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So, this is a slightly different post for me (… I mean, it’s not every day that I’m parading around in my Pyjamas/totally naked in a barely there camisole and french knickers, is it?) but it’s a post that I’m really excited about. Amongst collaborations, endless new clothes – and therefore, new outfit posts – I’ve found it pretty hard to squeeze in any wedding related posts on my little corner of the internet. Plus the fact that fiance and I have both been so busy, we actually haven’t had much time together recently, let alone actually sit down and plan anymore of the wedding, so today’s post – and our scheduled “wedding chat” this weekend (Is this what adult life is, scheduling in important things to talk about because you’re far too busy with, well, life?) – is the perfect opportunity to indulge in wedding related natter, inspiration, photo’s and just… vibes.

You know, those oh so infamous wedding vibes…

One thing that I hadn’t really considered, although it feels almost silly to say that after receiving the stunning pieces modelled today, is wedding lingerie/nightwear. I mean, I wasn’t intending on rocking up to the big day in my Bridget Jones parachute knickers or mix matched £3 Primark underwear… but it was definitely a priority shoved under my pinterest worthy invites/peony boquet/”I CAN’T FIND ANY DRESS I LIKE” carpet.

After receiving an email from Marks and Spencer with links to the most incredible selection of bridal lingerie/nightwear/robes – including the Rosie for autograph range which deserves all the heart eye’d emoji’s in the world – I opted for two stunning pairs of pyjamas (as much as I would have loved some Rosie for Autograph lingerie, the day I post photo’s of me in a bra and knickers on this blog is the day that I fully give permission to Blogger to shut it down) that would be perfect for the night before the wedding, the morning of the wedding, a hen do sleepover, honeymoon… basically, I am totally sorted for wedding nightwear.

Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
wedding blogger
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for AutographRosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph

Let’s just go straight in with the riskier option because quite frankly, I can’t wait any longer to talk about it. This camisole/french knicker set* was love at first sight, the print is stunning, the colours are so gorgeous, and the cut has the perfect mix of sexy but elegant. This would be the perfect PJ set for a honeymoon because it’s so light, comfy and let’s be real, sexy as hell… If only I looked like Rosie Huntington Whiteley whilst wearing it.

Sigh… one can dream [insert cry face emoji here]

Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph
Rosie for Autograph

Next up are a set of pyjama’s* that I think would be perfect for the night before the wedding/if you’re having a little sleepover for your hen do. They’re still sexy – because anything Rosie puts her name to is – but much more conservative with the full length trouser leg. The top, is just stunning with the same sheer/lace panel as the camisole but an incredibly gorgeous cut out back. It’s the little touches like this which really sets Marks and Spencer’s apart from your standard nightwear/lingerie. What I was totally blown away by however, was the quality of these pyjamas. They’re unlike anything I’ve ever owned before and almost feel too good to wear…

… Theoretically speaking obviously as I’m sat here wearing them right now, attached to my Pinterest Wedding Board, totally immersed in babies breath and peony center pieces.

Nails Inc Regent's Place
Nails Inc Regent's Place
Now, whilst I won’t be rocking blue nail polish on the day, I’m wearing it today because I totally forgot to remove it and put on a nude colour to represent the “Something Blue” theme. Obviously… 😉 This is Nails Inc’s Gel effect Regent’s Place and I am beyond obsessed with it.
So there we have my Bridal Lingerie/Nightwear instalment to the non-existent wedding files. I have to say, whilst I knew that anything Rosie put her hand to would be all kinds of incredible, I was blown away by just how stunning the cut, colours, design and quality were and will definitely be heading back to Marks and Spencer to top up my collection.
I would love to know if you’ve ever considered your bridal lingerie/nightwear? Is this something that was/would be high on your wedding priorities list? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. Jordan says:

    So gorgeous! I absolutely adore M&S for pyjamas and underwear. I absolutely adore the lingerie you look so beautiful and classy! xx

  2. Leanne Dolan says:

    I'll admit when I got married I didn't think too much about the nightwear aspect on the big day! Both these pieces are so beautiful! I love the floral set! Never thought of looking at M&S for nightwear!


