oriental style bomber jacket
When I shot these photo’s and started writing this post, the date marked 4 weeks since my Grandad passed away. 1 whole bloody month of pure sadness and grief and confusion and worry for everyone left behind.

Where the f**k has the time gone?

This isn’t meant to be a depressing post – although I am doing one helluva a job at failing on that part – it’s actually the most meaningless, superficial, lack of purpose post that I’ve ever created because in fact, it’s actually just about a bomber jacket.

Lols, doing such a great job of practising my “bloggers are so much more than mannequins posing in front of a camera and talking about a jacket” preach. Soz boos for letting the side down.

But I guess I just looked at this casual outfit, looked at what I got up to that day and it just seemed kinda relevant to say. I have majorly shut myself off from the blogging world over the past 4 weeks. Turning down 4 festivals, 2 press trips, umpteen events and just focusing on the meetings because, you know, still tryna be a sassy business women girl boss and all that….

But as much as I will eventually get myself out there in the big crazy blogging world, a lot has been put into perspective for me lately and the main, most important thing by far is that family, 100%, wholeheartedly come first. So if it means turning down an overnight stay in a stunning hotel with an incredible brand to stay at home and chill with my Nan, that’s what I’ll do. And you know what, the fomo hits me for about 10 seconds and then it disappears because right there, with the people that I love the most… that’s where I will always prefer to be.

Drip-tastic chat over, let’s get superficial. Here’s a bomber jacket that you kinda all need in your lives…
New look bomber jacker
New look bomber jacker
the elle next door

Because I’ve not really gone to any super nice, fancy shmancy events lately, my wardrobe has consisted of anything comfortable, anything casual and anything that basically looks slightly more acceptable than an outfit appropriate for Jeremy Kyle but still feels like I’m wearing pyjamas. And this outfit just kinda does that.

The pleather trousers are pretty much surgically attached to my legs, the superstars have definitely seen better days and the choker is a new addition that kinda makes me feel sassy/cool AF and kinda makes me feel like a 13 year old goth. Oh, and the sunnies… the sunglasses are a new addition from Prada via Sunglass hut and they are 10million x cooler than I’ll ever be.

So there’s that…

Bomber New Look / TeeForever 21 / TrousersMissguided / ChokerNew Look / TrainersAdidas

And then there’s the bomber. This absolute babe was the first “OMFG need in my life” pick from my recent New Look haul and I genuinely haven’t taken it off ever since. The only problem is that because it’s so babe’in, I feel like the entire blogging world also has it – slight exaggeration, we all know what I really mean is like, 3 or 4 bloggers. Lol – and looks 10x better on them than it does me. But I love how light it is, I love that it looks equally as amazing with a simple tee and jeans than it does with a neutral dress. But mostly, mostly I love that it takes me from Harry Potter loving nerd to vaguely cool. #Winning!

So that brings me to the end of my current everyday go-to look – can I get a Blue Peter badge for making that the most long winded sentence ever? – I’d love to know what your go to look at the moment is? Any standout pieces in your wardrobe that immediately makes you feel sassy af?

As always, thanks so much for reading!


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