As much as putting on my Charlotte Tilbury bronze and Glow or Tom Ford lippie makes me feel like Queen Bey (or E) and I’ll quite happily drop some dollar on skincare that’s going to make my skin not look like a potato… there is nothing I like more than discovering incredible, budget friendly skincare products that just walk all over much more expensive ones (I like to think with a sassy/smug strut as they go).

So today’s post is all about celebrating those god damn amazing products and also giving you the opportunity to get your hands on a primer that I enjoy as much as my Becca backlight priming filter but for 1/10 of the price [insert party popper emoji here].

Can I get an Amen?

Or a high five?

Or even just a smile – be it slightly condescending if you must – that makes me feel like I’m the head of some Team Drugstore squad?

Orrrrrr, I could just give up and start fangirling about some products instead. Yeah, probs best to just do that…

Avene Eau thermale soothing moisture mask (£11.50) 

OK, I’m starting off with a product that I never knew I even needed until I tried it and to this day, it blows my mind that it costs under £12. To be totally honest, every single skincare item I tried from Avene totally blew my mind but I wanted to include this one because it’s like nothing I’ve tried before. In short, it’s an extremely moisturising, soothing face mask, perfect for any skin type but especially good for those with sensitive, dry skin and anybody with rosacea, eczema, soreness etc. It’s really strange because it goes on like a really thick moisturiser so at first you’re all like OK, feels like a thick moisturiser, probs not doing anything tbh… but when you remove this it honestly leaves your skin feeling so incredibly soft and smooth and really reduced my redness too. Also, just having it on your skin feels so soothing in itself, let alone the fact that you walk away with skin as smooth as a baby’s bum.

Anyone else find it extremely weird that likening your face to an arse, and a baby’s one at that, is an actual thing? Just me?

Yes to Tomatoes detoxifying charcoal mud mask (£11.99) 

On the subject of masks, I kinda just absolutely needed to tell you about this massive babe because not only is it extremely cleansing, but it’s also ridiculously soft and gentle – not a secret ad for the deodorant fyi – on the skin and that’s so rare for clay masks. I’ve tried a lot of ’em, believe me, ones that cost more than a Primark haul of 50 items combined and not a single one has been as effective and kind to skin as this one. A big win in my eyes!

Avene tolerance extreme (£15)

Oh em bloody Gee – believe me, I hate myself just as much as you hate me for using that term – this is pretty much the best moisturiser in all existence. OK, this is obviously just my opinion so that’s a ridiculously bold claim but all I can say is that I have genuinely never used a product that’s made such a difference to my skin like this one has. It’s just a straight up moisturizer, no airs and graces, no thrills and trills, just a really gorgeous rich cream – rich but not at all heavy – that completely nourishes my skin, reduces my pores, leaves it so bright and radiant and pretty much like I’ve drunk all the water and eaten all the kale and I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’ve definitely not done either of those things. It just makes a difference to my skin and I think that despite so many fancy products being brought into the market these days, it’s actually pretty rare that a product does that! A must have in my skincare drawer and you better believe that I’ve already bought myself a backup.
Soap and Glory Smoothie star buttercream (£10)
I couldn’t do this post without mentioning a bodycare – bodycare, is that a thing? It definitely isn’t is it? – item and I couldn’t mention body moisturisers without mentioning Soap and Glory. From the most amazing blotting powders to dreamy lipsticks S&G as a brand kinda just do everything right, but they seriously get skincare right, in particular, their body creams. Despite being the laziest person in existence when it comes to keeping my limbs non-scaly/snakeskin like, I do actually look forward to using the body butters and that in itself, is an actual miracle. The Sugar crush option is a beaut, but the smoothie star variety smells of almonds and vanilla and pancakes and all of the sweet stuff in the world and that is why these are in my top 5 because not only are they extremely nourishing, but you also get your vanilla Pancake fix without the extra muffin top and cellulite… #winningsobadicantevenhandleit 
Witch Daily 2 in1 primer and clearing serum (Available at Superdrug, £6.99) 
Last but not least, my newest and most exciting discovery of late; ladies, I present you a very affordable primer that I actually love so much more than any that I’ve tried, extremely high end primers included. It comes from Witch, an incredible, well trusted skincare brand who actually celebrated it’s 50th anniversary this year (pretty impressive right?) and is the Witch 2 in 1 primer and serum, and here’s why I love it so much that I’ve already told 3 people to go and buy it. Unlike a lot of primers, it doesn’t feel at all silicone-y or drying, it completely nourishes the skin – so much so that my dehydrated skin doesn’t even need an extra layer of moisturiser over the top – it contains Witch’s signature soothing witch hazel ingredient and B vitamins which help moisturise and smooth out the skin and therefore creating the perfect base for makeup, subtly blurring imperfections as it goes. I have one of those faces that just eats up makeup – yay me! – and this really does help make it last those extra hours longer. It’s completely gentle and the oil free formula massively keeps my spots at bay [insert hallelujah emoji’s here please and thank you]. In short, if you couldn’t tell by my major rave, I really bloody love it. P.S Superdrug currently have a “save a 1/3” offer on. P.P.S you lucky bunch of BAE’s can be in with the chance of winning yourselves one as the lovely people at Witch kindly offered me 10 to give away. So if you’d like to try it for yourselves – I genuinely couldn’t recommend it enough – then don’t forget to fill out the form below and leave your names and email addresses so that I can contact the winners. (Super important to do that gal pals or you won’t be able to be entered).

a Rafflecopter giveaway
T&Cs – By entering the giveaway, Witch Skincare has the right to add all details to their database and include in any ongoing email correspondence.

And that brings me to the end of this drugstore rave. There really are so many incredible drugstore skincare items that I could have included – The Body Shop cleansing camomile range and Una Brennan superfacialist everything, I’m looking at you! – but these are just the ones that I’ve been absolutely obsessed with lately.

I’d love to know what your current budget skincare favourites are? Any items I need to go and try right this second? I always love hearing your thoughts.
As always, thanks so much for reading!

*This giveaway was sponsored by Witch, all thoughts, photos and love of budget but amazing skincare, my own.


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