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As a full time blogger that splits her time between being out and about at back to back meetings/events all day long and then sat in one place, literally one place (that’ll be the corner of the sofa that’s nearest to the fridge for me) tapping away on my laptop for hours on end, I sometimes struggle to feel like I have a proper, healthy “workplace”. And I’ve kinda come to terms with this, because actually, sitting at home every single day in one spot would absolutely bore me to tears, so taking my little office elsewhere has become my favourite thing to do for a productive AF day.

My “mobile office” of choice has to consist of a few things. It has to be comfortable. It has to have a nice, chilled atmosphere. And it has to have a variety of gluten free cakes/sarnies/food/more food/even more food, plus frickin amazing coffee. Picky, some might say, but in London? Not a tall order at all. Next on the coffee/”save me from staring at Jeremy Kyle whilst I reply to emails” trawl, Ozone coffee roasters.

Now, I feel like I’ve rambled a lot about my boring lack of work enviroment story, and it’s kinda taken away from the face that Ozone is 50bajillion shades of amazing. From the dreamiest Pinterest/Instagram worthy interiors, to coffee that my coffee dreams were made of – no lie, I have coffee dreams, don’t judge –  to the most delicious food.

Yeah, let’s fangirl together…

ozone coffee
ozone coffee
First fangirling mission; the interiors. Ozone is one of those places that immediately makes a major impact thanks to it’s ridiculously cool, New York loft/warehouse/mod scandi vibe – shall we have a moment for that cry laughable description right there? – and the sheer size of the place. Not your average tiny independent coffee shop with barely any seating (but amazing coffee which makes it ok), Ozone is a huge two story store with plenty of seating from booths to tables to window front seats and that “sitting on the worktop making the chefs feel even more pressure” location. Downstairs however is just a little bit special as it houses a huge coffee grinder and umpteen sacks of coffee – i.e Ellie heaven – as Ozone are also a wholesalers and just general all round babes. In short, the exposed brick, copper lamps and appliances – that bathroom though – mixed with the warehouse/loft-like interiors just gives me all the “Omg I kinda feel like I’m in New York now I need to go back please and thank you” vibes. And I am all about those kinda vibes!
ozone coffee
ozone coffee

Whilst perusing the menu which [insert hallelujah emoji’s here] actually lists what’s gluten free, I fuelled up on some coffee because, you know, need my fuel to root through a menu obvs. Now, I mentioned how good [read: bloody amazing] the coffee is but the problem is, I ain’t no coffee connoisseur so I can’t give you a “real” coffee review. I can’t tell you about the beans or the roast or other technical details that far more coffee educated people than me could, but I can tell you that it tasted absolutely incredible. Rich but not at all bitter, I mean, that’s as much I can give you [insert cry laughter emoji here]. Should’ve just settled with bloody delicious shouldn’t I? 😉

ozone coffee gluten free
ozone coffee gluten freeozone coffee gluten free
ozone coffee gluten free
ozone coffee gluten free
ozone coffee gluten free
We actually went back on a saturday this time where Ozone has a slightly different menu. Originally I was disappointed by this as, FYI, the butternut squash and emmental omelette – disclaimer, there was lots more in it I just can’t quite remember what #BloggerOfTheYear – is pretty darn dreamy. But luckily, the menu was frickin incredible for me – more on that later – and we were all chuffed with our picks. 
My Mum and Dad opted for the Big Brekkie which consisted of eggs on seeded sourdough, a mushroom potato stack, silesian sausage, roast tomatoes and bacon and they both absolutely devoured it. My Mum particularly likes the silesian sausage whilst I’m pretty sure my Dad was wondering if he could order extra bacon (because bacon is bae life for him too) but either way, they both thoroughly enjoyed, and demolished it.
ozone coffee gluten free
ozone coffee gluten free
ozone coffee gluten free
ozone coffee gluten free
Now here’s for the special part, on Ozone’s Weekend Brunch menu is gluten free buttermilk pancakes. Yes, you read that right, gluten free pancakes [insert party popper/happy cries emoji’s here]. Now, I’ll start by saying that instead of pancakes plural, it was actually just one massive pancake but my god I am not complaining. Extremely fluffy and light, with the most stunning creamy, rich, syrupy taste, the pancake came with Rhubarb ginger beer compote (which sounds slightly strange and vile but was absolutely delicious), labneh (nope, I have no idea what it is either), blood orange curd (which actually blew me away, so tasty!), rapeseeds and pistacios. Topped off with maple syrup and love. I can honestly say that I enjoyed this so much and will genuinely dream about this breakfast for an extremely long time.
Pancake dreams happened last night, not gonna lie….

