If you get me started on my love for New York, well… you probs just shouldn’t because oh my god grab a cuppa and a bacon sarnie and let’s chat for a good 5hours. If you get me started on travel, gal pal’s gonna have you booking a plane ticket to an amazing destination in seconds because I can pretty much convince the most stubborn of people that travel is the most amazing, enriching thing you can do.

But here’s the thing, despite all of this, I am the biggest homebody. I adore home, I adore my family, I adore spending time with the people I love more than any incredible destination, and you know what, I actually adore London. Yeah… so there’s shit rubbish everywhere, most people won’t smile at you and will just walk by, a lot of people are rude, house prices make you wanna drown yourself in McDonalds fries and potentially jump off of Tower Bridge.

But as a born and bred Londoner of 23 years, it’s home. So whilst I’m away – if you didn’t gauge from my annoying af instagram and snapchat [theellenextdoor] spam, I’m away for 2weeks in Italy and New York – I thought I’d put together a little list of things that I miss about London when I leave.
The Sounds
Don’t christen me a crackpot/loonytune but there’s just something comforting about so much noise, the constant buzz and the lively atmosphere of London that makes me crave car horns, london accents and all of those things that you usually can’t stand, when I’m gone. Yes, beautiful peaceful villages are stunningly quiet and most likely an Instagram dream, but sometimes you just need to hear someone screaming “get off the road w**ker” don’t you?

Oh, you don’t and that’s just me being weird af? Oh, well that’s awkward…

The Culture
The culture, and cultures. I love that we have so many cultures under one roof, so many completely different people and so many stories to hear/tell. But mostly I love London culture. I love that it’s totally OK to midweek drink, that not demolishing a roast dinner every sunday is abnormal and the silly little things that you don’t think about until you don’t have them. The pub gardens, the stunning parks, the architecture. Corner shops. Gotta love a handy little corner shop.

Don’t get me wrong, I am the first person to throw a bitch fit over the northern line but you gotta admit, it’s just so damn easy and simple to get anywhere in London thanks to our transport system. Despite the tube being a sweaty, smelly cesspit, it also allows me to get from meeting to meeting and 5 times over in one day as quickly as possible. When it’s all running on time of course, when it’s not it’s the most frustrating piece of shiz known to mankind. 

Primark, Starbucks (apart from when I’m in New York and there’s one on every corner), supermarkets where I actually know what and where everything is. Seeing Tower Bridge, the gherkin etc. pretty much from my window. Just generally the things I take for granted until I’m in Italy like “just ripped my dress, where’s my god damn Primarni at?

The sense of humour
Soz people of the world but us Londoners/generally English people have the best sense of humour. Sorry not sorry. I am pretty much sarcasm in person form so that dry, quick wit is something that I really miss in other countries. It’s also mega lols being self deprecating and sarcastic in America to be met with the blankest of faces #IKnowYouDontUnderstandAWordImSaying
English TV
Let me just put it out there that I genuinely thinking watching Coronation street, Emmerdale, Eastenders etc. is the worse than watching paint dry but there’s just something a little comforting about it. It’s such a nostalgic thing for me, and then there’s the complete and utter tripe like Big Brother/TOWIE/[insert your own form of trashy TV show that I’ve probably worked on at some point or the other. Soz. Lol!] that is completely awful but sometimes slightly compelling. It’s just the knowing that there will be something easy and slightly mind numbing to watch that takes you away from daily life.
The mindless chatter
I can’t bear awkward silences so I am without a doubt the worst person for mindless chatter [insert cry laughter/”no, but seriously” emoji here]. Talk to me about the weather, talk to me about football, just talk to me because gal pal cannot handle the silence. 

I mean, preferably don’t talk to me about football but just make conversation.

But Londoners are great at this, when they’re not ignoring you, they’re most likely commenting on the miserable weather and impending bout of rain. Yay!

More little things
Constant repeats of Harry Potter, Pork scratchings (lol, I definitely originally put this in more as a generic/joke option and realised that I am all about pork scratchings), endless supplies of Galaxy ripples/Dairy milk/[insert your own choice of chocolate porn here]. Nuff said!

The Yuppie twat things
Knowing that you can get amazing avocado on toast very close by. I wanna say SorryNotSorry but I’m kinda a little bit sorry for getting my priorities so wrong. But OH MY GOD IT’S JUST SO GOOD. Froyo, sushi, basically anything that makes you feel a little bit sassy being so readily available is something I miss.

Sue me.
Family and friends
I’m a born and bred Londoner – if anyone has heard my cockney drawl then you won’t be surprised by this – the vast majority of my family are here and we are all ridiculously close. I mean, I’ve been away for 2days as I’m writing this and I’ve facetime’d my Mum 3 times already. So yeah, leaving London always means leaving them and a tiny part of me always breaks a little inside no matter how excited I am for whatever journey I am about to go on. 

So that brings this post to an end. As I’m writing this, I’m sat on my veranda on a cruise ship making it’s way to St Tropez from Italy and it’s making me feel a little bit silly for missing London a bit. I genuinely wouldn’t give up my travels for the world, but I do think it’s good to throw a bit of love London’s way too. After all, it will always, always, be home.

What kind of things do you miss about London when you leave? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

As always, thanks so much reading!


P.S posts will be a little sparse around here as the wifi is slower than a snail and I’m also jetting off to NYC straight after but hopefully it’ll be worth sticking around, I cannot wait to show you where I am right now!


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