If you follow me on Instagram, read my blog regularly, are subscribed to my Youtube channel or have just generally seen me nattering away on social, then you’ll probably know that I travel quite a lot. You might also know that I’m a bit of a nervy “where the hell is my passport” every 10 seconds kinda gal (it is always, always in exactly the same place as it last was when I checked 10 seconds previously, of course), so I do try to be as prepared as possible. I try to take the little steps to make sure my journey is as stress free as possible and I guess that is what this post is about today.

It also includes photos of the snazziest, most babein luggage to ever exist.

As well as a mini fangirl to Harvey Specter and Pret popcorn bars because… why the hell not?

So here are my (some, very obvious) tips for smoother, more stress-free adventures.
Prepare. Yes I know I’m doing the whole granny, ’24 going on 84′ thing but I cannot even tell you what a difference being prepared makes. Print off your tickets in advance, get your passport ready to go, make sure you have all of your relevant documents – preferably not leaving it until a few hours before you leave to print them off – and plan your route from the airport to the hotel/wherever you’re off to if you don’t have transfers organised. It makes such a difference to know that everything is prepared and ready to go (… and gives you more time to chill with a glass of wine and pinterest stalking time to work out the best Instagram tourist spots #dontjudgeme).

Pre-plan some activities for your trip but, also leave some spare space for spontaneity and wandering. I love discovering all of the best spots that a place has to offer but I also love just wandering the streets and stumbling across hidden gems.

Packing. Every girl needs options, but every girl does not need 5 options for each day/night. Plan your entire outfit for each day/night that you’re away and then throw in a couple of additional options… but stop at a couple. You’re never going to wear the third dressy dress you’ve packed just because.

When it comes to toiletries, work your way through systematically. I like to go through as I’m doing my skincare routine and add everything in one by one. Just take one option for every item (i.e one cleanser/toner etc.) but make sure they’re ones that you absolutely love and adore and use all the time. Minis are also a great shout so that you can leave them there once you’re done.

Invest in your luggage. Honestly, I know that seems like a slightly hipster twat kinda thing to say but oh my god it makes all the difference. I’ve always been obsessed with Radley’s luggage but the Vintage dog dot case in Medium came into my life recently and I am 100% not even ashamed to admit that it was love at first sight. Yes it looks amazing, but it’s also just so practical… it has the most babein wheels that makes you the smug “look at me glide through the airport with no problems” person as well as a rubber handle that is so darn soft and comfortable to hold. Not to mention amazing zipped apartments inside which makes organisational packing a dream!

Organisational packing? Who the hell even am I?

Nailing your hand luggage is another travel difficulty… for me, the absolute dream is having hand luggage and a personal item so you can take a bag big enough for your laptop, liquids etc. but you can also have a cross body for your passport and everything you need to access easily. Annoyingly, not all airports allow this so get yourself a bag big enough to house everything and the kitchen sink but one that also has sneaky little interior pockets that you can put your passport and documents in. The Radley pocket essentials large tote – which reminds me a lot of the classic Longchamp bags too – is perfect for this. I’ve actually been using it in and around London too for days when I need my laptop because despite being practical, it also looks a bit babein too!
I’m gonna double whammy this because let’s be honest, I’m waffling so much that I am well on my way to overdoing the 10 tips… take a scarf. A comfortable one and preferably a big one because it’ll keep you cosy in cold climates and on a plane which is always annoyingly cold, plus it’ll double up as a blanket/pillow/anything you need it for. Also, snacks. Take snacks. Buy snacks (there are Prets everywhere and those Popcorn bar things always surprise me by just how good they are)… just make sure you have snacks because hanger (that’s hunger/anger for anyone that’s reading that like a clothes hanger, LOL) is a terrifying thing. Isn’t it? No?

Just me that nearly turns in a serial killer when they’re hangry then…

If you have a long haul flight, make sure you have some form of entertainment. A book, a crossword (LOL BECAUSE YOUR 80 YEARS OLD), or some episodes of favourite series ready to – Suits and Greys anatomy, looking at you boos). Just make sure you are not bored. Boredom is the devil. And looking at Harvey Specter’s dreamy face for hours on end is definitely not.

If you get homesick/travel sick or suffer with anxiety (I don’t fyi, a few people have mentioned they’ve enjoyed my posts on anxiety and I’ve definitely never written any [insert upside down emoji here]) take something that reminds you of home. Whether it’s a blanket, dressing gown, if you sleep with a cuddly toy – I ain’t judging ya – if it makes you feel more comfortable, pack the goddamn thing. For me, it’s a candle that reminds me of home (Molton brown, Liz Earle or Jo Malone’s are my fave).
Put your phone away and be in the moment. I feel like the biggest hypocrite saying this as somebody that’s surgically attached to their phone but actually, lately I’ve been doing better. I can put my phone in my bag and wander for an hour or two without feeling like the world is going to end and it has been utter bliss. Yes social media and this blog is my job and yes, with the chaos surrounding the rest of my life it can sometimes feel like the be all and end all… but actually it’s not. And putting living above everything else has given me a perspective that I’m beyond grateful for!

And that brings this little tips post to an end. This is going to be one of those annoying posts that as soon as I post it, I’ll think of 839749384 more amazing tips that I forgot to include but I do hope that these will help too. Travelling is insanely amazing so no matter how small the little things you do are to make a difference, they all count.

