So, it’s that time of year again. The one where I excitedly search through my wardrobe – well, let’s be totally honest, trawl through ASOS – trying to find the perfect chic, but not too try hard, outfit for London Fashion Week, whilst simultaneously wishing I could spend the whole period in pyjamas, in bed, netflixing and chilling and avoiding all forms of social media.

You all know by now that I have a love/hate relationship with London Fashion week, but regardless of my mixed emotions – not that I’m being dramatic at all – one thing that I do know is that excited or slightly anxious, I still need to be totally prepared. And that’s where the LFW – we can abbreviate, because we’re cool, yeah?… – handbag essentials come in.

So whether you’re in the midst of LFW like I am, heading to Paris and Milan (if you are, I hate you I’m just a little jealous) or planning ahead because you want to be involved next season, then this post is for you.

And if you’re none of those things, you also get to hear me bore you to death rave about a number of things including some drinks that taste pretty darn delicious. So everybody’s a winner… [insert slightly sceptical emoji here].

First up, the ever so glamorous blister plasters. Yes, I know, I’m letting the side down by being utterly gross and not at all LFW glamorous dahhhhling but trust me, there ain’t nada that’s glamorous about 99.9% of LFW. If like me, you’ll be running from show to presentation to meeting back to show etc. you’re going to need some blister plasters, so pop them in your bag and feel free to send me some flowers (and maybe some galaxy chocolate) to thank me for saving your soles” after. (Also feel free to punch me in the face for committing a crime to the world of puns right there).

From one glamorous item to the next.. eye drops are a necessity. LFW usually entails early mornings [insert hysterically crying emoji here] and late nights [insert granny emoji here] so to cut a long story short, sleep is not your best friend. But, eye drops and Mists are. I’ve recently been using – and loving – the Murine eye drops and mist which work perfectly for awakening and moisturising the eyes which is exactly what you want when you need to be looking your best.

Now, I’m not one to carry makeup around with me because I’m lazy but we all know that barely there lipstick – that went missing when you demolished your latte and snacks – isn’t cute, so your go to lipstick – I know a lot of people experiment around LFW but I always stick to what I know – is essential. As is a translucent powder/blotting papers for those glam running around town/backstage at a show under hot lights/street snapping moments that leave you sweaty as hell. Sexy times people, sexy times… 

Of course there are lots of little things that you’ll probably need but lugging around everything and your kitchen sink at fashion week is not fun, so going for essentials and practical items is the way forward. A portable phone charger – or just your usual plug phone charger as you can always sneakily head into Starbucks and recharge your batteries (literally) there – is a practical necessity that you can’t do without. I mean, who wants to miss that winning Instagram moment (… i.e 4 other bloggers latte art placed symmetrically on a marble table). Keeping with practicality, your tickets to shows obviously just go without saying (but if you do forget, be rest assured that you definitely aren’t alone #beentheredonethat).

If you’re a relatively anxious person – I say “relatively” because I seriously don’t know how extremely anxious people ever cope with LFW as it’s crazy enough without anxiety – then the little home comforts/calming go tos are something I would highly recommend keeping with you. For me, my absolute “Oh god, I need to chill the f**k hell out or I’m about to have a breakdown” product is the Rituals Chinese mint and Yi yi Ren serum. This is the most beautiful rollerball that you massage into temples, and the refreshing effect of chinese peppermint with the softening action of Yi Yi ren really helps to relieve stress and tiredness, i.e perfect for fashion week

Finally, and for me, most importantly… my fuel to keep me going. Because what’s the point in being prepared and having every possible situation covered if you’re too exhausted to even run around looking chic at the same time? My absolute LFW essentials come courtesy of Vita Coco (can we please just talk about how blimmin incredible the personalised packaging is please? *insert heart eyed emoji’s here*) and I have 3 items that I constantly obsess over, fangirl over, want to marry go to. Firstly, we have the Vita Coco Natural Coconut water. Now, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Coconut water and the umpteen benefits of it and I’m here to tell it to you one more time because I really do adore it. The original, natural coconut water is my go to for when I’m needing that extra hit of hydration, a little refresh and when no amount of eye drops will be able to brighten my eyes. The Natural Coconut water is packed full of potassium and essential electrolytes making it the perfect pick me up and refuel option!

