So, Paris. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll no doubt know – from the completely shameless macaron and tourist spot spam – that I returned to Paris a couple of weeks back. It had only been just over two weeks since my last visit and I’d somehow managed to squeeze a 5 day trip to Copenhagen in in between… but oh my god was it worth the stupidly early starts and late finishes to get everything done because GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT… I actually managed to take nearly 3 whole days off of work.

[insert party popper emoji here].

I am notoriously bad at switching off and nearly always manage to squeeze in a “quick blog post” in  my travel time – case in point, I’m writing this on a plane back from a 2 day press trip in Rome, I’ve had 5 hours sleep over the last 2 days and am probably making no sense and everyone else is asleep but still… gotta get that content in right? – but this trip to Paris was different. Yes I spent a long time getting those shots for the gram – BRB whilst I shoot myself in the face for using the phrase gram – but mainly, mainly I chilled out with Jess, discussed life, discussed shitty people that like to make our lives hell, laughed (so, so, so much), watched a lot of New Girl, slept a lot (omg who knew sleep could be so good? bye 6am starts and hello lie-ins more often) ate a lot of carbs and generally just had the best frickin time. 

We also stayed in a hotel that I fell in love with so hard that I almost convinced myself it could be my new boyfriend.

Desperate times people, desperate times….
So we arrived in Paris, headed straight for the Grand Hotel Du Palais Royal, downed a coffee (because 7am eurostar = all of the vom) checked in and headed to the palais royal suite and then just squealed (and insta storied/vlogged/snapchatted everything) because that suite was pretty much the best place I’ve ever stayed in my entire life. Any hotel room/suite that has stairs is always gonna be a goodun (well, this is my uneducated motto anyway) and I can genuinely say that I was blown away at every corner. The bathroom was drop dead gorgeous; light, airy, marble, extremely spacious, incredible bath, a shower that could house a lot of people (it wasn’t that kinda trip, creep), heated towel rails – so simple but omg how great are they) and basically just everything we could possibly have needed. 

Our bed was one of the most comfortable that I’ve ever slept in. Jess and I shared the gigantic, king size bed and I honestly felt like she was a million miles away, I’m pretty sure we could’ve both starfished and still not touched each other. Anyway, it made for the perfect face mask and New Girl location (Sephora sheet masks and easy TV has become my new Paris tradition that I’ve definitely taken home with me).

Our lounge area – lol at sounding so posh and snazzy – was basically everything that I expect from my dream home. Flowers, marble tables, gorgeous cosy furniture, light, airy, minimalistic and just beyond serene. I wish we’d had more time to just sit and chill there with a coffee but cliche blogger tourist shots were to be taken so after a quick peek at the balcony view (which was insaaaaane) we headed out to explore Paris.
On our second day after a dreamy hotel breakfast – coeliacs, they have gluten free croissants/pan au chocolate and bread… no you have totally lost your sh*t – we headed out to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world before meeting Josie at The Peninsula for Afternoon tea. It always makes me laugh that we all lead such busy lives that we never ever get to catch up with each other in London… but somehow we managed to take an hour to demolish cakes and sarnies and put the world to rights in a totally different country. If you haven’t seen the Peninsula scattered around Instagram then oh my goodness check it out now! It is one of the most stunningly opulent and luxurious hotels that I’ve ever been in and even just to sit and enjoy tea was such a treat. It was also amazing for gluten free afternoon tea – always quite tough to find when visiting other countries – so a huge pat on the back to the Peninsula for making a ridiculously tasty – and beautiful – tea. And a huge pat on the back for me for being such a pig and demolishing the vast majority of it [insert upside down smile/pig emoji here].
We did more exploring, we did more eating, we did more New girl. I’m not sure there’s anything major to note other than the fact that this trip was just really different for me. Despite everything still not being totally wonderful (I am 1000x happier, better, less sad than I was… but breakups are still shit and linger for a while), I chilled, I relaxed, I let go of some anger and resentment I’d been holding on to, I accepted situations, I began to move on. I began to start enjoying life again, to start being excited for things to come and omg that is pretty much the best feeling in the world.

So thank you Paris – even if you did bless us with a machete wielding terrorist that got shot down by a soldier a stone’s throw from where we were – for being such a mega babe, and thank you Jess for making the trip one that I’ll never forget.


20 responses to “SWITCHING OFF IN PARIS”

  1. Maaaaan, I need to go here with my new man! Paris is just the epitome of romance isn't it? It looks like you've had a wonderful time as well xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  2. Beautylymin says:

    I am so delighted for you, Elle! You really deserved this break! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceGiveaway

  3. Angie Silver says:

    Ahh I stayed in the hotel last year, it's totally gorgeous isn't it? Glad that you got a chance for some down time and macaron munching!

  4. So many trips and so happy to hear that you're way better, breakups take a while to get over but you're doing the best, travelling helps 🙂 That hotel room looks so good and also the view is fab! x

    Ela BellaWorld

  5. Lovely and cute pics!

  6. kerstinix says:

    Oh I'm glad to hear that you've had such an amazing time in Paris. You totally deserved this 🙂

    Love, Kerstin

  7. Zara says:

    So glad you had such a fab time! That afternoon tea looks gorg. I feel like if there's any city to just relax and just have fun in then it's Paris!
    Zara xx

  8. Sounds like the perfect me time in one of my fave cities – I'm biased as I used to live there ;-). Great pic of you at the Louvre too

  9. Alice Red says:

    I'm officially jealous of your ridiculous beautiful, photogenic, luxurious trip! That view from your hotel is amazing x

  10. shopperdivaS says:

    I want to go to Paris so bad. That last picture is so pretty!!

  11. You have had a wonderful few weeks travel wise! I'm so happy for you 🙂
    Can I just have all the afternoon tea please? (I've actually never had afternoon tea, welp!)
    Your hotel looks divine!

  12. Call Me Amy says:

    That bathroom is incredible! Your photos are so beaut here hun, so glad you managed to switch off for three days, a VERY well deserved break (would do the clapping emoji if I could haha)
    Amy xx

  13. Bllomin heck, glad you were both okay!! Lovely photos Elle, Paris looks pretty even when gloomy.

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  14. Immy May says:

    Oh jeebus that's scary! So glad you had a wonderful time my love, sounds like it was just what you needed. Also, you Instagram stories from that day have ingrained themselves into my mind. SO. FRIGGIN. BEAUT. Immy x

  15. Omggggggggggg that afternoon tea set up! Dreamy!

    Also the view from your hotel room. COR BLIMEY, that's a little bit of o'right, ain't it?!

    katie xx

  16. Oh Els; I LOVE this post – so glad that you felt you truly got to switch off and enjoy yourself my love! Also that room/suite looks INSANE – just watched your vlog and loved the room tour!

    Hayley xo

  17. This post makes me want to escape to Paris asap. I will never not be jealous of how close you all are in the UK to every European country- it takes us so long to get anywhere from Australia!

    PS, the last photo in this post is stunning!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  18. I love Paris, what a wonderful escape. New Girl is basically the best medicine for all occasions so totes agree on that one!!


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