When it comes to makeup, skincare, clothes etc. I am anything but a snob. Yes, Tom Ford lipsticks look and feel ridiculously luxurious… but give me an identical performing product that comes in, I don’t know, bin bag packaging – bin bag packaging, that was the best you could do Elle, really?… – for a tenth of the price, and I am all for it.

Plus, whatever you save whilst going for the drugstore option means you can totally go and blow it all on a Primark haul, right? Hmm… I haven’t quite got this budgeting thing down yet, have I?

#WhatWeddingBudget #SavingForTheWeddingFail #TurningUpToTheWeddingInaBinBag

The point I am trying to get to – which of course, 3 paragraphs and ridiculously shit bad hashtags in I am no nearer to reaching – is that there are a lot of incredible drugstore makeup products out there which not only give hugely overpriced high end options a run for their money, but in a lot of cases, completely outdo them in terms of quality and performance.

Bourjois CC Cream – Narrowing down a HG foundation/CC cream was so much harder than I thought it would be, as I was reminded of all the amazing bases available at the drugstore. In the end, I opted for this Bourjois CC as for me, it has the perfect medium coverage – as well as being extremely buildable for those “I look like a pile of shit crap” days. – It leaves a velvety/luminous finish and feels so moisturising, despite the fact that it lasts so well on the skin. If you can find this in the right shade for you (this is the only downfall as they only have 4 shades, I believe) then I highly recommend picking it up!
Maybelline Anti-Age The Eraser eye – Luckily for your patience/souls/[insert your own choice of character trait that may not be able to deal with my rambles, here] I have mentioned this product in a recent post which I’ll link here for you. In short, this has incredible coverage, it doesn’t crease, it blends like a dream… it’s my all time favourite concealer. High end products included!

Essie nail polishes – Looking for a nail polish brand that is incredibly long-wearing, has a huge amount of colour options and generally just looks amazing? You were, oh how coincidental… Well, Essie have got your back ladies! There are so many incredible options but my “star colours” would have to be Fifth Avenue, Fiji, Aruba Blue, Forever Yummy, Dive Bar, Luxedo…
… I should probably stop fan girling now.

Soap and Glory One heck of a blot – Again, another product I’ve fan-girled, obsessed over, mentioned before, but definitely one worth mentioning again. It is a totally translucent setting powder that keeps me shine free longer than any other setting powder I own (and there’s a lot trust me, #OilyGirlProblems) I highly, highly recommend this alongside all Soap and Glory face products. An incredible brand!

Maybelline Colour tattoo cream shadow, Creamy Beige – Choosing a drugstore shadow was so incredibly hard, because there are genuinely so many amazing options. You’ve heard me waffle on about the colour tattoo’s longevity, range of colours and versatility before so I’ll just link that here like the organised blogger I am [insert completely unconvinced face here] so I thought I’d include some other “highly commended” options. Sleek’s eyeshadow palette in Storm, Rimmel’s Scandeleyes paint in Rich Russet and Loreal infallible pressed pigments are just some of the equally as incredible drugstore shadow’s I’d recommend. And of course, totally affordable. See… now you don’t even want a Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad anymore do you? Oh, you still do, yeah… me too!

Bourjois 1 second volume mascara (waterproof) – This is a new purchase of mine that was born from a desperate attempt to find a cheaper version of my Rollerlash (I love that shit stuff but ain’t nobody – who’s gotta pay for a wedding soon – got time money for that..) This stuff is just all kinds of voluminous awesome. It does take a couple of lashings and a little wiggle through the lashes, but the volume and definition you get from it makes it totally worth it!

Collection Extreme 24hr Felt tip liner I have to be totally honest in that I am yet to find my perfect liquid liner. But this little budget beauty is the nearest I have come so far. (Yes, even over the Kat Von D tattoo liner) It’s extremely pigmented, it lasts for hours – it’s never been on for 24hrs but it probably lasts me around 12 – doesn’t dry out too quickly… and of course, it’s ridiculously affordable. An amazing budget buy here.

Real Techniques brushes – I couldn’t write a drugstore edit without including these brushes. For the price, I think they are such incredibly good value for money. High quality, a huge selection – the buffing brush has to be my all time favourite – and wash up really, really well. I’ve had the majority of mine for around 3 years now and they’re still as good as new.

Sleek Blusher in Rose GoldThese blushers, are without a doubt some of the most pigmented blushers I own and believe me… I am a huge blush whore*. A perfectly buttery, velvety, blendable formulation that come in a stunning range of colours. My favourite has to be Rose Gold which is often touted as a dupe for Nars Orgasm* – which I haven’t tried, so I can’t vouch for that – but it is very smilar to Mac’s Springsheen. Better I’d say.

*I can only imagine what my search keywords/referring website stats will be like after including whore and orgasm in the same paragraph, let alone post. [insert cry face emoji here]

Tanya Burr Lipglosses (in particular, “Chic”) – If you’ve been around these parts for a while now, you will know that I am utterly obsessed with Tanya’s glosses, in particular, the colour Chic. It is the perfect nude, everyday gloss. Sophisticated and (totally true to it’s name) Chic. The best, and only glosses that I can actually wear (…without throwing a massive bitch fit because my hair is permanently stuck to my lips)

So those are my drugstore/pharmacy holy grails. Obviously please bear in mind that what works for some, doesn’t work for others.. and vice versa. But for me personally, I would whole-heartedly recommend and repurchase (and have done, many times) each product mentioned in this post.

What I would love to know, is what are your HG drugstore products? I have been relatively restrained when it comes to beauty hauls recently so I’m taking this as the perfect opportunity to go crazy treat myself… so fire away 🙂

As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!


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