As I’m writing this, I am sat on the Eurostar with my laptop, a can of coke, a hot chocolate – 100% necessary to have as many artery clogging liquids that you can manage – a gluten free brownie (and impending diabetes) crying. Sort of embarrassingly obviously and then sort of tragically privately. I’m also laughing now because I look – and might actually be – insane but the thing is, the last few days have been a total blur. A blur of laughter, 2am chats, sore throats from talking so much, working, travel stress, reliving old memories with people no longer in my life (and, oh wait, there’s those tears again), wine, lots of wine, even more wine, hot chocolate and all of the food. 

Sometimes it’s been a little tough and a little surreal, but mostly it’s been the most amount of fun and so, so, so needed.

No matter how perfect – or imperfect – life is, sometimes we all just need to escape. I think I’d got myself into this rut of working my goddamn arse off, really proud of upcoming collabs and general… things, having good days of laughter and happiness and then having a crashing day of omfg breakups are the worst thing imaginable FML. Oh, and then feeling disappointed at myself for feeling like that. I think, in short (because I am aware that I could turn a word into 10 paragraphs), despite it only being two weeks into the new year, I just needed a break.

In fact, not a break, but to escape.

The incredible thing about my job is that I’m my own boss so for the most part I can just up and leave and lol bye world see ya in a week, so I booked a Eurostar ticket, arranged to meet Hayley and have a couple of babe’in days together, in none other than Paris, and staying in none other than The Westin Vendome – one of my all time fave hotels with the actual best view of a city ever.

I needed a break, I needed to explore a city I loved, and I needed to stay somewhere that provided everything I needed, felt stunningly luxurious but also felt like a home from home. And mostly I needed to then write about it to basically make you all know that sometimes, it’s just OK to need to escape life.

As I mentioned, I actually stayed at The Westin Vendome before, I raved about it then and my thoughts haven’t changed since. Location wise, it’s absolutely perfect. The Louvre, The tuileries, Gallerie Lafayette, Angelina’s etc. are all within walking distance. The views looking onto the Eiffel tower, The big wheel and the gardens are beyond perfect and it’s so close to multiple metros that you can be anywhere in no time. Walking into The Westin gives you those “Oh stop sh*tting me” feels because it’s just so beautiful. Yes it’s incredibly opulent, but it’s never over the top or too much. It’s luxurious without being intimidating.

The rooms are cosy with everything you need, we stayed in a superior room and in all honesty, as lovely as it was, nothing compares to that view from the balcony. Escaping to Paris for me was to, in a complete and utter contradiction, escape the world but simultaneously reflect on the rollercoaster that’s been my life over the last couple of months, and nothing compares to sitting in a cosy chair, draped in a duvet – #hyggegoals #clichedream – with a coffee, looking out on to Paris from above. 

Another major highlight was the bed. I just remember us both jumping in after a long busy day and basically being like “I mean, this is pretty much the comfiest bed I’ve ever been in in my life”. But seriously, it genuinely was just an absolute dream.

We didn’t test out the gym  – lol, insert eye roll emoji here – or the spa but we did demolish the buffet two days in a row and my cellulite and love handles have absolutely no regrets. Perfect for gluten free too with lots of options, without sounding ghetto as hell, I went in. Many times. Mostly because the restaurant itself is stunning and the kind of place you could sit for hours just munching away on scrambled eggs and dissecting life.
Ok, now we all know that I’m coming back on Valentines to pop the question to a hotel, it’s time to explore…
As we only had one full day in Paris and some work to do, we sadly didn’t get to see much, but we did go to see the Eiffel tower (fuelled by all of the hot chocolate) and as cliche as it might sound, it never fails to give me that “Wow, I’m actually in Paris” feels. It’s stunning, it’s beautiful, it’s iconic…and despite being the city of love (lol but obviously 100% not even laughing at the irony of this), I still just felt so comfortable and happy to there. Like, that at that moment in time, I wasn’t really meant to be anywhere else.
We did also do a tiny bit of shopping and some street wandering and Palais cliche Instagram snapping and lots of eating, but I didn’t really photograph much of this because for me, it wasn’t what this trip was about. All I wanted from this trip was to escape life, and feel free and laugh a stupid amount, eat and drink a stupid amount and just be swept up in discovering a city I love, even more. Be swept up in feeling comfortable in being alone. To do silly little things like travel to and from and negotiate Paris on my own. 

To be independent, and spontaneous and adventurous.

To smile.

To be carefree.

So thank you Paris for putting a smile on my face, and thank you to The Westin for hosting a girl that needed a getaway to perfection, you gave me 3 dreamy days that I’ll never forget.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever visited The Westin before? What’s your favourite things to do in Paris? I’m actually heading back again in a couple of weeks so I’d love to hear any recommendations 🙂

As always, thanks so much for reading!


