For someone who has been obsessed/consumed by/engrossed in/captivated by/[insert your own choice of “obsessed” synonym here] the Beauty and Skincare world for the majority of her life, I genuinely find it unbelievable that I am now in a position to sometimes receive and trial products from my favourite brands – a) for free (because I would happily pay full price for the products I choose to receive anyway) and b) as a sneak preview before it’s release date in the shops.

One brand that I have been so lucky to work with recently – and will continue to do so, I have a very exciting event on Thursday which of course you will hear all about – is The Body Shop. Now, I have adored The Body Shop ever since I was a young girl and have often written posts about my favourite products on here before. All purchased out of my own money (the camomile range here, and the gorgeous Christmas Vanilla Brûlée range here for example) all repurchased many times, so I absolutely jumped at the chance to try out their brand new range – well, it was brand new when I received them but probably won’t be when the post goes out #ShitBloggerSays – of bath/body products, the Smoky Poppy collection*.

As you can see, I received the bath bombs, body scrub and body butter (along with The Body Shop’s new wonder product – The Wonderblur, which I practically screamed with excitement – cool – when I saw it added sneakily into my package. The Body Shop, you little charmers, you!) And all of them, all, are absolutely perfect for a post London Fashion week pamper/revive/rejuvenation/”Please god help my tired legs, dry skin and suffering face” recovery.

Let’s do this methodically shall we? Erm, yeah, that’s what all the organised bloggers tend to do, you tit plonka… You run your bath – oh hi, genius – drop in a bath bomb – Oxford/Cambridge… watch out! – and of course, in this situation you plump* for the The Body Shop’s Smoky Poppy bath bomb.

*Plump – an awful word which I just can not stop myself from using.

I was pleasantly surprised to see some bath bombs in the latest Body Shop collection. I believe – i.e don’t totally know, so don’t hold it against me if I’m wrong – that they are the first bombs The Body Shop have released, and I think they are definitely on to a winner here. The bombs, like all of the Smoky Poppy line contain poppy seeds, alongside the signature Smokey poppy scent which is a stunning, indulgent, seductive, non-floral/musky scent… totally different from any that The Body Shop currently contains. The bath bombs fizz well – fizz well? My adjective/literary brilliance is clearly out in full force today – creating a good amount of scent to your bath. They turn your bath water a cloudy white colour with black polka dots. Well, clearly they’re not polkadots, it’s just the poppy seeds dispersing everywhere. Or to put it as eloquently as my brother did – “What’s all this black shit stuff in the bath?” A man’s view on beauty… I rest my case.

The Smoky poppy seed scrub 

The scrub, for me, is the real winner in the line. What I love the most about it is that it’s extremely moisturising on the skin, without leaving a greasy, oily residue. I do own a ridiculous amount of The Body Shop’s body scrubs (and butters) and this is easily my favourite. Gentle enough on the skin to cause no irritation, exfoliating enough to buff away the dead skin cells (sexy) and I imagine a great one for removing fake tan. (I imagine, because thankfully I managed to kick my tan addiction a long time ago)

Smoky Poppy body butter

The Smoky Poppy Body Butter is something I definitely didn’t need – due to a body butter collection as large as the hype of this “black/blue or white/gold dress” bandwagon – but I’m certainly very happy to have. It has quickly become one of my favourite scents from the butters (a beautiful non-offensive, non-overpowering musky scent, that I think the more “grown up”* lady would prefer) and I have been happily using it daily since I received it 3 weeks back.

*We all know this a diplomatic way of saying “old”. For what it’s worth – so as not to cause any offence – I consider myself in this age bracket now. [Insert floods of tears emoji here]

Next up is a product that I was so incredibly happy to see in my little package – #BloggerMail is the best! –  and that is The Body Shop’s Wonderblur.

Wonderblur is described as a blurring skin care product – I would (probably incorrectly) call it a primer – that is aimed at smoothing out the skin whilst moisturising and minimising fine lines. It can be used on it’s own or underneath makeup, and I personally tend to go for the latter.
For me, Wonderblur works amazingly at softening and smoothing my skin and my makeup genuinely looks much more flawless. I wouldn’t say that it makes my makeup last any longer, but it does help perfect the application and overall finish. 
So, this brings my little rave/fan girl to an end. As with 99.9% of all of The Body Shop products I have ever tried, I am so impressed with this really quite brilliant line. A beautiful, unique but also very wearable scent with the same great quality to boot. I will definitely be repurchasing the scrub – my personal standout product in the line – and their Wonderblur product… because who can say to no to flawless skin?
Well, not me, obviously…  
What I would love to know, is what are your all time favourite products/product from The Body Shop? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post.
P.S I mentioned in my previous post that I had a special post coming this weekend. This actually wasn’t it. But it will be coming very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting news!

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