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If you follow me on Instagram or Youtube, you’ll no doubt know that I live a preeeetty busy life. With an average month consisting of at least 1 or 2 work trips abroad – yes I know, I hate myself too – and numerous events and social gatherings when I return (and when I say social gatherings we all know I still just mean work events because my social life is generally just me and grey’s anatomy in the evening), sometimes I really struggle to keep a good, healthy balance in life.

My body clock is more confused than Taylor Swift was when Kanye stormed the stage in 2009 and my snack/drinks choices are quick and generally questionable because everything relies on ease. And this is where my new found best friend discovery has kinda changed the game for me a bit.

Tropicana, the UK’s leading juice brand FYI but they don’t like to brag, have released a new snazzy ole drink which I’m not gonna lie guys, is kinda very impressive. Tropicana’s Whole fruit range (which comes with two flavours, orange and apple) is basically the new way to drink fruit… but with a difference, not only because of the way it’s made – they use everything but the pips and peel – but also because the drink contains 50% fibre than smoothies and juices  on average.

Take a bow Tropicana, take a bow!

Tropicana Whole fruit comes in two sizes, a big old 750ml At Home bottle and a nifty little 150ml which is perfect for on the go. The At Home Apple juice is now the first thing on my shopping list every time because to be honest, I’m not really sure how I did mornings without it. You guys know I’m all about lazy weekends in bed, relaxing and reflecting and watching 3948348 episodes of some kind of Netflix series and the Whole Fruit apple with a banging breakfast – avo on toast for the win always – is the cherry on top of a pretty perfect little weekend. It’s the best start, lets me live my absolute best morning/life because it just tastes so good, and because it’s so good for you, it really does set me up for the day.

Because of my sometimes scarily crazy lifestyle, I really do struggle to get in the nutrients and properly look after myself (my under eye bags darker than Voldermort’s soul will attest to that) and I wasn’t shocked at all to find out that I’m not alone. In fact, two in three Brits are not managing to consume at least five-a-day AND fewer than 10% are achieving the recommended daily fibre intake*. Pretty crazy, huh? I totally get that sometimes you don’t always want to eat fruit first thing in the morning, so for me this the perfect way to kick the day off right with a bunch of goodness and nutrients whilst literally just enjoying a delish drink.

So, why is Whole Fruit so spesh and why does it make such a difference to my day? 

Oh, and the orange flavour is also just as gorgeous, velvety smooth and so fresh you feel like you’re on a beach in Italy or the South of France. Shall we all just run off and ignore adult responsibilities and go on holiday together?

And that wraps up my total fan girl rave over the new Tropicana Whole Fruit range. I honestly just think they are the perfect addition to your fridge/on the go bag and taste delicious with it!! I’d love to know if you’ve tried them yet? Let me know your thoughts 🙂


*National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS): Results from Years 7 and 8 (combined) 2014/2015 – 2015/2016. Available

2 responses to “The New Drink in Town”

  1. Kate says:

    I’ve seen these advertised and love that they use the whole fruit. I am so rubbish at actually eating fruit so I should probably get some of these bad boys in my life. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. Jade says:

    I’ve seen them advertised everywhere Elle. I bought the orange one and have to say it was delicious. The consistency is so thick too. Very nice drink, much needed in this hot weather.

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