Ellie Adams - The Elle Next Door

I can’t work out if that title sounds like an Eminem track – hands up if you were also a little bit obsessed with him at 14 too? – or as if I’m about to die. Either way, it literally refers to the fact that I’ve currently left the country – for all of 4 days, lols for being drama queen of the century – and I thought I’d share this little outfit/home appreciation while I’m gone.

I’m currently writing this bad boy from my balcony in the Ibiza hotel I’m staying in and whilst this place is kinda proof that heaven really is a place on earth and I have well and truly caught the travel bug and I absolutely would not swap the last few weeks for the world, looking back at these snaps makes me realise how much I really do adore home. And I realised that whilst I love [read: am effing obsessed with] travel, one thing I’m not sure I could ever do is go travelling.

And when I say travelling, I’m talking up and leaving for 6 months to go and explore the world whilst leaving everyone behind. Because whilst exploring this little ball we call earth – oh ffs, I’ve clearly been watching too much Gossip Girl and am morphing into Dan Humphrey the poet/writer/secret fitty – is what completely sets my heart on fire… doing it for a few days at a time then popping back to my little abode in South East London is exactly how I intend on going about it.

Speaking of which, I hope you’re down for some travel content because 5 days after I get back from Ibiza I’m off on a press trip to the South of France [insert sassy hand and airplane emoji here and maybe play “watch me whip, watch me Nay nay” in your heads simultaneously for good measure].

I’m such a twat…

Ellie Adams - The Elle Next Door
Ellie Adams - The Elle Next Door
This outfit is nothing special, in fact, part of me is like “yo gal pal, MC Hammer called, he wants his trousers back” but there’s just something about it that I quite like. Maybe it’s the blush/nude/neutral tones, maybe it’s that it was so god damn comfortable that I felt like I was wearing pyjamas… or maybe it’s because my hayfever was that bad that day that I pretty much deserved a medal for not being in my pyjamas, but either way, I digged it.
I also want to dig my eyeballs out after using that term…
Ellie Adams - The Elle Next Door
Ellie Adams - The Elle Next Door
  Roll neck – ASOS
Suedette Culottes – ASOS
Shoes – Boden
Handbag – Accessorize
And that brings this post to an end. I’m actually finishing off this post on my terrace (stil). The sun’s rising, Dan is snoring his head off, the air is humid and I’m pretty certain I’ve put on around 10lbs already from 3 courses of the buffet at every single meal (1 of which is always a whole plate of cheese and figs #sorrynotsorry) but I’m pretty blissfully happy. The extremely slow wifi and lots of work things going on at the moment has provoked minor first world problem panic attacks but apart from that, life is pretty damn good!

As always, thanks so much for reading!


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