunches & office parties? Well, they do, and they do so on this ridiculously cute bike too. So if you’re office is based in or around Soho, that’s definitely something to consider. *Searches for TV Shows or blog post outfits to shoot in the Soho area*
For those that are not so interested in food posts, you might find my completely boringtotally unoriginal, massively dull outfit slightly more interesting – but just so as not to deceive you in any way, I’m sure you probably won’t. It’s nothing special (no seriously, I’m not just being modest, it’s boring as f**k) but it’s practically my every day uniform right now. 
A soft, check/plaid shirt, a scuba-esque material skirt and my trusty Zara ankle boots and camel coat. Practical, comfortable – Jesus christ, choosing comfort over fashion… I’ll be receiving my free bus pass soon – and easy to chuck on when you’re in a rush. 
Shirt: River Island – Skirt: Primark – Boots: Zara (similar here) – Coat: Miss Selfridge – Bag: Zara
P.S I promise I wasn’t desperate for the loo here, I’m just the worst poser to have ever walked the planet 😉
Three things I’ve also been loving lately – and that also featured in the haul in my last post because I am that girl that wears anything she buys, as soon as physically possible – are:
Make Up Forever HD – Perfect coverage, amazing longevity, looks incredible in photo’s and has a lovely, light formulation. Review on it’s way when I get my arse in gear.
Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper – An amazing formula and an even better nib/point making it so easy to use. I may have found my HG liner. Full review coming soon.
Formula X nail polish in Blazing (apologies that it’s not as noticeable in the below picture) – the most stunning metallic maroon shade that’s been on my nails for 5 days without a chip in sight.
And that is about it from me. I would just like to take a moment to thank the lovely people behind Soupe Du Jour for inviting me down – and letting me drag my Dad along too (who patiently waited whilst I attempted to impersonate David Bailey/a crazy paparazzo, snapping all the food photo’s in the world, bless him!) – and also for Suse and the team for being so lovely, making us feel so welcome and generally making it a lovely lunch out. I will definitely be returning soon!
So ladies – and gents, if you’re out there – what are your thoughts on little cafe’s/soup kitchens like these? Have you tried Soupe Du Jour yet, are you thinking of heading there now? And most importantly, for my greedy/pig-like myself… Do you have any recommendations for amazing eats in London? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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