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  1. I used to live in Paris but I've never been to The Westin, looks like a great base to explore – and how nice that you went with Hayley, she's lovely

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  2. This has made me smile so much because you look like you're having a lovely time despite 'escaping'. I'm glad you've been able to clear your head – it sounds like it's been very much needed xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  3. mahryska says:

    great photographs luv and those boots are super gorgeous!
    kisses from dubai ❤︎

  4. Frances says:

    Ahh Paris! This post has given me all of the feels and seriously made me want to return! And that view is just to die for! So pleased you enjoyed your trip so much lovely, it's always great to make new memories in places xxx

    Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Fashion Lifestyle

  5. Elise Von E says:

    How amazing that you got to escape to Paris with your friend! This post is great and your photos are beautiful!

    xx, Elise

  6. Lady I LOVE this post and I loved our time in Paris, it was just so magical! I'm actually still not over the hotel, it was so, so stunning! P.S personally think we nailed the 'follow me to' picture! <3

    Hayley xo

  7. BeauTeagenes says:

    Just discovered your blog Hun and I love it!! Beautiful pictures of Paris- looks like you had such an amazing time! Loving your boots and bag too 🙂 xxx

  8. This just looks so incredible Elle, and sounds like something you absolutely needed. Escaping reality is just so important sometimes and I'm really so glad it made you some wonderful memories and you had a fab time with Hayley (who's also a mega BABE!). Your photos are gorgeous and you've made me want to hop on the next plane to Paris, pronto. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  9. That white (cream?) coat is just wonderful!
    I'm glad you had the break you needed and deserved.
    You go girl!

  10. If only I could escape to Paris! Sounds like you had an amazing trip! Love your coat!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  11. Yes being your own boss is incredible. Sadly I now have a part time job too so freedom and time is never on my side. Then again it's all about perspective too. Gorgeous shots. Wish Paris was much closer to me, not a 24+ hour flight, otherwise I'd be there every weekend.


  12. Beautylymin says:

    Loved this post! You totally deserved this break! It's lovely to see you smile & brilliant that you have some great friends around you. That hotel looks and sounds AMAZING! xx


  13. Immy May says:

    Uhhhh all those snaps are increds. You captured the timeless beauty of Paris so well. I absolutely think breaks and mini escapes are so important, having a little head space and gal pal time (with wine / food / macarons etcetc) does wonders!I nipped off to Paris not so long a go, but we only went for the day! Definitely up for another trip, and DEFO going to look into staying at the Westin, how amazing is that view?! Immy x

  14. Lubna says:

    Definitely sometimes good to get away sometimes – a change of scenery can do wonders! Plus, it's nice to stay in hotels and have everyday, niggling things not to worry about, especially if you're feeling a little drained.

    I've been to Paris before and loved it! Stunning architecture!

    – Lubna | The Digital Review

  15. Meg Siobhan says:

    It looks like you had a really good time! And good on you for not taking many pictures and actually just…enjoying it!

    Meg | Elmpetra

  16. I've been wanting to go back to Paris for the longest time and I'm actually thinking about doing a 24 hour trip in February just to explore and have some me time. Escaping is good sometimes I agree there's nothing wrong with it at all!

    Dionne xoxo

  17. I'm feeling a bit shitty right now, but my oh my, reading this post has made my day a whole lot better! Gah, I wish I lived right next door to Paris so I could have spontaneous weekend getaways every once in a while. So true, every once in a while it's important to step back off of reality and leap into the abyss (aka a holiday!). If you have time the next time in Paris, do go to Versailles if you can! Only a 30 minute train, I guarantee you'll love it there. x

  18. honest Mum says:

    Love this happy-making post, Paris is one of my fave cities, it's so uplifting and enriching, culturally and culinary-wise. You both look gorgeous and are beaming. Escaping is so often the best medicine xx

  19. Call Me Amy says:

    The view from that hotel is just insane! I'm glad you got the chance to escape, I swear you work far too hard and need to give yourself more breaks! You look so beaut in all the pictures. I hope you're managing to feel happy most of the time despite everything, all the love <3
    Amy xx

  20. Rachel says:

    There's no place like Paris! Good for you for getting away. Traveling is the best! That hotel looks amazing.


  21. Jessi says:

    You know what they say… Paris is always a good idea! I'm so glad you were able to take a break and have a fun trip.


  22. Laura says:

    Aww this post really made me smile! Both you and Paris are looking exceptionally gorgeous, I'm especially in love with that last picture. <3

    BRB booking Eurostar tickets… x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  23. Aww Elle it looks like you had some much needed fun and distraction – perfect place to go and with a friend 🙂

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  24. Laura says:

    Love these photos Elle, you look so pretty!


  25. Is it sad or not sad that my favourite thing to do in Paris is eat? Crepes, croissants and baguettes- yep I'm set with that.

    I really loved this post as well, you look beautiful, the photos are amazing and my god I wish I could escape to Paris! One of the problems with living in Australia is that we're just so far away from other countries!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  26. Lauren Barry says:

    Girl I am with you on skipping the gym and spa and heading straight for the buffet. Well played!
    Glad you had a fab trip – so deserved!
    Lauren x
    Elle Bloggs

  27. Love all your photos! looks like you're having fun!
    Please visit my Blog!

    Alessa Bernal.

  28. Angie Silver says:

    It really looks like it was exactly what you needed!! So glad that you got the chance to escape.

  29. Caroline says:

    Wow, what perfect looking and sounding base hotel!
    I've never been to interested investing or staying in Paris. Well, I would like to visit, but only a quick stop to say I've done it and been – You're giving me total feels to want to go though.
    Love your honesty and as always, how you write.. Always makes me LOL.
    Glad you had a fab trip. Work or not. It's always good to get away and see different walls and remember that you have people around you that love you. 🙂


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