When the summer rolls in and the sun comes out to play – most likely with a smug grin meaning “enjoy me bitches, I’m disappearing in place of snow next week” – my style tends to go from dragged through a hedge backwards quite simple, classic and tailored with a rocky/boho edge (LOL at being absolutely poor at describing my style/words/life in general) to straight up boho chic. We’re talking fringing, we’re talking floral, paisley and pretty prints… anything flowy, anything off shoulder, and anything that makes me look a little more “I woke up like this” effortless is right up my street.
Fortunately for me, one of my favourite clothing brands F+F – yes I know it’s an extremely random clothing favourite but their stuff is just *insert heart eye’d emoji’s here*, check previous Elle fangirl evidence here, here and here – are also all about flowy, boho beautifulness which is what I’ll be so inelegantly displaying here today.
Ellie Adams - Flowery dress
This outfit is easily one of my favourites from my (limited) summer collection so far. There’s just something about the way this dress falls, combined with the casual – but still bloody beaut – classic black sandals and the extremely vajazzled and perfect in every way bag that just makes it all feel very, easy I guess. 
Now, I love the flower pattern on this dress, but I think it’s the cut that really made me all omg need it in my life right this second please and thank you. I absolutely adore the off shoulder trend however some off shoulder pieces just aren’t that comfortable/leave you on permanent nip slip duties. Which is why I absolutely love this as the additional straps as it makes you much more comfortable and protected. The addition of the side slit takes a beautiful dress into a beautiful and subtly sexy one and I am all about that.
Ellie Adams - The Elle next door
Ellie Adams - The Elle next door

I ummed and ahhed over this bag for a long time, mainly clicking off of the site and leaving tbh, but there was something niggling in the back of my mind telling me I needed it. Call it gut instinct, but I’m now so darn happy I picked it up because this little sequin number will be seeing me through summer. I love that it’s really delicate and compact but also manages to fit in my Olympus pen, phone, card holder and 5 identical but obvs totally necessary peachy pink lipsticks. Not to mention the obvious in that it looks absolutely gorgeous. I am ever so slightly obsessed with the intricate beading and patterns on this beauty, as was the lady that stopped me in Greenwich to tell me so. #Winning

I’ve already touched upon these shoes so I won’t say too much – miracle – as they kind of do what they say on the tin. A beautiful, classic, simple pair of black sandals with gold hardware which look so much more than the £8 that they cost.

Finally, the sunglasses. I am such a sunnies hoarder so to be able to find a pair that’s a) unique to my collection and b) ones that I really like, is extremely rare, but Florence and Fred have managed to do it. I never really know what sunglass style suits me but I couldn’t help but vere towards this subtle cat eye style. Subtle, simple, classy plus the tortoise shell colour – always my top choice – means they go with absolutely everything.

So that brings me to the end of this post, I’d love to know if you’ve had a browse through the Tesco/Florence and Fred website recently? Has anything taken your fancy? 
As always, thanks so much for reading!
*This post was kindly sponsored by Florence and Fred. All thoughts, photographs and love of flowy dresses that make me feel as sassy as Beyonce, my own.

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