The blogging and Youtube industry is developing at such a (frighteningly) fast paced rate that it’s absolutely no surprise that more and more brands are finally sitting up and taking note of us more commercially. Whether it’s ad campaigns on TV, sponsorship, being a brand ambassador… you name it, a member of #TeamInternet is probably going to be involved (how bloody amazing is that?)

So it’s also no surprise that’s lots of brands are gearing their products towards what a “Blogger would love”. Now, this is obviously a huge generalisation because despite the bajillion marble backgrounds, cacti family and copper accessories – I am wholeheartedly a fan of all of the former FYI – not every blogger loves the same thing, but I feel like if a brand could produce an entire range of beautiful, amazing quality items that would completely take the blog/youtube world by storm, than the brand in question today is it.

Said brand? Kikki K

Now, I’d be more than happy to bet my Chanel – LOL, defs don’t even own a Chanel – that 99.9% of you reading this (especially those UK based) would’ve heard of Kikki K before, if not purchased something yourself. From beautiful pastels and classic colours to accents of copper and marble, everything really is designed stunningly. But it’s not just the design and the fact that each item is so unique and useful, but also that there really is something for everyone.

I have collected quite a collection over the past 4/5months that the UK have been blessed with Kikki K and I thought that I would share some of my favourites today.

My most used – and most loved – piece would definitely be my 2016 diary/planner. With a beautiful baby blue and copper design, it consists of a week to view layout but also has a monthly calender too. Not to mention notes, contacts etc. and I have to say, as a full time blogger with at least 10 or so meetings and events per week, I couldn’t survive without this. Closely following my beloved life saviour is the gorgeous mint and copper workbook which is literally just a plain workbook but let me tell you, the pretty colours make me feel sassy AF when this is out on the coffee shop worktop and I am totally not even sorry for that.

Whilst the planner and diary are everyday necessities, some more niche items which I am beyond obsessed with are Kikki’s “life plan” stationary (a totally made up shitty description by me, in case you couldn’t tell). One thing that I picked up as a bit of a giggle was the weekly food plan but let me tell you, this has been so unbelievably useful for a) trying to be a little thriftier with the food shop and b) try to be a little healthier too. Such a basic item that really makes a difference, plus it looks pretty on your kitchen wall (#sorrynotsorry for the shallowness). Another non-necessity but something I have been loving is the gratitude journal. Now, my first thoughts were “ahhh I see, I’ll go and hug a tree right after filling it out too, shall I?” and then I realised that I was being ridiculous. Being grateful and writing those grateful moments isn’t hippie or free spirited, it’s what I think we all occasionally think of doing, but maybe just not enough. After filling this out everyday, my positivity levels really sky rocket. I feel so much happier, I feel like my life is put into perspective and generally, I’m just grateful for that life because I think we all sometimes fail to appreciate how lucky we are. And isn’t it funny that a simple, pretty book can help us do that?

BRB, just off to my commune to huddle around a fire and chant peace and love…

And then we have the desk stationery/accessories. Now, I am going to touch upon the stapler and then swiftly move on, because let’s be totally serious; nobody needs a beautiful copper stapler in their life. But would we all like one? Yeah, I think we probs would. The same kinda goes for the candles, although for me I would class them as a (slightly superficial) necessity. Candles are one of those things that chill me out, make me a little zen, prepare me to sit and work and generally just make me happy. So yes, a pretty copper and grey candle might not be up there alongside a first aid kit on everyone elses list, but it is for mine. #BloggerPriorities #SorryNotSorry #I’llStopHashtaggingNow

Oh, and how could I forget the equally beautiful and unnecessary gold pen? Stunning, sassy and a little bit special, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a bit like Olivia Pope writing with this [insert sassy hand up emoji here].

Oh, p.p.p.p.s and how could I forget the copper vessel that could be used for anything including a makeup brush holder, cacti holder etc. a total necessity right? [insert sceptical/”please just humour me on this one” emoji here].

The latest addition to my Kikki K fam, the Wedding journal. I’m pretty sure the wedding range is new at Kikki K but I already have a feeling that it may be one of their best sellers as it’s just so god damn perfect. Beautiful, sophisticated, chic and simple, the entire range is practical and does the job whilst being as sassy as Beyonce whilst it does it and I am all about that. From wedding journals and congratulations cards to guestbooks and invites; I think I may have just sorted my wedding stationary entirely.

Finally, if you’re a bit overwhelmed by my “hey world, got some pretty bits for ya, go and buy” rave, then the Happy healthy habits box is the perfect little starter kit so you can get a taster of some of the habits range. I have to say, this is one of my favourite picks from the bunch as I am all about pretty stickers and cards with quotes on and this box of dreams is full of them. With the addition of a smaller (much more portable) version of the gratitude, happiness, goals and dreams journals, I feel like you get such a good taste of what Kikki K can offer, and I’ll bet you my non-existent Chanel that you won’t be disappointed by that!

So that brings me to the end of my huge Kikki K rave and I think it’s fair to say that I’m just a little bit of a (major) fan. The whole store and concept really is just so stunning and almost an experience in itself just walking around, it’s an actual pleasure even just to window shop (but believe me, you definitely won’t be able to walk away without putting anything in your basket!

I’d love to know if you’ve purchased anything from Kikki K, any favourites from the bunch? I always love hearing your thoughts 🙂
As always, thanks so much for reading!


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