The Instagram guide to Venice


Oooh Venice you sweet little bundle of so much goodness and joy and delicious, delicious carbs. Not only are you sassier than Beyonce (almost), more beautiful than Ryan Gosling (maybe not quite but you’re not far off), you’re also home to some of the best instagram spots in the land.

Have you ever seen such a first world sentence? Probs not.

So today I thought I’d put together a short but sweet post on the best places to get your snap so you can get it over and done with before drowning yourself in cheese.

God, I love cheese!

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The Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is without a doubt one of the most classic spots in the city. Connecting either side of the canal, it’s the perfect place to grab a slice of pizza or put on your best frock (LOL, since when did 26 year old’s say frock?) and get your instagram bf/best friend/mum/stranger to take 30485395 shots so you can have 1 semi usable one.


Burano is basically my instagram feed come to life. It’s like a rainbow has thrown up all over it but it’s still got a bit of grittiness and realness to it. The classic shot is on the little bridge looking over the river and the amazing houses but to be honest, it’s so beautiful, you can’t really take a bad shot. It’s also a nice little haven away from the main city of Venice, it’s definitely still full of tourists but it feels a lot more tranquil. So grab an iced coffee and go for a stroll.

The Grand Canal

Because if you’ve got a picture of the bridge, you might as well get one on it, right? True story, whilst strategically trying to balance, not look like Shrek and make sure my outfit was visible, I managed to dump my hand in a massive load of bird shit. But, you know, facetune is there to edit that shit (literally) out.

Apologies for my Dad joke, they’re kinda my forte.

St Mark’s Square

“I got 99 problems but having a mild pigeon phobia in St Marks square is probably my biggest one”. That was my caption for this post and it couldn’t have been more accurate. In the square, pigeon handlers – probs not their official title but we’ll go with it – try to convince you to have pigeons all over yourself for a photo. WHO ARE THESE SICK PSYCHOS?! Anyway, whilst the experience is definitely quite traumatic, the shot is 100% worth it. And that ladies and gents, is the epitome of do it for the gram.

Gondola Time

I’d seen so many iconic gondola shots, so even though they are so extortionate that you can hear your bank account crying from thousands of miles away, it is actually just the most beautiful experience. It obviously was made 10,00000x better by the fact that my Gondolier sang Beyonce’s running for 80% of the whole ride. So yeah, a pretty special experience, thanks Gino you little hun, you.

And there we have probably the quickest blog post of all time with the main areas to get your Venice instagram shots. Now, before any of you class me a first world problem idiot… obviously I’m totally aware that there is way more to life than spending all of your time in a destination hunting down the perfect shot that’s going to get you all the likes… but I get asked daily on Insta for a guide so here’s a little one for ya.

Thanks for reading guys and for any of you OG readers, I hope you like my little blog face lift. It was well overdue a makeover and I love it!


2 responses to “The Instagram guide to Venice”

  1. Jade says:

    Elle, really like the new blog design. It’s very colourful, just like your insta. The photos are simply stunning. Venice is such a beautiful city. Please write more blogs, blogs seem to be a bit of a forgotten thing now, but I love reading them, especially well written ones like yours.

    • ellenextdoor says:

      Thanks so much Jade, so happy you do! Ahh this makes my day, will definitely be blogging more!


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