When it comes to trends/the “it” item or piece/the latest fashion bandwagon/[insert your own choice of word for what the whole world have decided to go crazy about all day ehrr day, here] I have never really considered the colour blue to be one of them. However, that’s not because it isn’t “trendy” as such – hands up if I’m not the only one that despises that word? – I guess it’s because it is a colour that I have always relied upon in my wardrobe. It goes with everything, it looks smart, it comes in a whole loada’ textures (and we all know denim is my BAE*), it can be dressed up and down… basically, Blue is a key contender in my wardrobe at any time of the year, but it’s really, really having a moment in the SS15 releases/AW15 fashion week shows right now.
*I give full permission for anybody to punch me in the face for using the phrase BAE in a blog post.
I was asked to chose two pieces from Fat Face’s Love Blue collection to style – which is totally dreamy and in turn, I found it embarrassingly hard to choose – and I absolutely jumped at the chance. I think that’s the thing I love most about fashion, you can give a thousand girls the same item of clothing and literally come up with a thousand different combinations of outfits. Isn’t that incredible? Yes Einstein… mind blowing!

I decided to show you two looks today. A slightly dressier, “I want to look smart and chic but I also mean business” look. And a more casual, preppy, everyday look. As always, I would love to know what you think.*
(*Unless you think they’re both horrendous in which case you’re more than welcome to keep those opinions to yourself. [insert wink/”I am kidding but I’m also being slightly serious too” emoji here]) 
Look 1
Navy knit that I have already worn 4 times and love: Fat Face*
Stripy blue dress that may appear to be slightly creased, I promise it’s just your eyes ;): Fat Face*
Gorgeous ombre denim shirt: Boohoo 
Red heels that I have become obsessed with: Primark (sold out but identical here)
Bag: Aldo (last year)
Look 2
Look 2 consists of exactly the same items as above, apart from these stunning shoes which I am totally obsessed with – obsessing over shoes… I’ve clearly got my priorities in tact 😉 – which are from Forever 21. (Unfortunately they’re sold out now but I have been ridiculously lusting over this gorgeous, similar pair from Boden here. If you could all just remind me that I have a wedding to pay for and really don’t need them, that would be fab) 
But it’s not just little old me that’s enjoyed pratting, titting, twatting flouncing around in blue, the AW15 catwalks has also be full of it. Here are my favourite picks that I wish I could afford but instead I’ll just wander off to Primark.
Source, Source
Apologies for the slight – well, slight is probably a huge underestimation – photo bomb of pictures of my face in this post. But when you find a make up look you like love, and also really great lighting… girlfriend gotta make the most of that, right? 😉 #BloggerPriorities
Said makeup look of choice:
I have been having such a moment with pink tones lately and Urban Decay’s Sin eyeshadow, Illamasqua cream blush in Promise and Tanya Burr’s First date lipgloss have been my top picks.
Ok, whilst we’re on the subject of blue… for those who haven’t read my last couple of posts, I got engaged around 4 weeks ago now. In the last couple of weeks I have been slowly piecing together some potential themes, ideas etc. for the wedding, but one thing that I’m at a total loss with, is what would be my “something blue”. I’ve seen millions of ideas because I am a total Pinterest stalker a couple of ideas on Pinterest but am still not convinced. Any ideas would be very welcome!
And that brings today’s post to an end. I actually really enjoyed putting this post together; not only did it make me get my stylist hat on – Erm… let’s face it, unless brands/celebs wanted to wear black, black and more black I would never make it as a stylist – and think out of the (very, very limited) box. It also made me really appreciate good, reliable UK brands that I sometimes take for granted. It’s just so easy to go into Primark (which I love, and am not doing down at all) and buy a thousand things for £20, but sometimes you really do need to invest in great quality basics that will last a life time. And I know that these Fat Face beauties will.
So tell me, what do you think of the blue/denim trend? What was your favourite trend from fashion week this season? And finally – nearly there, I promise 😉 – what make up looks are you loving right now? I would love to hear your thoughts!
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!
*Thank you so much to Fat Face for working with me on this post. The items marked with an asterisk were sent to me for review purposes. This is not a sponsored post.

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