Whenever people find out what my job is, there are always a barrage of questions that swiftly follow. The first is always about money – why oh why do people forget that bloggers are just people too and it’s still blimmin rude to ask about money? – then it’s about what I actually do, then it’s “I bet you have lovely lie ins” (no huns, this gal is still up at 6am everyday) and then finally, it’s “how do I do it?”

I say every single time – completely unhelpfully, I’m well aware – that how you start a blog is simply just to start. I genuinely believe that there is no set path in blogging and everybody will find there own way, but what advice I can give, is to tell you about my blogging essentials and what I absolutely can’t be without to make my blog work.

And that’s what this post is about today. [insert party popper/”yay for being vaguely helpful” emoji here].

It also includes little odes to blogging full time because oh my god you just gotta love working from bed with peanut butter and nutella sandwich fridays!

Now, I am a firm believer in not needing especially big or fancy equipment to become a blogger, the most important things to have – as cheesy and tree hugging as they sound – are creativity and a passion for writing, but you do still need something to write on and upload photos from etc. and that something is a laptop #BrainsOfBritainAwardGoesToMe. Now, I’m a Mac girl, mostly because the 11inch air is pretty miniscule making it perfect to whip into a bag and head to your local coffee shop/town with it ready for some Dan Humphrey style coffee and writing sessions – complete with a venti latte and gluten free brownie/cake/artery clogging treat – but as long as you have a computer, Mac or not, you’re good to go.
I am 100% guilty of being the girl that almost has a panic attack when purchasing expensive things such as laptops, and then throws them around like a piece of paper (or very nearly drops them in the bath but that’s a story I still haven’t recovered from yet) so right now, my ultimate blogging essential is my Manfrotto Windsor bag which is absolutely perfect for my blogging days on the go or travelling around the world. It fits my laptop, my camera, my notebooks and diaries (and galaxy bars because life)… it’s ridiculously comfortable to wear unlike my usual impractical options – Gucci Marmont which carries basically nothing, I’m looking at you – basically, it just makes my life 10x easier whilst also looking classic too. It just has room for the things that you don’t even know you need until you see (memory cards, hard drives, pens and so on). It’s one of those bags that makes me feel like I’ve got my life in order and I am all for that (because lol, actually a chaotic mess of a person). Anything that helps me stay organised and able to do my job whilst hot footing it around London is a winner in my eyes so thank you for Manfrotto, for saving my shoulders and my sanity.

Cameras. Now, I admit to owning a fair share of cameras because a) I used to be a TV Producer so picked up some along the way and b) I’ve always been obsessed with photography so I don’t mind investing my money there. However, I do have to say that the iPhone 7+’s camera quality is pretty frickin awesome so please don’t ever feel like you need a big, snazzy camera to be a blogger, you definitely, definitely don’t. My current Camera crush – brb while I vom over how cringetastic that phrase was – is the Olympus pen. I know, I know, big fat shocker there. But here’s the thing, for me, the pen has completely taken over from my 7D (which is a pretty big, hefty camera). For sheer ease of use and the fact that it’s small and completely perfect for travel, with the 45mm lens you can create stunning photos for not a huge amount of money. And then of course there’s the fact that you can use the camera’s wifi to immediately send the photos to yourself and use it as a remote control. It kinda just does everything and is perfect for seasoned bloggers or beginners.
So a notebook/diary is kinda obvious, but when you’ve got numerous meetings, events and deadlines (and are still a secret granny that would rather write things down than have it on my phone), these are just an essential. My favourites are my 2017 diary from Dear Diary because it has room for all of my meetings and space for notes, alongside the too damn cute Smythson notebook which is perfect for those lightbulb moments and little ideas that you don’t want to forget.

The portable charger. I think this might be the most used little piece of joyous equipment that I own. This little beaut is from Samsung and lasts at least a whopping 5 full charges. It genuinely comes with me everywhere (mostly because my iPhone is completely screwed and doesn’t work without being plugged in *insert upside down emoji here*) and is a saviour for anyone Instagram/youtube/phone obsessed.

Those apps. Now, I am shockingly bad/lazy when it comes to editing so there aren’t a huge amount of apps that I reply on but I have to say, Facetune is my best friend. I’m a huge believer in not editing myself but if I have spot – lol thanks hormones – or there’s some rubbish on the floor that looks messy, a quick little patch never hurt anybody. I also love UNUM for planning out Instagram content too even though I don’t do themes because mate, are they not the most stressful thing in existence?

