I am a self confessed Primark-aholic – is that a thing? totally not even a thing… – always on the lookout for a bargain and forever wincing at the prices of Topshop/Zara/[insert your own choice of higher end high street stores here]. So when Fashion week draws round, I take a trip to Primark, followed by a good online shop at Boohoo, Missguided, ASOS etc. and that’s pretty much my LFW wardrobe sorted. This season however, was a little different.

After reviewing the presentation of Hemyca’s wonderful Decrypt collection last season, we have been in contact working together ever since. So I was so happy – and stunned, and gobsmacked, and all of those dramatic words – to realise that for the Hemyca show this year, they would be dressing me and I could wear whatever I like.

Holy f$%k!!

It’s a bit of a sentimental/reflective thing for me and a nice little reminder – without sounding like an arrogant arse so and so – of how far I’ve come from the days of outfit pictures taken on a cruddy little digital camera/Blackberry!

Emotional waffle over, here’s the look…

primark mules
Jacket – Hemyca / Vest – Hemyca / CulottesRiver Island / Mules – Primark

So there’s the look, I hope you love it as much as I do. Now, how about I take you backstage and give you a little glimpse of the show? Sound like fun? Cool, let’s do it…

Hemyca Embody
Hemyca Embody
lfw backstage
Hemyca Embody
Hemyca Embody

The look that Hemyca went for was one that I loved for many reasons, but mainly because it was so wearable. Clean skin and defined brows – I am all about the defined brow – paired with sleek but undone hair at the same time (if that makes sense, does that even make any sense?) that only added to the whole effortless feel.

Hemyca Embody
Hemyca Embody
Hemyca Embody
Hemyca Embody
Hemyca Embody

The line, named Embody, was what was really special however. With a mix of the most stunning dove grey, reds and monochrome tones, I felt like the collection was made for me (maybe in my dreams I pretend it was #SorryNotSorry). With gorgeous sheer, square prints – I’m sure there’s a name for this but words are failing me whilst I write this on my final day of LFW – and stunning leather, lace and mesh materials, I will no doubt be searching for the perfect occasion to which I can wear one of these amazing pieces.

I actually filmed a London Fashion week get ready with me over on my Youtube channel – which if you haven’t subscribed to and like to see bloggers making a bit of a tit of themselves, you totally should! – so feel free to head over there to see the look, and the Hemyca Embody collection come to life 🙂

As always, thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. What an incredible opportunity! I would love to go to LFW. I love your outfit also – especially the culottes. You look fab. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Oh Elle, I'm so proud and pleased for you! This is an incredible opportunity and I'm so glad it's you that's been given it because you deserve it so much! The top you chose is absolutely stunning as well – and I also love the line of clothes. Dove grey and red go so well together! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. ella grace says:

    Your top is so dreamy Elle and the whole Hemyca collection looks stunning! Xx

    every LiTTLE thing07

  4. Call Me Amy says:

    That top is beautiful especially the detail on the back! Love those shoes as well – hats off to you for being able to walk in them, I'm pretty sure I would fail!
    Amy x

  5. Lovely outfit babe! I watched your GRWM video and loved it!

  6. - Karen says:

    The print of your top is so classic and feminine, love it! Also, as if your mules are from Primark – they're beauties! 🙂

    Style Sunrise☀


  7. Lauren S says:

    Such a fab collab between the two of you – you look amazing and so happy you got dressed for LFW, the ultimate dream man <3

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  8. Beauty Bloss says:

    You look great and looks like a lot of fun! Love the shoes by the way x
    The Beauty Bloss

  9. Wow such a beautiful and chic look Elle! Congrats on your collab with Hemyca that's so amazing, it shows hard work really does pay off! 🙂

    Heather Xx

  10. Gorgeous oufit hun, and that is definitely amazing that they were dressing you! That top is absolutely gorgeous I love the pattern and the show looked amazing 🙂

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  11. Love this look on you! The black and white is perfect and I love that leather jacket and mules!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  12. Emily Thorpe says:

    Ahhh I love how excited you were to be dressed by Hemyca and how great for you! You look wonderful and really chose well 🙂

    Musings & More

  13. love your shoes. they look so good with your outfit.

  14. Rosy Flynn says:

    London Fashion Week is looking pretty fantastic… meanwhile I'm sat in a cat jumper eating half priced galaxy chocolate.

    Rosy |

  15. Glam O'Clock says:

    I watched your video the other day when you were choosing the outfit. I LOVE what you have picked. The detailing on the back of the top is just out of this world and the cut of the jacket is perfect. Xx

    Ally | Glam O’Clock

  16. ►Nadush says:

    lovely photos !! 🙂

  17. This is so exciting, it looks like you had an amazing time! I love that leather jacket you're wearing. Great post!
    xo Kiki

  18. Meg Siobhan says:

    That top is stunning, and dem culottes though. BABIN'

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  19. What a lovely experience! I hope you had an incredible time and how nice of Hemyca to dress you!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  20. Really lovely look, love it! Your top and jacket look fab on you. Also it looks like you had such an amazing day 🙂 xx

  21. Such a stylish look! I love your mules!

  22. I love the meshing effects on the Embody collection. Your top is lovely and so versatile – must have been fun to go backstage

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  23. LBG says:

    You look fantastic and so chic! The show looks amazing, love seeing behind the scenes

  24. Stephanie says:

    The outfit Looks wonderful and you look beautiful! What a great collaberation!

  25. Love your outfit, you look gorgeous as always. Your hair looks really pretty, too, I really like the length- makes me want to go in for a little trim ;). x

    Thirteen Thoughts

  26. This has to be one of my favourite looks from you, this is very classy, smart and chic and I LOVE that top it's beautiful xxx

  27. Alina Bostan says:

    This is such an amazing opportunity for you, congrats lovely! How nice to be able to get dressed by a brand & pick your own outfit from them, which you did so well as I love this outfit on you. Love the show too, very wearable looks that I can actually see myself wearing x

    Beauty with charm

  28. crafty-zone says:

    This Embody's line looks fantastic, because I'm huge fan of mesh and lace, so for me it's perfect, especially I love that red dress 🙂 What's more, your mules are impressive and double wow that they come from Primark, they don't look cheap at all 🙂

  29. CB says:

    Those mules = the one. I need to do a Primari haul soon!

    CB x

  30. Looked like such an awesome FW show, also, you looked stunning! I am really liking their clothing 🙂

    N- Naomi in Wonderland

  31. SBUK says:

    Have never heard of Hemyca before but love your pieces from them. Both the top and the jacket are really pretty. xx

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  32. Jordan says:

    Ahhh you look so stunning as usual! Haven't ever heard of Hemyca before but their clothes look amazing! I love the jacket and your culottes! xx

  33. Rubi Ani says:

    I love the vest you're wearing!
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |

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