I quite literally LOL on a regular basis hearing my family talk about me and my blog. From my Nan’s “she works on her screen thing” – that’s a laptop FYI – to my Dad’s face seeing people call him “Dad goals” on a post he featured in, to my Mum’s suggestion of filming a Thank you video for everyone that watches.
I mean, that bad boy of a youtube video is gonna get all the views [insert cry laughter/”bless her heart for trying” emoji here].
But one thing that makes me so incredibly happy, so incredibly grateful, is the fact that my job manages to bring my family together to make amazing memories on a regular basis. It could be an afternoon tea review or an experience day, or days like this… where Fat Face gave me the sexiest of picnic baskets, a dreamy mini BBQ, two outfits featuring the most babein of all babein tops from their incredible peasant top selection – seriously, I urge you to go and check it out – and so I packed up my stuff, bought some burgers (standard Elle) grabbed my parents and headed off to one of my favourite parks to shoot some pictures, eat some burgers burn to a crisp and chill the eff out.
And it was complete and utter bliss.

That day was happiness, pure and simple* happiness. You could say I took inspiration from their #washedinhappiness campaign but then you’d probably also say that I was a bit of a tit for being so cheesy. Soz.
*Any of you 90’s kids hear Pure and Simple and can’t help but sing HearSay in your head, cheesy hand movements and all? No? That’ll be just me then…
Ellie Adams - The elle next door
My first peasant top is the Fat Face Embroidered blouse and I knew I immediately needed it in my life at first glance. (LOL, there’s my theory of love at first sight for ya boos). A gorgeous cut and colour – those black and gold accents though… – with such a beautiful boho tie up detail too. It’s one of those tops that is completely effortless, ridiculously comfortable but actually looks like you’ve spent forever choosing the perfect outfit to turn you into a boho queen (or, you know, just look a bit more boho). I paired it with these incredible Fat Face spray dye shorts in Dewberry that I let out the most embarrassingly loud squeal at because I am just frickin obsessed with the colour. A stunning muted burgundy shade – 100% not an accurate description so use the photo’s for reference rather than my poor explanatory skills – that compliments any outfit but especially those with a more festival/boho vibe. They are so comfortable but to be honest, every denim item I’ve ever received from Fat Face has always been perfection so I wasn’t surprised. And they’re also really god damn flattering too, I love the length as they’re short enough to not make you feel like a nun, but long enough to cover the inner thigh that somehow always manages to look horrendous in short shorts, even on teeny tiny models. So yeah, thanks Fat Face for a babein outfit and for a boost of confidence too. Next stop Victoria’s Secret runway….
[Insert the biggest line of cry laughter emojis here and a face that basically says “I know you’re joking, but seriously love, just don’t even bother” here].
Ellie Adams - The elle next door
Ellie Adams - The elle next door
The next outfit is one that I have renamed the people pleaser (I’m going somewhere with this, I promise). It’s one of those looks that’s kinda just universally liked. Classic, some might say. I thought this after my Mum pretty much started an Instagram fan account for the Fat Face Nicole embroidered blouseobvs just joking, she didn’t really, soz Mum – and then my Nan kept mentioning that she loved it, and then you bloody lovely lot went a little bit bat sh*t crazy for it over on snapchat (I’m “theellenextdoor” if anyone fancies seeing me use the bee filter like it’s going out of fashion). So yeah, I’m obsessed with this blouse. The embroidery is absolutely gorgeous, the material itself is super light and gorgeously well made and I really feel that the tie detail – can you sense a theme developing here? – takes this from a pretty, maybe slightly older blouse into a modern, chic, extremely wearable option for all ages. 
I decided to pair this with my old faithful Fat Face Carrie A line mini (which is now £15 down from £40, propose to me later ladies) despite having originally picked out the Ripped Worker shorts – which trust me, are an absolute dream – as I just adored the combination so much. I fangirled over this skirt in my previous Fat Face post but honestly.. it’s the only denim skirt I’ve worn since receiving it because it just fits so well. An absolute wardrobe staple!

And there we have it, two absolutely dreamy peasant tops/blouses, a pair of shorts that make me weep with joy – clothes make me happy, please don’t judge – and a skirt that’s seen my butt more times than the pervy neighbour that creeps on me sunbathing in my garden (I wish I was joking, nobody needs to see me impersonate a bucket of sweat, demolishing almond magnums like they’re going out of style).

I would love to know your thoughts on the peasant top trend? What your current summer staples are, and what happiness is to you too?
As always, thanks so much for reading!

*This post is kindly sponsored by Fat Face. All thoughts, photos and love of burgers and babein tops, my own.


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