Last but most definitely not least, there’s absolutely no point of having all the gear and having no idea if you don’t have the passion, motivation and dedication to blog. Blogging is tough. It takes a lot of time, it can be extremely tedious – because hello technical problems all day ehhr day and ever changing briefs – and that’s something that I don’t think people always understand. It takes a hell of a lot of motivation and passion to keep a blog going and as blunt as it may sound, if you don’t have it, then don’t start one. If you want to be a blogger because the lifestyle looks great, sweet baby jesus blogging is not for you. But if it’s something that you do love, and you do adore for what it is… then put your all into it, because you never know what could come from it. Dedicate time, motivate yourself to create something new and exciting and be passionate about your work, and others will too.

Do you think Oprah would’ve been proud of that speech because I definitely think she would?

And that brings my blogging essentials to an end. I really hope you enjoyed them. Obviously blogging is completely personal to everyone and these are just the basics which I’m sure everybody will have/have their own versions of, but I can’t get enough of every piece.

I’d love to know what your essentials are? What makes your blogging life a little bit easier?

As always, thanks so much for reading!


Post sponsored by Manfrotto but all thoughts, photos and love of bags that make every SO easy, my own.


  1. Jade Howard says:

    Love this Elle, the bag looks so useful .

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have that bag, you can fit so much in there. Perfect laptop bag with padded shoulder straps.

  3. I agree with you, blogging takes a lot of motivation, and time. It's not just an easy overnight thing, it takes hard work. Those blogging essentials are like literally what any bloggers essentials are, because we can't live without our technology.

  4. Not to sound like a creeper or anything *why am I typing this* but you look amazing in that skirt!
    I have been wanting an Olympus Pen for the last 2 years now so I think this year is finally the year I splurge and get one 🙂

  5. Zara says:

    Ahaha I am exactly the same! I get so so stressed about buying anything in the least bit expensive and then genuinely end up bashing it about off everything!! I bought myself my first iPhone outright last and was freaking out at the expense and have somehow bent one side of it and it still works, to the extent that the man in the apple shop was impressed and called my phone an anomale… But fab post as always gal! xo

  6. Beautylymin says:

    That bag looks great & will keep everything safe! I'm in love with your shoes! xx


  7. Honest Mum says:

    Love this and going to check that bag out as I struggle carrying everything around with me and alternate cute rucksacks. You are spot on about needing passion and dedication in order to start and keep going. Having a great support team around you helps too, the people who pick you up when you lose confidence..I always advise people to start and have a go, it's only through trying things, that you can know whether there's passion there. Love your blog and wisdom gorgeous girl xxx

  8. Josie says:

    I loved this post, I'm always interested to know what other people's blogging essentials are as, like you said, everyone's path and methods are different. You're so right though, to have a passion for blogging is the number one thing! Looking gorge as ever too x

    What Josie Did Next

  9. Couldn't live without my portable charger, and also having a camera bag now is so useful for big shoot days!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  10. Frances says:

    Gorgeous pics! I love my Olympus pen too, just need that 45mm lens! XX

    Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Fashion Travel

  11. Junia Noel says:

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  12. Laura says:

    I'm such a nosey person so I loved reading this and getting a little bit of an insight into your (blogging) life! That Manfrotto bag looks AMAZING, and, most of all, comfy – I think I might need to invest in something like that because my back is definitely not thanking me for carrying my camera and other heavy things with me all over London in my pretty, but not very practical, Primark bag…

    Ps. You look stunning in these images – those shoes are so pretty! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  13. Frankie Lee says:

    Seriously though, those shoes…and well, the whole outfit is just so gorge. Thanks for sharing your tips with all of us 🙂
    Frankie x

  14. MERI WILD says:

    You look great! I like your portable changer <3


  15. Jenny Cole says:

    I've been blogging a while but always love to read posts like this in case I can learn anything new from other bloggers. That bag looks awesome – might just have to pop it on my wish list! I'm forever doing my back in trying to use unsuitable bags, but this one looks perfect. I also love the Samsung portable charger – it's so pretty and pink, and who doesn't want something that's both functional and pretty! The diary and notebook are gorgeous too. I really need to sort my blogging kit out so I can feel a bit more organised!

    Jenny xx

  16. Caroline says:

    This bag is pretty perfect.
    Mac, portable phone charger, Olympus pen and notebooks/diaries are musts. Most definitely! Plus, (although I'm yet to purchase) a spare camera battery or two!


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  18. My camera, to do lists and tripod are my blogging essentials x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

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