Jo Malone Nashi Blossom

I know what you’re thinking, “another Jo Malone fangirl, jesus your obsession for that brand is almost on par with your obsession for Harry Potter, Harvey Specter, Chicken Curry and almond magnums” and I have to say, you’d actually be right. But I promise you this post is a little different. Special, dare I even say it.

You see, all Jo Malone perfumes are stunning – that’s kinda just a given, the “blogger takes photo of Liberty flowers” kinda given, if you will – but one of their latest launches not only brought a change in packaging, but also a change in concept too. Because despite many fragrances having some kinda “tea” thrown into their names, the Jo Malone Rare Teas collection are the first ever fragrances to actually contain tea in them (I mean, you can totes call me the encyclopedia next door from now on. You can also punch me in the face for using the word totes) which is pretty bloody exciting if you ask me.
From the Midnight black tea to Darjeeling, the 6 fragrance strong collection really is something new and exciting and special and I was so so happy to get my hands on the Silver Needle tea cologne as I now have a snazzy new holy grail spring day time perfume – lol at the fact that I’m so incredibly anal I actually have different holy grail scents for seasons and times of day – oh, and because it also looks like a dream on my desk and makes me feel like the sassy, sophisticated woman that I’m really not.

Jo Malone Silver Needle Tea

Inspired – or seduced as Jo Malone words it, Jo you little devil you – by the floral facet of Silver needle tea, it reminded them of morning dew on white rose petals. With that in mind, they tried to capture the atmosphere of dawn. (I have absolutely no idea whether it really provokes a feeling of dawn for me, all I know is that it smells blooming delicious). They also infused the tea for 10 hours realising that any more created a more mossy and less floral scent.

The fragrance is an absolutely stunning mixture of Rose absolute, mimosa, tender musk, bergamot and sage. Now, I’ve copied and pasted given you the technical shiz, here’s what I really think. I think that this is potentially the most stunning everyday scent that I own. It’s fresh, it’s floral, it’s completely non-offensive (I honestly can’t imagine anybody disliking this) but it also has that little touch of something unique and special… that despite it being an everyday fragrance for me, you know you won’t be smelling it on every other girl that walks past you (Chanel Coco Mademoiselle I’m looking at you). Either way, it’s a stunning option that yes, is eye wateringly expensive, but it’s also a much larger bottle, with unique packaging (something fellow Jo Malone fangirls will appreciate) and it really is just so luxurious. So, you know, treat yoself and all that…

Jo Malone Nashi Blossom
Jo Malone Nashi Blossom

My next “Oh my god this is different and special and lovely and need it in my life” fragrance is the Nashi Blossom launch. First of all, can we please just stop and take a moment (or maybe like, 5) for the packaging of this hunk? The beautiful monochrome polka dots and gorgeous green lid mimic the Nashi blossom tree and I have to say, it might be one of my most favourite perfume packaging of all time (yep, I have favourites, not really that sorry ’bout it either). The combination of floral to fruit (it also contains notes of pear, love that Jo, you go gal pal!) gives it that juicy, crisp, fresh scent and with a top note of Lemon, heart note of Nashi Blossom and base note of white musk (which I bloody love), this really is such a gorgeous spring/summer scent. Another day time go to like the Silver Needle tea but slightly fruitier and sweeter in my (completely uneducated when it comes to perfume) opinion.

I absolutely adore both and have been using each on rotation for my everyday scent, but right at this very moment, I think the Nashi blossom might just be my absolute favourite.

So that brings my little Jo Malone fangirl (version 3569359) to an end. I hope you agree that whilst all Jo Malone products are extremely beautiful, both of these babes really do just go the extra mile in the gorgeous stakes. A little bit like Harvey Specter, you know, if you needed an example of something 😉

Have you got your hands on any of the Rares teas collection or Nashi Blossom yet? What’s your favourite Spring time scent? I love to hear your thoughts!

As always, thanks so much for reading!



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