    Fancy read? Check out my latest post My Summer 2015 Bucket List. x

  3. Just came across your blog and i'm in love! Mind checking mine out, and maybe follow?

    -Michelle xx

    instagram: @pastellights (www.instagramcom/pastellights)

  4. These pieces are gorgeous, I really like the blue pijamas, it looks really comfy!

  5. Lauren S says:

    ELLE YOU LOOK AMAZING, that first set is so gorgeous – you feel be feeling like a princess for your wedding!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  6. Only you could pull of looking AMAZING in nightwear Elle! The first set is stunning, you'll definitely feel fabulous on your wedding day in that! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  7. Izzy says:

    I'm loving both of these nightwear options! I would totally wear the first one. It's sexy but also very feminine and elegant. gorgeous photos too! 🙂

    Metallic Paws

  8. Zarrah Gil says:

    I love the 1st one. So delicate and light.
    You look as pretty as always

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  9. Hi dear! I found this post in a community of Google+ which even I belong and I added you on my circles! Congratulations for this post. Preparations for the wedding are really challenging. This linen and pajamas you choose are very beautiful. I'm Eni, a blogger from Italy. Sorry for my bad english and check out my blog when u have time. Kisses,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  10. The prints of both the sets are just gorgeous! I love Rosie's range too x

  11. Gorgeous, so stunning. Love both of these so much!!! The navy camisole with the lace and low back, stunning!! You look so gorgeous in all these photographs! xx

  12. Natalie Ann says:

    Great pictures 🙂 I'm not sure about a wedding but I love that blue set! 🙂

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  13. Aisling says:

    Like. I'm nowhere close to being a bride. I don't even have a girlfriend. I'm painfully single. But I want cute bridal lingerie, damn it.

    Also you should just wear pyjamas all the time because you look gr8.

    Aisling | aisybee.

  14. Alina Bostan says:

    Ok I need to check out this new range asap. Both sets look stunning but I especially love the french knicker set, so beautiful. You look amazing as always and I love your photography here x

    Beauty with charm

  15. Stephanie says:

    You look amazing! ! The first set is so beautiful. Buthe I really like the last one. 🙂 your nails are gorgeous!! 🙂

  16. annie lee says:

    you're such a doll ellie! looking really sexy in those lingerie xo

  17. I wouldn't fancy posing in underwear either, you did well to choose pyjamas! They look lovely

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  18. Stella says:

    The pyjamas are so cute. I need this in my life.

  19. I love the first set its beautiful x

    Ellé |

  20. LBG says:

    Sweet post! I love the lingerie and the PJs, the navy is a perfect lounging outfit! I'd like to hear more about your wedding plans

  21. Beautylyme says:

    I forgot to pack any nightwear when I got married! Just didn't enter my head! Those pyjamas are absolutely beautiful! xx


  22. Mandy S says:

    I swear M&S are so underrated with their nightwear, they are such great quality and they last for years!

    Side note: it's been ages since I've read/commented on your blog and w/o sounding creepy (even though this probably will) HI – haha! x

  23. These photos are so so gorgeous! I have never heard of this brand but they make some lovely stuff! That first set it so so gorgeous and I bet it is so comfy!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  24. crafty-zone says:

    I really like your both outfits with these beautiful wedding nightwear and honestly, I can't decide which of these lingerie I liked the more, because they're both feminine and look gorgeous 🙂

  25. Hilary Young says:

    They all look so pretty, thanks for sharing reading this post made me want to curl up in a ball and cuddle. Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x


  26. Gorgeous prints! I love the first the most!! The feeling must be amazing!


  27. Just gorgeous, both of them, and you look stunning yourself.
    The first one is easily my favourite.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  28. Raquel says:

    They are both so cute and the quality looks amazing. The print of the first one is just fabulous!

  29. PinkBow says:

    oho these sets are gorgeous. and you look absolutely stunning too.

  30. I've been sitting here for an hour and seriously, cannot remember what the hell I wore under my dress. I mean obviously something, no one wants to be the slutty bride, but yep, no clue.
    That cami/short set is all kinds of gorgeous and like proper grown up jimjams! Love love love.
    M x Life Outside London

  31. Eden Mint says:

    These pieces are very pretty! I love your nail polish too — great photos!

  32. Yikes how embarrassing! I actually forgot all about bridal lingerie, I'm all about that peony rage at the moment haha. We've been taking a break from wedding planning but I've written down Rosie's brand for future reference! Xx

    Shaqinah from Shoes and Roses x

  33. Looking as flawless as always Elle! 😉

    Naomi in Wonderland

  34. Both are so lovely and look great on you! It must be so exciting to be planning your wedding! 🙂 xx

  35. Beauty Bloss says:

    Both sets look gorgeous on you! I love the second set and it would be perfect for the hens do! It would be something I'd buy in ALL the colours as its cute, yet looks comfy x
    The Beauty Bloss

  36. These are so cute! I usually overlook M&S and only really go in there for boring black knickers and pairs of tights but I might need to venture in more often.

    Eleanor |

  37. mark Johnson says:

    Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting? I'm pleased I discovered it though, ill be checking back soon to find out what additional posts you include. Peaches and screams

  38. Abdul Wasay says:

    there are bronze and brass dining chairs too that looks very elegant because of their color. prettyrobes

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