This is my first ever “Worth the hype?” type post. I’m not totally sure why this is, but I would say it is probably to do with a combination of a) having a reluctance to mention products I don’t like, because ain’t nobody got time for negativity… and b) because I don’t really want to admit that x product that I sold my nan to buy spent a ridiculous amount of money on, actually wasn’t even worth it.

Either way, I’m here today being a negative bitch with a list of products that I’ve heard many people mention recently (or over time) and thought it might be interesting to add in my 2 cents – probably being far too generous there – worth.

On to said hyped up products.

Loreal True Match – Let’s start with the base. Loreal True match has done it’s fair share of rounds in the blogosphere and I can totally see why. It is essentially a quite lightweight base with a fantastic, luminous matte texture that lasts really well on the skin. This is my go to “I need my makeup to look flawless and last all day” foundation; it looks amazing in photographs (#BloggerPriorities) too so a great blogger option.
Worth the hype? Yes
Maybelline Instant Anti-age, The Eraser eye – Apart from being the product with the longest name in the world, it’s probably one of the most raved about, most reviewed products in blog-land (can you tell I really hate the word blogosphere and not only do I not want to use it again, I also still want to punch myself in the face for using it in the first place!) Cringeworthy words aside, this product really is the shit bomb. I have never come across a concealer that’s so light in consistency but so high in coverage. It covers dark circles really well but also works great on spots. If you can get passed the extremely slightly gross applicator (don’t think about the germs, don’t think about the germs) I’d highly recommend checking this product out.
Worth the hype: Yes
Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder, Dim Light – Now, I bought this product a long time ago, right in the midst of the huge blogger hype. I actually remember writing a review well over a year ago now giving it a glowing reference, but I’m sad to say that that is definitely not my opinion now [insert sad face/”Oh f**k, my purse is going to hate me for life” emoji here] It’s not a bad product by any means and I know that so many bloggers rave about it, but for me… it just doesn’t do a lot. It’s not hugely mattifying, it doesn’t make my make up last longer, it doesn’t give me a huge amount of glow. It just sort of, sets the make up in place – but nowhere near enough to keep me not looking like chip fat oil free all day – and is finely milled so it doesn’t looks cakey. But that’s pretty much it. A nice product, but for £38 (ouch!) I definitely don’t think it’s worth the hype/money any more.
Worth the hype? Unfortunately not.

Real Techniques Buffing brush – I am genuinely unsure of how I even applied makeup before purchasing this brush. It is just perfection when it comes depositing the right amount of product on your face and buffing – it’s a buffing brush, no shit sherlock… – it out to the most flawless finish. It washes up great and so far, has lasted me at least 3 years. Pretty incredible, right? Right…

Worth the hype? Yes, 100% (Oh jesus, my year spent working on “the only way is Essex” has definitely rubbed off on me)

Mac Honeylove – This little dream of a lipstick has cropped up in many posts over on this little corner of the internet before so I won’t dilly dally, I’ll just cut to the chase – Hallelujah [insert “hands up” emoji here] – This is the perfect brown toned nude, with just a hint of a pink undertone that allows you to still look classic and sophisticated, without looking washed out/90’s pornstar-esque. It’s a matte formula which means it’s extremely long-wearing but also surprisingly moisturising. Oh, it’s probably worth noting that I bought this before the whole “Kylie Jenner Lip hype thing” and have loved it for years, so it’s not just for christmas bandwagon times, it really is for life 😉

Worth the hype? A big, fat yes!

Barry M Gelly Hi shine in Lychee – Now, the whole Barry M belly range as a whole is pretty hyped/loved in the community and yes, that’s actually for good reason. They are extremely shiny – as the name suggests – they do last longer than the original Barry M polishes and they also come in a stunning range of colours. I wanted to talk about Lychee however because this little beige toned beauty has been around the block – slutwith some mixed reviews. For me, on my medium/olive toned skin… it’s a really beautiful nude. Light enough to look elegant and avoid “mannequin hands” but not too light that it borders on tacky. So yes, I really like this polish, but I can also see that it wouldn’t work on some skin tones.
Worth the hype? For me, yes. But not for everyone.
Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel – I bought this bronzer/primer/does a bit of everything and I’m totally never going to be able to do the description justice, a long time ago. In short, it can be used under makeup as well as over the top to create a bronzey, contoured glow. (What I would highly recommend, is checking the description/directions online yourself 😉 ) Moving on from my shit, shocking, awful questionable adjectives, what are my thoughts? Well, my completely honest opinion is that when I first bought this, I may have been influenced by the hype at the time, because while I can use it and get away with it, I definitely don’t think that this is worth £32. For what is basically a cream bronzer – and a pretty orange/unnatural one at that – I think there are far cheaper alternatives on the market. I’m not saying I dislike this, as in the summer when I’m more tanned and want to enhance that, it can totally work… I just wouldn’t say it was worth the hype that surrounds it/surrounded it at the time of purchasing.
Worth the hype? Well, I’ve definitely answered this already but for those who are skim reading because I don’t shut the hell up love to ramble – it’s a no from me.

Benefit Rollerlash – Last but not least, a mascara which is without a doubt one of the most hyped up products on the market right now. I mentioned this in my Feb favourites, so if you read that, you’ll know that I love it and think it is definitely worth the hype. But I also wanted to touch on another mascara that is pretty similar, but for a much prettier price tag. Max Factor’s flash lash effect fusion* was sent to me to review a little while back now, and before I tried Rollerlash, it had easily become my HG mascara. This for me, is the slightly less curling and defining version of Rollerlash but with slightly more volume. So it you have pretty long and curly lashes naturally – I am extremely jealous and you are no longer my friend 😉 – then this would be a great option for you to amp up that volume. Looking for a hugely curling, lengthening and defining mascara? Rollerlash is your best bit!

Worth the hype? Yes.

And breathe. I’m going to start wrapping this up now as there has been a lot of chat – why change the habit of a lifetime, right? Right… – but I really hope this is helpful for anyone wanting to try these products out. Please remember that what works for me, may not work for you and vice versa, so please just take this as my opinion and don’t stone me to death if you disagree.

What I would love to know, is what’s your opinion on these hyped up products; If you’ve tried them, do you think they’re worth the hype? If you haven’t, what products do you think are worth the hype? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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