If a full on “can we try and gain 10lbs in one sitting” breakfast isn’t your thing, a nice coffee and cake (or Crosstown doughnut, wowzer) to go – you know, because cake is great for you – or to sit by the window front with a newspaper and dreamy lighting is also the perfect treat.

Basically, before this turns into a full on ode to Ozone – may have done already, only a tiny bit sorry – it really is just the most amazing place for a) delicious coffee b) bloody amazing food with decent portions too, a total necessity for me! and c) a pretty epic interior design and atmosphere making it the perfect place for me to pop down to and work from whilst simultaneously getting caffeinated and fat fed. I am totally OK with that.

I would love to know if you’ve been to Ozone or any really cool coffee shops/restaurants recently, I am always up for checking out your recommendations 🙂
As always, thanks so much for reading!

51 responses to “OZONE COFFEE ROASTERS”

  1. Immy May says:

    MmmmmHM!This looks so so beautiful, I have just dived into the full time blogging world (ish) and have struggled a little from not having a set office space, it makes all the difference heading out somewhere and setting up camp in a beaut cafe. Especially with ALL the snacks! Maybe we should organise a little laptop club… Immy x

  2. You always find the best hang-outs Ellie! That breakfast menu with those perfect poached eggs look amazing! I'm definitely hungry now!

  3. We're fans of Ozone and Mr Luxe goes there quite a lot as he works from home. I didn't realize that they had a new menu, will have to go back to investigate!

  4. Raquel says:

    This place looks so cute. I love finding shops like this. Their latte art is on point!

  5. So many food!!!! I'm so hungry right now haha! x
    Instagram: danielpoonvignez

  6. Great photos as always – I'm hungry now x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  7. Kate says:

    Oh my goodness, your photos are epic. They make me feel like I've actually eaten all that stuff and now I'm wondering why I'm still hungry! Looks and sounds like a fab place. Amazing food and coffee AND a blog-worthy interior – all boxes ticked! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  8. Hanh says:

    Omg your photos are insanely good, so editorial 😉

    Hanh | hanhabelle

  9. This place looks so cute and everything looks delicious! Such a great atmosphere to get work done 🙂

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  10. OMG, the food looks utterly amazing!!
    Christina ♥

  11. I've never heard of Ozone, but I LOVE hip coffee houses like this one! They're such inspiring places to be 🙂 x

    Martha Jane |

  12. Alina Bostan says:

    This looks like such an amazing coffee place, I just love the decor and the food looks super tasty, I want to go for that pancake! BTW your photos are absolute perfection x

    Beauty with charm

  13. Meg Siobhan says:

    What have I learnt from this post? That I want to move in there because it looks dreamy as hell, and I also want to smush my face into that pancake because it is DA WUN. Well, looks like it is anyway.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  14. As always, your photos are impressive! You really reflect how delicious all these things are and also this interior is amazing and unique! My list of places to visit in London is growing because of you! xx

    Ela BellaWorld

  15. LBG says:

    Oh what lovely lattes! I will be dreaming about the pancakes! Just the amazing and low key atmosphere I like. Fantastic post!

  16. This sounds like such a cute coffee shop! And your breakfast looks amazing!

  17. Such a cool place!


  18. ann bill says:

    I want to have a coffee


  19. Hatin on the good quality of the pictures because I can almost smell the food. Loving this place!

  20. crafty-zone says:

    Good to hear that you enjoyed your visit to Ozon this time, everything looks so delicious, especially these gluten free pankcakes make me hungry, Ellie! 🙂

  21. Ah this place looks so dreamy – nice food, coffee and Instagrammable at the same time!? Yes please!

    Beth x

  22. This place looks so so good, but this post has definitely made me hungry. I know what you mean about finding a nice new space to work in, I've currently been sitting in the exact same place in my room doing work for about three hours now and I swear one more hour and I'll go insane just sitting here!

  23. Jordan says:

    You shouldn't have told me your secret about coffee shop posts because now I know the true reason this post exists hehe 😀 xx

  24. Alina says:

    I started a new job with a laptop which means I can do this more often – have a workplace that's 'around' – love coffee places – gorgeous pics as always 🙂

    Alina from home blog – The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  25. ariannachatz says:

    I can't function without a coffee a day but I always end up having one at home before work – I'd love to try some cute coffee shops out like this one! Plus, gluten free is a total BONUS.

    Arianna x

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    My new post is up, so please check it out, and I started following you so if you could return,it would mean so much to me!

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