Here’s the thing, I’m quite an enthusiastic person. And I’m also a very lucky person that has a pretty darn incredible job and therefore pretty darn incredible opportunities. So when it comes to beautiful hotels I am not only a little bit spoilt for choice, but constantly finding new favourites everytime I visit somewhere new. 

But today, today I’m telling you about a hotel that I genuinely don’t believe will be knocked off of my favourite list for a long time because it’s genuinely so incredible that I immediately went home and looked at how much it would cost to live there every night for a good few months.

… then my bank account saw the result and was like “lol, keep dreaming sunshine”.

Said babein hotel is the Ampersand hotel and I was lucky enough to visit during a hotel crawl with Small Luxury Hotels – we also went to Dukes, The Arch, The capital (and a couple more which my terrible memory has forgotten) all of which are heart eye’d emoji worthy – where I was lucky enough to stay there and have the most delicious afternoon tea, but without getting stuck in too deep without showing pictures – such a little tease – let’s have a good ole look first shall we?

So after being taken on a guided tour through the hotel – and gawping over the trendy but cosy restaurant Apero, the games room (with table tennis to boot), the ridiculously beautiful rooms… oh, and not to mention perving over the fairy lit staircase, it was time for afternoon tea.
The first thing that I was immediately blown away by was that the gluten free afternoon tea was extremely similar to the ordinary tea which is always lovely as it doesn’t make us feel like freaks too left out and separated from the gluten munchers. The second thing was that it was just so goddamn pretty. We had the scientific tea – 100% positive that that’s not the technical term but let’s go with it – and it really was incredibly creative. I hate giving away spoilers in case you ever go to try it but this one’s a little too good not to mention. Just before we went to tuck in, the waiters came round and poured some kind of dry ice magic over the cakes and the effect was a bit like an ice explosion coming from the cakes. I always have so much respect for hotels and restaurants that think outside the box, and The Ampersand really have done this throughout the entire hotel. 

So onto the good stuff. I absolutely loved the sandwiches on this tea, the fillings were really thick and filling – fml I am so terrible at describing food [insert cry laughter emoji here] – and such a nice mixture too. Without sounding like a total prat, everything just tasted really good quality, you could tell that you were eating in a really beautiful place. The scones were beyond, beyond delicious and one of my favourite gluten free options that I’ve had in a long time and the cakes… oh god the cakes, were the dreamiest dreamboats around. The macaron and loaf cake kinda thing – [insert eye roll emoji here for my lack of memory/descriptive skills] – were as babein as Harvey Specter/Mc Dreamy. I really don’t need to say anymore do I?
And then there are the rooms. I can’t help but let out a little smile thinking about the room because it was so just incredibly dreamy. Firstly, I thought I’d point out that for this type of room – the deluxe studio – there are actually only two with these kind of baths in the entire hotel – I am 99% sure that this is correct however I had had multiple proseccos and cocktails by this point so I’ll find out for sure and update if I’m wrong – so if it’s this room you’re after, maybe speak to the hotel to guarantee it. 

But onto my main annoyingly gushy fangirl… entering the room left me blown away by two things, the bath and the bed. The bath really was as beautiful and luxurious as it looks and I’m not sure anything really beats lazing around in the bubbles watching over the world (although do be careful because the people in the houses opposite can definitely see you. I was all yolo and left the curtains open but maybe you’re not. Lol). And then the bed, I have officially put this in my top 3 most comfortable beds – yes I have that list, don’t judge me – because everything about it was perfect. Incredibly comfy, the massive headboard which is a theme throughout the hotel is something that immediately screams luxury and comfort to me, and then there’s just the blimmin size that could’ve fit me and the entire Grey’s anatomy cast in it. 

Lol, I’m gonna stop this now.

The bathroom is without a doubt the chicest bathroom I’ve ever seen. Completely monochrome with stunning black walls, toilet seats (you’re laughing but that blimmin toilet seat!!) and crisp white everything else, this takes quite a classic with a modern twist hotel into something super, ridiculously modern and trendy. I kinda felt like a sassy queen using this bathroom and if I could bottle up that feeling and have it at all times, I’m pretty sure I’d be a Kardashian [all the cry laughter emoji’s here].

You know when you know that you should probably head downstairs to the stunning restaurant that produces really amazing food and be sociable and soak up the atmosphere, but all you actually want to do is stay in bed? Yeah so that happened, but oh my god was it so worth it. I went for the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on gluten free bread with a latte and orange juice and everything was perfect. I seriously don’t have a single complaint or anything else to say  other than it tasted like perfection! 

Basically, I cannot fault a single thing from my entire stay. The staff were extremely friendly and accomodating, the food incredible, and the room so dreamy that I literally dream about it on a weekly basis. So yeah, if you didn’t get the gist by now, I blimmin love the Ampersand and if there’s one hotel that you need to stay in in London, it’s this one.

I would love to know if you’ve visited the Ampersand before? Also, what’s your favourite hotel that you’ve ever been to?

As always, thanks so much for reading!



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