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There’s something awfully erotic about that title that just gives me so many thank f**k my grandparents still don’t know what a blog is and can’t access the internet feels, but today’s post isn’t actually a porno ootd extravaganza – although I imagine my views would probably shoot through the roof if it was, tempting… (that was a massive joke FYI and I wholeheartedly promise to never intentionally show you any private goods) – it’s actually a public declaration of my love for a pair of shoes.

… that just happen to be from Public desire, hence the dodgy title and subsequent porn chat [insert cry laughter/when did I turn into a car crash of a person? emoji here].
But yes, I absolutely love these shoes and decided that seeing as they’ve been surgically attached to my feet on any day that I can justify wearing heels, it’s probably about time I introduced you to them.
Lovely blog readers, meet BAE my Public Desire Gia Block heels.
Aren’t they just a little pair of hunks? [insert 10483743 heart eye’d emojis here].
Public desire - Ellie Adams

Public desire - the Elle next door
Public desire - the Elle next door
So this off shoulder top is part of my oh my frickin god off shoulder tops are life crew and it is a very welcome addition to the squad indeed. It’s a Matalan special – I told you Matalan are a little bit incredible at the moment – and I’m genuinely just obsessed with the paisley print and effortless boho flowiness.
The skirt is from *drumroll…..* you got it gal pals, it’s another Matalan special and I am 100% not sorry. I am so in love with this skirt for many reasons but here is my main one. It’s my favourite a-line shape but it’s also a pretty demure length (i.e not half way up my butt crack) so I really do feel like I can wear this anywhere and everywhere. I also love that the buttons don’t come all the way down therefore showing off a little bit more flesh, therefore I’m acting slightly more like my 23 years of age instead of 83 years of age.
Here are the babin Pubic Desire Gia heels which I’ve already fangirled over for a good 5 minutes so I won’t bore you to death. I have to say, maybe it’s that I got the patent texture but I wouldn’t say that they’re the best quality in the world. They do smell quite plasticky and almost a little artificial (yep, back again with my ridiculous descriptive skills) and the patent had already rubbed off a tad by the time they arrived but genuinely, it wouldn’t stop me from ordering from the site because CAN WE PLEASE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW PRETTY THEY ARE? I love the grey tone but I also equally love the contrast against the tortoiseshell/leopard print kinda vibe that the Gia’s have going on (so basically I love everything about them then). Oh, and did I mention that despite being high they are actually comfy? Like, worn for 5 hours and no blisters comfy? [insert hallelujah emoji here].

And that’s pretty much it for the outfit. These photo’s were taken on the bank holiday weekend and I have to say, it was a bit of weird one for me. Dan was away and I was determined to give myself two days off (and I even nearly succeeded) and whilst it was so frickin nice to not be replying to emails and generally stressing over blog work, watching 4398358 episodes of Grey’s anatomy in bed and eating enough to feed a family of 7, I kinda just got… bored. And I think that for the first time since I started full time blogging – over a year ago now, where has that time gone? – I remembered that my blog is a hobby. It’s mainly a job, but it’s also my hobby and something that I used to do in all my free time, and that was why I was feeling boredom for the first time in many, many years.

I’m totally word vomiting for no apparent reason here but I guess I just found a new found – or maybe an old found – appreciation for my blog once again. And that feels really, really nice.

I’d love to know if you’ve got any Public desire bad boys? Which pair do I need in my life next? I always love to hear your thoughts 🙂
As always, thanks so much for reading!

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