I’m just going to take a moment to pat myself on the back for actually managing to get a favourites post up, and not only is not two weeks late, it’s actually here. [insert hand clapping and “You are totally tragic and need to get your shit crap together” emoji here]

So, it’s here, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Much like April has been all together actually. So there’s some skincare, there’s, there’s some makeup that I’ve enjoyed caking on my face with a shovel there’s those miscellaneous others and then there’s some flowers chucked in for free, because I’m a blogger… and sometimes we like to include flowers because they’re pretty. Even if they bear abslutely no relevance. 😉 Oh, and then there’s a little ramble about how much I love the blogging community and what a bunch of baes babes you all are.  Sound good to you? – No, but we’ll humour you anyway – Let’s dive in then shall we…

Bourjois Healthy Mix serum review
Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation

Bourjois Healthy mix serum foundation – I mentioned this in a post at the beginning of the week, so like the lazy good blogger that I am, I’ll link that up here. But in short, it’s a moisturising but long lasting foundation that really just looks so flawless, but luminous… it’s love, ladies. And yes, you can be in love with a foundation and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise girlfriend!

Jurlique Herbal recovery antioxidant face oil
Best facial oil

Jurlique Herbal recovery Antioxidant face oil – I don’t want to go into this too much as I have a full review on it’s way (soon… aka when I get my arse butt in gear) but honestly, this stuff has changed my skin. I now genuinely look forward to slathering my face in this every night and I literally wake up looking like Cheryl Cole Fernaddeesdnfksc Versmdfnvjv (you know the one!)*

*Disclaimer, I may have just lied. I definitely do not look like Cheryl… but one can dream, right?

Jurlique Herbal recovery eye serum
Jurlique Herbal recovery eye serum

Jurlique Herbal recovery Advanced eye serum – Again, another item that I’ll delve deeper into (that’s what she said) at a later date, but this is the eye cream/serum that made me fall in love with eye products. A very light, liquidy texture that absorbs well, but just makes the eye area feel nourished and looked after. An incredible product that I’m really looking forward to boring you all to death telling you about soon.

Wet n wild within these adobe walls
Wet n wild within these adobe walls

Wet n wild Mega lip color, Within those adobe walls – I posted about this in my Spring makeup look post, here. But this is basically the item that got me excited for Spring makeup. A ridiculously pigmented and moisturising lipstick in that perfect peachy/pink/coral shade. I just wished that I’d picked more of these up when I was in NYC.

Nars Virtual domination

Nars Virtual Domination palette – Another product I’ve written an entire ode to, but this palette has been pretty much all I’ve been reaching for this month (minus the Hourglass Ambient lighting blush in Dim infusion because that shit stuff is real pretty too). My love affair for Nars Laguna has returned and I honestly can’t imagine using another bronzer for a long while.

Unless someone would like to buy me the new Clarins bronzer from the Summer launch. Because that stuff is serious Pretty bronzer goals!

Linzi Georgina Heels
Linzi shoes
Linzi shoes

Linzi Georgina patent black heels – Oh Linzi, my love for your shoes will never ever die. I was lucky enough to be sent these gorgeous heels from Linzi, and I have used every excuse possible to wear these as much as I possibly can. I did a full review of them here, so go and check that out. I mean, if you want to obviously, totally don’t have to. (… but I really think you should) 😉

Oh, in other news, Linzi were also kind enough to send me another pair of their shoes after liking my review. You little charmers Linzi, you… Sneak peek over on my Insta, full review to come!

Rayban wayfarers
Rayban wayfarers

RayBan Tortoiseshell WayfarersFun fact (*disclaimer* the following fact will definitely not be fun) I am a slight sunglasses hoarder. I’m kinda all or nothing though… I have some staple Raybans – The above wayfarers and some aviators that I have worn to death – and then I have 50 billion (slight exaggeration, but not by much) cheap Primark pairs and I wear – and love – them all to death. Am I that total tosspot tit twat idiot that wears them mainly on days when no makeup has been painted on and the under eye bags are scarier than Kanye’s ego? Yes. Do I actually care if people think I look like a knob? No. These Rayban wayfarers have been my “I look like a dick plank and I don’t even care” glasses of choice.

So now the makeup/skincare/fashion items are done, it’s time to move onto my favourite things to discuss. Those Miscellaneous favourites, and first up is my current favourite TV Series.

How to get away with murder – I am a complete series/boxset fiend and How to get away with murder has done an amazing job of filling my Suits/Homeland/Scandal sized hole in my life. It’s a bit of a thriller, it definitely has some comedy one liners and it reminds me of Scandal in that “murder mystery” but with the same characters that you invest in, sense. It’s also shot in a similar way to Scandal (which the ex TV Producer in me loves) which isn’t too surprising as they have the same writer/producer, Shonda Rhimes. Highly recommend this series!

Yoga with Adriene – Adriene has done the impossible for me, and that is that I finally just get yoga. For so long I tried to get into it but my general feels were pretty much “ain’t nobody got time for downward dog…” Now, I make time for Yoga with Adriene because it is pretty much the only thing that can zen my mind out. It’s also amazing for flexibility too. Yo go Glen coco Adriene!

Taking time out, Sunshine, and you lovely lot! – All piled neatly into one because man do I love to ramble and this post is already pretty long. This month I have taken some – much needed – time out from work and in the process, feel much calmer, relaxed, less stressed and just happier. The sun has been a huge factor in said happiness and I love nothing more than going on a good 2 hour walk around London, discovering new places and drinking all the frappuccino’s. Also, a huge thank you to everyone that reads and comments on this blog. I mentioned in a previous post that I hadn’t been feeling too great and so many of you commented the loveliest things. Please know that each and every one of your comments means the absolute world to me, it is always greatly appreciated.

Right, now that I have reached my soppiness/”Get a life you drip” quota for the rest of the year, it’s time to wrap this post up. I would love to know what your April Favourites are? Please feel free to leave any April favourites blog post links in the comments below, also. 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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