Do you know what I love most about Sunday’s? (No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell us in an exceedingly long, rambley way…) It’s that on a good, work free day… the hardest decision that I have to make is whether to have a long liein and a lazy pyjama/boxset/takeaway/anything sloth related day; or a pampering luxurious morning, followed by an extremely low key makeup look – or none at all, covering the eye bags and with the hugest sunglasses you can get your hands – a casual, comfortable outfit and going for a wander around London.

Oh, and food. If a hell of a lot of food isn’t involved in your Sunday then girlfriend, you are not doing Sunday right.

In all honesty, as much as I desperately need to catch up on some zzz’s, I am positively awful at “lay around in bed all day” days, so the latter option always wins in the end. So I thought I would do a “follow me around on my pampering/relaxing/chilled sunday” kind of post (Christ, what a catchy name) and I really hope you enjoy it.

And if you don’t? Maybe you could just pretend you did and humour me anyway 😉

Starting with the lazy morning wake up. I find it impossibly hard to not wake up relatively early on a Sunday and not “make the most of the day” – much to my fiances delight – so a cup of tea/coffee/all the caffeine, some breakfast (Udi’s Gluten free toast with smoked salmon and eggs really hit the spot in this instance), a good book (I’m currently reading Fleur’s The Glam Guide) and a Sunday morning Pinterest situation is the first thing on the agenda.

Sufficiently fed and caffeinated, it’s time for an indulgent bath that you would never have time for in the week. And if you do, I am endlessly jealous bitch 😉 For my Sunday bath, I have been using the cutest, most sophisticated bath product I think I have ever seen – The Body Shop’s Fuji Green tea bath salts and infuser*.

The entire Fuji green tea range – released on March 30th, so keep your eyes peeled here – honestly has such a stunning scent. Totally different to their last launch featured on my blog – The Smoky Poppy range – this one is a subtle, floral, citrusy, fresh scent that is just so invigorating. The ‘Bath Tea’ works by depositing the loose leaves into the infuser, hooking the diffuser on to the chain in your bath (or for the lazy of us out there – i.e girl’s after my own heart – you can just leave it loose in the bath.) The leaves slowly infuse and disolve into the bath leaving the gorgeous subtle Fuji green tea scent behind. Quite possibly the cutest (and my most favourite) of the Body shop’s bath products.

The next item on my pamper to-do list is something that I always skip in the week because I’m a lazy cow and can’t be arsednaughty Elle – and that’s moisturising my body. It’s just the waiting around for the lotions to sink and absorb that just gives me that *Ain’t nobody got time for that [insert “speak to the face” emoji here]* feels. Which is why I am so unbelievably happy that I have discovered the perfect product to diminish those woes…

Enter The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea body sorbet. I’ve been intrigued by the body sorbets ever since they started popping up around the blogging community and I am so pleased I finally got the chance to test them out. They have, quite possibly the strangest texture for a body product that I’ve ever experienced. They are an extremely light, whipped, soufflé type product that at first, you would think is going to crumble all over your skin. But they don’t. At all! They really just absorb so quickly whilst adding a hefty amount of nourishment and making your skin smell great. The perfect summer product in my opinion.

Time for the quick, 5 minute face i.e slap on the nearest makeup in sight and attempt to cover those panda/blotchy/puffy eyes… and when all else fails, shove a pair of sunglasses on. Groundbreaking, move over Charlotte Tilbury!

I also tried out The Body Shop’s new Matte Kajal and so far… I really, really like it. The matte finish is perfect for a smokey eye and the formula lasts amazingly well in the waterline. So far, so good!

Comfortable clothing time. Move all of the skinnies, leather trousers, tight clothing out of the way… the boyfriend jeans are the only appropriate Sunday attire; the baggier, the more comfortable, the better.

Coat which I promise I will stop wearing at some point in the next century: Miss Selfridge (similar here)
Blue shirt which I am loving: House of Fraser
The most comfortable boyfriend jeans that are reserved only for Sundays: Primark
Shoes that I am forever in love with: Forever 21
So now I’m ready – this is almost like a much, much shitter inferior version of a GRWM isn’t it? – and it’s off for my lazy Sunday day out. Being a born and bred Londoner, Sunday’s are usually my “Be a tourist in your own city”/”Don’t take London for granted” day where I pretty much use the former excuses to hunt down all the best places in London. This time however, after the busiest week – where a mid-week “Holy f**k I have so much to do and no time to do it” situation totally happened – I decided to stay local, head to my local park… and turn into a crazy cat flower photography lady.
So that brings me to the end of my “Lazy Sunday”/”Sunday morning pamper”/”The Bodyshop amazing new release”/and all the other miscellaneous shit bits and bobs, post. Forgive me for a rather random post today, but whilst I was really excited to tell you about my latest Body Shop products, I am also aware that I can sometimes turn this blog into a shrine to The Body Shop – if a girl needs to fan girl, a girl needs to fan girl… – so I wanted to do something a little different. I guess this is almost like a little vlog in a blog post. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve now been at my computer solidly for 16 hours straight and am not only slightly delirious, but also sick to death of the sight of my own face. Either way, I hope you enjoyed it 😉
What does your perfect Sunday consist of? What are your favourite “Low maintenance face” products? Have you tried the last Body Shop Fuji Green tea launch? I would to love hear your thoughts!
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!


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