I’d love to know if you have any travel tips that I need to know about? What makes you feel calmer when you’re flying? I always love hearing your thoughts 🙂

As always, thanks so much for reading!


30 responses to “MY TOP 10 TRAVEL TIPS”

  1. Frances says:

    I'm with you here – I am the queen of preparation, some probably think too much hah! This couldn't have come at a better time, I'm just wrapping up my last bits and bobs before I jet off to Southeast Asia for 3 months tonight. I do the systematic checking through my toiletries thing too – it's the best way! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Travel Lifestyle

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  2. Definitely agree that it's so important to invest in your luggage! My case got broken into after my holiday with Dan last year, at the airport!! Thank god I had all of my valuables on me. Funnily enough the thieves weren't that interested in my dirty washing and never-ending supply of beauty products! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. Angie Silver says:

    I literally check my passport five seconds after I've just checked it lol! My other extreme paranoia is my phone…cos where would I be without it?

  4. Love the polka dot suitcase, so easy to spot on the luggage carousel!

  5. Laura says:

    These tips really come in handy as I'm flying to Berlin this weekend – can't freaking wait! I agree – in-flight snacks are definitely the most important part of any travel arrangements – otherwise I get wayyy too hangry! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  6. Call Me Amy says:

    That Radley bag is so nice and perfect for hand luggage! I'm pretty happy that I've invested in a wheelie suitcase because YAS it just makes everything so much easier! Also that velvet bomber is just amazing!
    Amy xx

  7. I love both of your luggage pieces so much! That Radley bag is such a beautiful color!

  8. Kate says:

    I can't travel without snacks either! The suitcase is so nice. I love cases that look a bit different as they're easier to spot on the carousel at the airport. Also, I love your outfit – the silver boots look fab. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  9. stephanie says:

    Love your luggage! ANd those silver boots oh my gosh they are pretty!

  10. Nice information, There is obviously a lot. Your points are very valuable and knowledgeable and you look beautiful in pictures. Thanks for sharing this great blog with us.

    Kim –

  11. I used to be such a pro at this but the last few years I've hardly traveled much and find when I do go somewhere I'm all over the place. Before I used to plan and have my suitcase ready weeks in advance. These days it's the night before (and then a rushed revision prior to departure). Apps are pretty handy for reminders I find. If only I could get them to physically pack my bags I'd be set hahahaha


  12. Lubna says:

    I'm jetting off to Madeira on Friday and haven't even started packing, and have barely even shopped for it! I dunno what's come over me, I usually prep like crazy! Some handy tips though, especially for any last minute packers like me :).

    – Lubna | The Digital Review

  13. Mia Mi says:

    These are brilliant tips for travelling! I'm going on holiday soon and this will be so helpful!xx

    mia //

  14. Alina Bostan says:

    I completely agree on being prepared and organised, it just makes the trip that much easier. This Radley suitcase is just perfect, I love the stylish design. I think I'll be treating myself to a new purse from the brand very soon x

    Beauty with charm

  15. Because I live in Australia (aka the middle of bloody no where) I feel like whenever I travel it's usually a long haul flight so I've had my fair share of hits and misses when it comes to preparing to travel and the actual travelling part itself. What makes me feel calmer when I'm flying is pretty simple, I have to be entertained (shitty inflight movies are a death sentence), fed (gotta bring own snacks because plane food is…not usually food) and I need to make sure I wear comfy clothes! For me there's no such thing as a calm flight if I'm wearing tight pants….nope, can't do it.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  16. Girl, I might be a gran as well because I couldn't vouch more for good ol' prep work! 🙂 I had my fair share of "packing-last-minute" moments and I hated every bit of it lol. So I've been just a little bit more organised with my time and what I am bringing when I jet away somewhere. LOVE that Radley suitcase & the tote bag. Super cute!
    Flying is literally one of my favourite things in the world. I am never bored on the place and soooooo relaxed 🙂 Offline time is so crucial though when we travel. As much as it's a MUST to take all the pics of all the gorgeous places, faces and food but being in the moment pretty much beats it every time. It might sound absolutely insane but guess what I did when hubby and I popped into New York for a day when we were in the US in December? I left my phone behind. It stayed in the hotel. Yes, I CRAVED to take pictures of everything I saw around every corner. But hey, I thought, we will come back here, and right now I just want to be in the moment, soak NYC in & have zero anxiety about things like my Insta feed or Twitter updates. It sounds mad but it kinda was the best decision ever <3
    xox Nadia

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  18. Liz Tarran says:

    That suitcase is to die for! and I'm in love with the colour of your bag!
    I am definitely the same though, always feeling like I've forgotten/ lost something! x

    Liz | LotsofLoveLiz

  19. I AM YASMIN says:

    Love these tips on how to travel lightly and still carry your personal things and carry all of the electronics we cannot survive without in 2017. I totally agree that traveling simply is the best. Love the luggage, so perfect and cute. <3


  20. Lauren says:

    Some lovely tips here definitely ones I will take on board. Plus, I love your metallic boots!

    Lauren x Huggled

  21. I'm doing a lot of travelling this year so this is super helpful! Travelling is the best though, totally agree xx

    Sam // What I Know Now

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