Every so often, a bandwagon/craze/trend/infatuation/[insert your own bandwagon synonym here]  sweeps Twitter, Instagram and all those other great social media outlets bloggers love (“blogosphere” would’ve been a much easier way to say that but jesus christ do I hate that word!) and generally speaking… I manage to resist it.

I almost pride myself in fact, on the fact that I do resist them, which is why as I sit here with a certain pair of shoes in front of me today, I am both disappointed in myself for being swept up in said hype, but also pretty chuffed to bits/kinda’ want to high five myself screaming “You go Glen Coco” because I snapped up such a great deal.

Said shoes? Those Aquazurra Christy flats dupes from New Look.

Oh New Look, you did so, so well girlfriend!

Jacket: Stradivarius
Breton top: New Look (old, very similar here)
Jeans that are so old (but so comfortable) I’m attempting to pass them off as “vintage”: Primark
Shoes: New Look
So, my little mock up/comparison below shows my latest New Look obsession vs. Aquazzura. Pretty similar, right? (If you don’t agree, feel free to just humour me anyway as I might look a little bit of a tit as this whole post is based around them. [insert “wishful thinking”/embarrassed emoji here] For a ridiculous saving of around £420, I’ll be sticking with New Look. You go glen coco New Look!
So, whilst my money saving is going great – #priorities – one thing that is not going so well however, is my work/life balance. In the last 3weeks I have not given myself a single day off and if I’m being totally honest, it’s started to take it’s toll. So yesterday, I – well, my fiancee who has probably had enough of my constant exhausted state and panda eyes – decided to drag me away from my computer and get out into some fresh air. And of course, I bought my New Look BAE’s flats out with me.

As I walked along the beautiful river – well, the walk is beautiful, the River Thames? not so much… – I realised that throughout this month of work, work, a bit more work and work – shall I use ‘work’ one more time and perhaps in italics just to reinstate that fact? Work – that moment, just walking around in my hometown of London, no thoughts of blogging or meetings or deadlines running through my mind; it was probably one of my favourite “March moments”. So I thought this would be a nice/appropriate point to throw in the few other monthly favourites into this post, instead of posting a separate, slightly lacking March Favourites.

And it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I didn’t manage to squeeze my monthly favourites post in, in time. Nothing at all! [insert guilty face emoji here]

Moogoo Udder Cream* – I actually feel guilty for having had this product in my life for a couple of months now, and completely neglecting it until now. This is the perfect body moisturiser. Bold statement, but true! It’s very thick and nourishing but ladies… this stuff absorbs like no other. My ultimate “grooming” bug bear is getting out of the shower/bath, feeling lovely and clean… and then slapping on body lotion that leaves you feeling sticky and uncomfortable. Moogoo’s Udder cream is the solution to this. I was kindly sent it from the company after attending an event where they showcased the range but please, please don’t think that that has anything to do with my rave review, because I will happily repurchase this when it’s all gone. A stunning product that smells of coconut and is full of completely natural, gorgeous ingredients. In case you couldn’t already tell, I am a huge fan.

Barry M Speedy polish in Eat my dust – Did I need another grey/blue/lilac pastel type polish? Absolutely not. Do I really, really love it and pat myself on the back for buying it? – I know, working class hero or what?Yes. Abso – bloody – lutely! A gorgeous colour that lasted a good 5/6 days on me with no chips. I can’t say whether it dried quickly or not to be totally honest, as I always use Seche vite top coat directly after painting, which drys in no time anyway. A big thumbs up from me either way [insert thumbs up emoji here for good measure]

Inika Face in a box Starter kit – My next favourite is a slightly random one for me. I was very kindly sent the gorgeous Inika “face in a box” starter set from The Hut. It is, in short, a box consisting of a primer, concealer, mineral foundation, mineral bronzer and a liquid concealer that would be perfect for someone starting out in makeup, or those new to mineral foundation. While I thought all of the products were good, the products that really stood out to me, and the ones I really wanted to share with you were the primer, mineral foundation, kabuki brush and the concealer (which I annoyingly forgot to photograph).

The primer is a gorgeous, smoothing, non-siliconey (totally not a word but we’re making it one now, right? Right..) base that is absolutely perfect for the application of the mineral foundation.

The Kabuki brush is quite simply the softest, most gorgeous brush that applies the mineral foundation like a dream.

But the real winner is the mineral foundation; what I love so much about this, is that I can use it for a really light coverage, quick, natural base. Or, I can use it over the top of my favourite foundation to amp up that coverage and set the makeup.. which is what I’ve done in the photo above. Said foundation is Bourjois’s healthy mix serum. A seriously stunning combination right there.

Right, now that my Shoe fan-girl, London lovin’ and product ramble are over, it’s definitely time to wrap this post up. While I’m here I quickly wanted to say a huge Thank you for all the lovely comments and feedback on my last “Interview tips” post. I’m absolutely chuffed to bits that some of you found it useful. (Or at least lied and said it was anyway… your humouring me is much appreciated) 😉
What do you think of these Aquazurra dupes from New Look? Do you have any amazing dupes/recommendations? Also, what were your March favourites? Don’t forget to leave your links to any posts below 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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