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When it came to putting together today’s post, I have to admit… I was at a bit of a loss. You see, this week has been a bit of a tough one – with trying to level out the work/life balance amongst a couple of health bits and bobs (this is my attempt at trying to play it down. Is it working? Oh well, worth a try…) and a combination of practically no sleep – Oh hi there giant under eye circles, how ya doing? – a lot of wine – which basically means all the wine – and focusing on things more important than makeup and “trendy clothes”, I really wasn’t in the right frame of mind to doll myself up and pick out something “blog post worthy” to wear.

So I did what I always do when I need a pick me up… I face planted a lot of food and dove, literally dove face first into a pile of pancakes. And it was glorious…

I headed to My Old Dutch after some morning meetings and just happening to find myself in the area. (Via a major tiny, Holborn-bound detour). Now, My old dutch is somewhere that I’ve been meaning to head to ever since discovering that the renowned Pancake house serves numerous Gluten free options. I love pancakes… I also have Coeliac disease, and these two things generally don’t mix. (Unless you get the GF pre-made mix in which case they are certainly not the same thing anyway) And I have to say, the only negative of the whole experience was deciding what to pick from the extensive selection. #FirstWorldProblems. In the end, I opted for a sweet and savoury option because I’m a greedy, fat pig because why not have the best of both worlds. YOLO…

gluten free
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nutella shake
Smoked duck pancake

So, Dan – oh, fyi ladies, unless you’re in Gossip Girl or are Rose from The Londoner, you cannot get away with referring to your boyfriend as “D”/relevant initial. You just can’t… you will sound like a knob! – went for the Smoked duck (alongside the Nutella milkshake which literally made us both lose our shit) and said it was incredible. Unfortunately he lost fiancee points for not ordering the gluten free version so I could try some. The wedding’s off, world! 😉

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Smoked salmon and mushroom pancake
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My old dutch smoked salmon

I went for the Smoked salmon gluten free pancake. I absolutely love smoked salmon – gimme all the Omega 3 girlfriend… – and mushrooms (controversial, I know) so this was a no brainer. Now, first of all, huge points for My Old Dutch for making a gluten free pancake that actually tasted like a “normal” pancake (from what I can remember anyway) and didn’t fall apart within approximately 30 seconds of trying to pick it up. But the best part, oh the best part, had to be the creamy mushroom sauce. Now, if you don’t like thick, creamy, garlicy, rich sauces… this is not going to be for you. But if you do… you better start planning your funeral because you are going to die and go to heaven eating this.*

*Can we just take a moment to appreciate just how cheesy that line was. I have truly outdone myself [insert hand clapping emoji here].

Despite being totally stuffed – and believe me, I am known for my ridiculously large appetite so this is really saying something – we pushed on and ended on a high. A nutella high. And it was probably the best thing I’ve eaten. Gluten free crepe, icing sugar and all the nutella to complete my food baby/triplets/beached whale coma.

My old dutch nutella pancake
Nutella pancakes
Nutella pancakes
Nutella pancakes
Nutella pancakes
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Time for an Instagram plug? Oh go on then… I documented my day/life/entire existence on it so if you’re interested (Mum, that’ll be you) you can follow me here.

As mentioned above, I have not been feeling my best lately so dressing up all fancy was definitely not on the agenda. Although in the end, I went for a casual – and most importantly – ridiculously comfortable look, that could maybe, maybe, appear slightly chic?

Probably not…

Said probably not chic outfit.

London blogger
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London blogger
Last season’s coat that’s so old it’s literally falling apart: New Look
Leather look trousers that deserve a post of their own: River Island
Knit jumper: c/o Fat face
Nike Rosh run look-a-likes: Primark. You go Glen Coco Primark!
So, that brings my food porn/casual lesbian-chic outfit post to an end. I hope you’re feel sufficiently hungry and are planning your next pancake binge, already. 🙂 As I mentioned at the beginning of the post – pre food porn and rambles – it’s been a bit of a tough (and busy) week, so taking some time out for good food, and a gorgeous walk through London in the sunshine was so, so needed.
I would love to know what you do when you’re in need of some “me-time”? What’s your favourite pancake house, have you tried My Old Dutch yet? Also, any pointers for comfortable/casual but chic /”I woke up like this” outfits? Answers on a post card…
… or the comments box will also be fine 😉

As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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