For those moments when you’re needing the refreshment, the hydration, the bright eyes and just generally needing to feel more awake, the Vita Coco Cafe Latte has your back. With all of the amazing health benefits of the natural water plus the addition of an espresso shot and dash of low fat milk, this is my must have for the days when my schedule looks scarier than life before Netflix! Plus, it tastes absolutely delicious… I mean, we all know I am a huge coffee drinker and pretty much have it running through my veins, so yeah… this was always going to be a winner 😉

My final Fashion week essential is more of a life essential to be totally honest (although it works particularly well at LFW) and that’s the Vita Coco Coconut oil. You’ve probably all seen the jokes on Instagram of how Coconut oil is a saviour for everything from frizzy hair to shaving foam replacements, to curing your credit rating and solving your boyfriend issues… and I get it. I get that it became this huge thing – I almost said fad, but the fact that it’s still going strong today proves otherwise – but it really does just do everything. When my skin is looking ridiculously dry and needs to look radiant, coconut oil is the best moisturiser. When my hair is looking lacklustre, you guessed it, it’s going to make it shiny AF. Rubbed into the cuticles makes sure your nails are on point – be right back, just need to vom after using the phrase “on point” – and a top tip from yours truly, if your shoes are starting to rub, rub some on your foot so it helps the shoe slide a little more and avoid friction blisters (bringing sexy back, again). I also absolutely adore using coconut oil to cook too as not only does it give that beautiful nutty flavour to your dishes, but also gives you an added boost of energy too, i.e perfect for those long days pounding the pavements. Pop a dollop in your coffee – sounds rank but I promise it’s so good – or smoothies and be energised for the rest of the day! I also particularly love the mini coconut oils from Vita Coco because oh em gee, how god damn cute are they?

So that brings me to the end of my LFW essentials/rave about all things coconut. I would love to know what your own LFW essentials are and if you’ve managed to try any of the Vita Coco range yet? I hope you love it as much as I do 🙂
As always, thanks so much for reading!
*This post was kindly sponsored by Vita Coco but all thoughts, images and love of anything coconut flavoured which also happens to be good for you, my own.


  1. Jodie V says:

    If I ever get the privilege to attend LFW then you've got me covered. I've still never tried coconut water, but I think I might just have to head to the shops right now! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  2. This is a fab list! If I was actually going to LFW then this would be the perfect survival guide! And Yess for coconut oil! The holy grail of all a beauty/lifestyle/food products! 🙂

    Heather Xx

  3. This is the perfect prep for LFW! So sad I missed you this season babe! 🙁

  4. Meg Siobhan says:

    The little coconut oil jars are ADORABLE. I have one of the big ones but haven't really touched it…maybe I should!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  5. Jordan says:

    If I go in Autumn I know I'll definitely be needing the blister plasters. We're so glamorous 😛 xx

  6. I'm missing LFW as I'm in Switzerland but I don't miss the queuing in the freezing cold. The portable charger is a definite necessity! Looking forward to reading about the shows!

  7. crafty-zone says:

    You created great list for LFW, totally agree with you that blisters plasters are must-have and when it comes to all of these makeup stuff, I'll also add to my list lipstick, it's my must-have all of the time 🙂

  8. Very interesting! Compeed and lipstick are always in my kit!


  9. You summed up everything that anyone can ever need not only in LFW but in any occasion! Blaster plasters are saviours, you won't know when might need them so it is best to carry some 🙂 I hope you're enjoying LFW, can't wait to see more posts! xx

    Ela BellaWorld

  10. Alina Bostan says:

    Well if I ever do go to LFW (probably not) i'll know exactly what to bring with me so thank you for sharing all your tips :). Love Vita Coco and that personalised package looks amazing! Hope you've had a great time at LFW and you can take a day out to chill x

    Beauty with charm

  11. LBG says:

    I'm behind on the hip drinks, I need to try coconut water! Fantastic list! Great items to have with you at all times too. Now I just have to get to London fashion week

  12. Stephanie says:

    I love their coconut water and oil! I always have a thing of the water in my fridge great for after a run!

  13. I love Vita Coco.
    You've mentioned some great essentials to bring on a fashion show

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  14. - Karen says:

    I'm glad you've kept it real in this post – I take blister plasters literally everywhere I go… what is it with me and choosing silly shoes/my feet hating all footwear?! Also, how did I not know Rituals such a serum *need*, and yay for all the coconut goodness – what a cute package! Hope you enjoyed LFW girly! 🙂

    Style Sunrise☀


  15. crafty-zone says:

    Hope you had brilliant day, Elle 🙂

  16. Blister plasters are an absolute must! Great post, Ellie!!!

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  17. MeMe Books says:

    Coconut oil is so multi purposeful, I use it for cooking and as a hair mask it's brilliant.

    Meme xx

    New Post:
    Beauty Blender Dupe//Avon Precision Make-Up Sponge

  18. Blogger says:

    3 Studies PROVE How Coconut Oil Kills Belly Fat.

    This means that you actually burn fat by eating Coconut Fats (also coconut milk, coconut cream and coconut oil).

    These 3 researches from big medicinal magazines are sure to turn the traditional nutrition world around!

  19. Alex says:

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