Let me start by saying that in this post, I am by no means telling you what to do. I mean… yes my title says you should be doing something, but the alternative title of “Instagram accounts I totally recommend you follow but if you don’t want to, thats absolutely OK. But if you do, amazing, I promise you’ll enjoy” isn’t quite as catchy is it?

SEO would have a bloody lovely time with that wouldn’t it? #BloggerProblems!

Title’s (not invented for the over-polite) aside, this post was born after receiving some messages that I’d been tagged in some blog posts. When I read said blog posts, which you can read here & here, it genuinely completely turned my day around. What was a slightly sad, moping myrtle kind of day, all of a sudden became a motivated, grateful and in all honesty, slightly overwhelmed by such kind words, kind of day. And those days are always the best. So I thought I’d share the love today and if this post makes at least one person half as happy as I was, then my job here is done.

It’s probably worth noting that the majority of the “Instagrammers” – totally not a word but let’s just make that a thing shall we? It’s now a thing.. – have a ridiculously large following so I’m sure they couldn’t give a fu*k two hoots whether I recommend them/even notice that I’ve recommended them but hey, maybe it’ll brighten their day just a tad if they do 🙂

Ever the optimist Elle, ever the optimist.

@TuulaVintage – If you suffer from a serious case of wanderlust, Jessica might not be the best person to follow. As a travel and personal style blogger, her absolutely perfect, stunning, ridiculously envious Instagram follows her around the world from Tulum, to NYC, to the Maldives and beyond. With the most picture perfect sunsets, crystal clear blue seas and endless beaches… her photo’s will wow you, inspire you, but mainly… give you all the “give me your life please, thank you” feels in the world!

@Kayture As another fellow blogger, Kristina provides so much inspiration to me. Not because I aspire to be a big as big as her – come on now, I’m an optimist but also a realist – but because her photography is flawless, her style is perfection and she also comes across as such a lovely, grateful and fun lady. And whilst my blog and success will no doubt never equals hers… those are all attributes that anybody – blogger or not – can aspire to.

@DeliciouslyElla I am not necessarily a healthy person, but I am a huge foodie. I love my food, and I love finding healthier, tastier alternatives to my junk food favourites. What I love about Ella from Deliciously Ella, is that she doesn’t just post kale upon kale upon even more kale recipes, it’s real food, real portions*… just full of nutrients and “good stuff’. Achievable healthy recipes are the best way of easing yourself to a healthier lifestyle and I think Ella is perfect for that.

*P.S I am known for having absolutely no concept of portion size, so for me, any recipe looks a little small. But apparently they’re good portions for what “normal” people eat, [Insert beached whale emoji here]

@CarlyRowena -Whilst I’m getting better at making healthier options – full fat coke over diet coke because the artificial sweeteners and chemicals are terrible for you, is as far as I’ve got at the moment… (Jesus, move over Miranda Kerr!) fitness is something I am not doing so well in. Well, when I say not well, I actually mean “haven’t exercised in 7years” I completely shit kid you not. Whilst I can’t say I am now a fitness fanatic, I have ordered some exercise gear – because somehow Missguided have made sportswear desirable. You go Glen Coco Missguided! – which is (a ridiculously small) step in the right direction. Carly and her ridiculously toned, honed and all those other words that basically mean fit body, has been my biggest motivation to get off of my saggy arse and actually do some exercise. Rather than just watch her fitness video’s and not actually join in with them (Just me? Please tell me it’s not just me who does that…) P.S Can we just talk about those abs? [insert heart eye’d emoji here] P.P.S she also eats brownies and naughty stuff. My kinda fitness babe!

@amberfillerup Amber Fillerup is a relatively new find of mine and my god have I become obsessed with her. Not only are her hair skills on entirely on another level (I can just about do a basic platt so she’s practically a goddess to me) but she also travels to the most stunning places, with her son who is easily one of the cutest little boys ever. Her Instagram is full of dutch hair braids, Hair inspiration and smiles… and I am all for that!

@gh0stparties – Kate’s blog is one that I have been following for years now, and her Instagram feed is just as dreamy. If it’s beauty, decor – in particular, those dreamy white floorboards – accessories or interiors… Kate’s is the account you want to go for. Whenever I’m lacking in inspiration photography/composition wise, Kate’s Instagram, blog and website Nouvelle daily are at the top of my list.

@buynowbloglater – Laura is a nostalgic favourite of mine. She was one of the first YouTubers/Bloggers that I ever discovered at least 5/6 years ago now and her blog is still one of my all time favourites. Looking for lipstick, foundation, blusher (…bascially all the makeup) recommendations? Laura is your girl. I only wish that she still made YouTube video’s because her personable, down to earth manner was just a joy to watch. As it is, I’ll have to settle for stalking obsessing over reading her equally as amazing fashion and beauty blog.

@frenchbydesign – Interiors/home decor are now one of my favourite things to search for – a sure sign that I am indeed getting extremely old, non? [insert cry face emoji here] – I love a white and airy, simple, monochrome with copper accents but still nice and neutral vibe to my interiors and “French By Design” provides exactly that. Again, their Instagram is just an extension of their stunning blog, and I will no doubt be following/double tapping away for the forseeable future. Especially as I am in the process of buying a house. That’s it, I’m officially an adult. I’m officially old. Sobs…

@wonderful_places Prepare to be absolutely blown away/stunned/speachless/[insert your own choice of gobsmacked synonym here] with this account. An extension of their blog, The Wonderful paces, Suzanne, her husband Isaac and team of photographers who feature on their blog take you all over the world, capturing photographs that are so special and perfect you’d almost think they were computer generated. When I’m a little down in the dumps/”sucks to be me right now”… checking out these incredible places makes me feel so much more motivated to work hard, save money and go and see the world. Hi, my name’s Ellie and I am a massive cheeseball/loser…

@Quotes And finally, an account based entirely around quotes, because who doesn’t love a good quote? (If you don’t, I’m really not sure we can be friends) 😉 Yes, it’s pretty much impossible to come by a positive quote that isn’t slightly cheesy/cringe worthy… but I’m all for that shit stuff. When I’m feeling a little low, have had some bad news, or generally just wish things were a little different; I love nothing more than to stalk search through positive/motivational quotes on Instagram or Pinterest. It makes me feel better every single time. My favourite “Quote” instagram at the moment is Quotes, (#DoesWhatItSaysOnTheTin) get ready to start double tapping!

So that brings my Instagram recommendations to an end. It actually took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to narrow it down to 10 as there are so many accounts I stalk, fan girl, perve on, obsess over love. So let me know if you like this post and I will happily use it as an excuse to spend far too many hours procrastinating on Instagram to make another one… all in the name of working, of course 😉
What I would love to know, is what are your favourite Instagram accounts? Who/what inspires you and makes you double tap like no other? I would love to hear your thoughts! (also feel free to link your own Insta as I will happily check it out!)
As always thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!


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