Over the last couple of months, I have become one of those people who “has meetings in London”. Whenever I say this, it makes me feel like a massive knob, like a total tit, like a super exciting Vlogger. – You know the one’s; your Fleur De Force’s, your Zoella’s, your Hello October’s – that are always popping off to London for a meeting, and whilst yes; in writing (we all know this means on twitter) it sounds really exciting and glamorous and like you really mean business, right? Well, it probably is for those ever glamorous ladies, but for me, this generally means having to get out of my pyjamas – perks of working from home – move from my corner of the sofa where I sit for approximately 15hours a day solid, and make my face/body relatively acceptable before trekking to get on a sweaty tube.

Woah. Woah.

…I know the sexiness is oozing off of me right now but please try to control yourselves 😉

As well as making me move from my slobbish slumber, meetings also generally cause the “I have nothing to wear!” feels, as they involve the ever confusing/tough/FirstWorldProblem dress code of smart/casual. For this meeting, I relied on a pair of pleather joggers – more on those later – a tailored blazer and an everyday tee to hopefully achieve that dress code.

Shall we take a closer look at the outfit and makeup up menu? You’d love to, you say? Oh great, here goes…

Said Leather – well, let’s face it… pleather – joggers. An item I once swore would never enter my wardrobe. Now an item that I genuinely don’t know how I survived before they entered my wardrobe. Ridiculously comfortable (a trait I think you only appreciate when you start getting old [insert sobbing face emoji here]) and easily dressed up or down therefore appropriate for many occasions. A winner in my “I’ve got my priorities straight and fashion is it” books.
Despite being totally versatile, I went for an “all black everything” look to pair with my pleather joggers. An oldie – but a goodie – in this H&M blazer, plain black tee and nude heels. 
Blazer: H&M (old but similar here)
Tee: Primark (practically ancient but I have been obsessed with these similar tee’s here)
Leather Joggers: H&M (out of stock but identical – and cheaper – here)
Heels that are so comfortable I’m pretty sure I “need” them in every colour: Dorothy Perkins (last season, similar here)
Bag: Zara

Today’s meeting involved a brand new fashion modelling app named “Feels”, who are working in collaboration with Storm Models – you know Cara Delevigne/”the blonde bird with the big eyebrows in the burberry advert” for the men of the world?… Yeah, that’s her modelling agency – and I am so excited to tell you more about it soon/when it launches.

“Meeting makeup” – which is totally a thing, right? Right?… – for today consisted of a neutral but defined eye and a plummy, nude, matte lip. Think Kylie Jenner, but not as fake or attention seeking 😉
Kat Von D Tattoo liner, Trooper – An NYC Sephora purchase that is slightly Marmite for me – vegemite for you Aussies, and Love or Hate for those who really haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about – The nib, which is a group of extremely fine brush hairs clamped together to make a tip, is incredible. It makes application so easy, it’s extremely pigmented… it’s basically just fool proof. What I don’t like however is that on me, this starts to wear off in the centre of my lid after just a few hours. Yes, it layers well and is easy to touch up… but ain’t nobody got time for that all day long… Maybe I got a duff, maybe I need to stop being a lazy bitch and use some primer. For the moment, the jury’s out!
BD Trade Secrets Matte lip melt, Sensual – I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again (because it’s my birthday blog, I can cry fan girl if I want to) It is, in a word, fantastic. The most moisturising matte/long-wearing lipstick that I own, I will definitely be repurchasing and picking up some more shades soon.
Maybelline Colour tattoo, Creamy Beige – Again, I’ve mentioned this product before but oh lord it is so bloody good, I’m gonna’ mention it again. A completely neutral matte brown cream shadow that stays all day long. It looks beautiful on it’s own but also works incredible as a base for powder shadows. I call this my “Olivia Palermo” eye because I’m a complete stalker, obsessive loser the biggest fan of her style and beauty choices., and she rocks a neutral eye like no other.
Barry M Mushroom – I must have owned this polish for at least 4 years now and I haven’t worn it for a hell of a long time. This was a result of an “ip, dip, dog, sh*t” nail polish pick – because obviously that’s the best way of deciding anything in life. Obviously… – and I have totally fallen back in love with it. Neutral, non-effensive, goes with everything… love!
And that brings an end to my “Meeting Attire” outfit and face post for today. It is currently 1am and I have been working solidly on this for the last 4hours – editing/shockingly shit bad WIFI problems – so I apologise for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, totally incoherent sentences… I hope you managed to enjoy the post anyway 🙂
What is your go-to Meeting or Interview look? What makeup/nail polish have you been loving lately? As always I would love to hear your thoughts!
Thanks so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

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